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  • Blood Ties(Blood Coven Vampire,book 6)(2) by Mari Mancusi
  • Kierra squints to get a better glimpse into the luxurious limo. I mean, really, Magnus? A freaking limo? Could we get any more My Super Sweet Sixteen if we tried? These girls are so going to get the wrong idea about me.

    “Wow, Sunny,” chimes in Hana, the goalie. “You’ve been holding out on us!”

    Magnus tosses the girls a friendly wave. My only saving grace is the knowledge that he’ll literally catch on fire if he tries to step out of the car and into the sweltering Vegas sunshine.

    “Is he your boyfriend?” Taylar, the midfielder, queries.

    I try to send Magnus mental signals to vacate the premises. If only I had vampire telepathy like Rayne does with Jareth. Then again, I think she only has the ability to summon her boyfriend to her, not send him away. Which evidently I don’t need special superpowers to do.

    I realize the three girls are staring at me questioningly. “Oh him?” I stammer. “He’s just... some guy I know.”

    “Yeah. Some guy in a limo!” Taylar adds. “It’s, like, seriously, so Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl!” She pretends to swoon.

    “Yeah! And you’re like Blair!” gushes Kierra. “Except, you know, without the designer wardrobe.” The three girls study my tank top and jeans ensemble from Old Navy with critical eyes. I am so going to kill Magnus. What is he even doing awake this time of day anyway?

    “Hi, Chuck Bass!” coos Hana, running over to the limo and sticking her head in. She’s quickly joined by Taylar and Kierra. “Buy any hotels lately?”

    Magnus cocks his head in question. “I’m sorry?” “Um, he doesn’t get out much. I mean, stay in much,” I interject, running to the car and pushing them aside. “I mean, he doesn’t watch a lot of TV.”

    “Actually I do quite enjoy The Vampire Diaries,” Magnus interjects with a sly smile.

    Oh. My. God.

    The field hockey players squee in unison, squeezing past me, their heads all trying to fit through the limo window at once.

    “Want to come hang with us?” Hana asks.

    “We’re going to crash the Mandalay pool to catch some rays,” adds Kierra.

    “And no offense, man, but you sure look like you can use some,” teases Taylar playfully.

    “I appreciate your offer, ladies,” Magnus says grandly. “But I must regretfully decline. Perhaps another day, or night, I mean, after the sun goes down?”

    Okay that’s it. I’m done. I push through the blockade of girls and yank open the limo door. “Sorry, they’re busy,” I reply, before any of them can answer. I dive into the limo and slam the door shut behind me. “See you guys tomorrow!” I cry, stabbing at the window button, praying it will move faster the more times I press it.

    “Can we, like, go?” I bite at the chauffeur as I watch my new friends try to squint through the one- way glass. Luckily the guy obliges and we pull out of the school parking lot at long last. Excellent. Now I can at least die of embarrassment off of school property.

    “Sunny?” I realized Magnus is staring at me questioningly.

    I turn to him. “What the hell was that, Magnus?” I demand.

    “What was what?” he asks innocently. “I just thought you’d like a ride home.”

    “Yeah. In a school bus. Or a normal car. Not a stretch limo. Do you know what they’re going to think of me now?” I can just imagine them texting their friends as we speak. Three days at my new school and I’m already going to be limo girl with the bad wardrobe.

    “I’m sorry, Sunny,” Magnus replies, sounding slightly amused. “But limos are just easier for me to get around in during the day.” He pauses, then adds, “Next time I’ll bring the Jag.”

    Argh. I flop back in my seat, so giving up. “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong?” I repeat. “Hmm, I don’t know, Magnus. How about the fact that I’m starting a new school and I’m trying to make friends and fit in. That’s not easy to do when my vampire boyfriend shows up with a limo and starts talking all weird to my friends.”

    “Come on,” he cajoles. “I thought vampires were all the rage with high school girls these days.”

    I glower at him. “Only if they sparkle.”

    Magnus starts laughing at this. I try to frown, to keep being mad, but I have to admit, it is kind of funny. And soon I find myself giggling alongside of him.

    “Am I forgiven then?” he asks fondly, looking at me with his beautiful emerald eyes.

    I grunt. “Oh, I suppose.” I curl into his cool body, rejoicing at the feel of his long, lean frame pressed up against me. After all those lonely nights at Riverdale Academy, aka Slay School, I can’t resist a little cuddle from the guy every now and then. Even if he does refuse to follow orders to stay away from my high school.

    “Sorry,” I say sheepishly. “I know you meant well. It’s just... I’m in a weird situation, you know? Going to a new school, trying to get people to like me...”

    “Who wouldn’t like you?” Magnus asks, planting a kiss on my freckled nose. “You’re perfect.”

    “You’re prejudiced.”

    “Maybe so.” He tosses his head arrogantly. “But I’ve also had a thousand years’ experience to draw from. These girls you’re trying to impress? They’ve got seventeen, eighteen, tops.”

    I can’t help but giggle. “So you’re saying in a thousand years of searching, you’ve never found a girl as perfect as me?”

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