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  • Blood Ties(Blood Coven Vampire,book 6)(10) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Hey, baby,” he says, moving my hair to the side to better stroke the back of my neck. “How are you feeling?”

    “Like a new person,” I reply, nuzzling into his chest. “Blood does a body good. Well, a blood transfusion anyway. I’m still not up for making milk shakes out of the stuff or anything.”

    He chuckles. “Hey, don’t knock a double-malt, extra O-negative ’til you’ve tried one.”

    I make a face. “Ew.com.”

    “Well, then can I interest you in a pint of nectar instead?” he asks, stretching out his other arm to open the mini-fridge below the night table. My mouth involuntarily waters as he pulls out a squeeze box of imported fairyland nectar.

    “Yes, please,” I reply, taking the box from him and stabbing it with a straw. Ever since turning fairy, I’ve had an insatiable appetite for the stuff. And Magnus, being the best boyfriend in the world that he is, always makes sure to keep a stash on hand.

    “How’s your work going?” I ask after sipping.

    He groans. “I think Pyrus is sending me the worst of it as punishment for not getting to Japan on their timetable.”

    I shoot him a sympathetic glance. “I’m sorry. I feel bad I’ve taken you away from your duties.”

    “It’s okay,” he says. “He’ll live. And, as a bonus, this way I get to spend some extra time with my girl.” He takes the juice box from me and sets it on the night table. Then he pulls me back into his arms. “After all, England is a very long plane ride away.”

    I smile slowly. “However will we pass the time?” I ask impishly as I roll over, pinning him to the bed, looking down at his loving eyes. I lower my lips to his own, tasting his cool, sweet kiss. His hands stroke my back. Lower and lower and...

    “Have you ever considered joining the mile-high club?” Magnus asks huskily, his fingers skillfully kneading my lower back between my pelvic bones. I swallow hard, feeling the warm tide rise over me, shocked that I’m seriously considering his proposition. Imagine. My first time, with the guy I love, on a luxurious bed, thirtyfive thousand miles in the air? What a way to give up the V!

    “Mmm,” I murmur noncommittally as I attempt to gather my courage. My heart pounds in my chest. Could this really be it? Is the timing finally right? All I’d have to say is one word of assent. One tiny syllable to change my life forever... “Oh, Magnus,” I whisper. “I’m—”


    A piercing cry of anguish interrupts the scene of seduction. Startled, I break from our kiss, sitting up in bed, trying to identify the sound. Magnus grabs my hand and tries to pull me back toward him. “It’s just Jayden,” he murmurs.

    Jayden! God. How can I just be lying here, enjoying all of this, maybe making the most important decision of my life thus far, while he’s chained up in the next room, hungry, scared, sick, and alone? Ugh. They should so revoke my friend card.

    I squirm out of my boyfriend’s grasp. “Maybe I should go check on him,” I say, glancing toward the door. “He’s probably scared out of his mind.”

    Magnus frowns. “Francis and Tanner are out there. They’ll take care of him.”

    “But he might be hungry.” I glance at my watch. “It’s almost time for his feeding.”

    My boyfriend lets out a long breath. “He’ll be fine, I assure you. We’ll give him some regular blood to hold him over.” He tries again to pull me down on the bed. “Just five minutes,” he pleads.

    I find myself hesitating. Torn.

    “It’s okay if you don’t want to do anything else,” he adds, evidently mistaking my guilt for cold feet. “Just cuddle with me. Please?”

    Reluctantly, I lie back down on the bed, my body facing the door. Magnus spoons me against my back, his fingernails lightly scraping up and down my arm. It should feel amazing. But I just can’t relax. I keep thinking about Jayden. Hearing his agonizing moans echoing through the cabin.

    I sit up in bed. Magnus groans. “Really, Sunny?” he asks. “You really want to waste the fleeting time we have together on this guy?”

    I turn to him, annoyance welling up inside me. I mean, selfish much? “Magnus, this isn’t a vacation, remember?” I retort. “We’re only on this flight to begin with to try to save Jayden’s life. How can I just lie here and cuddle while he’s out there, all alone, scared and suffering and maybe even dying? It just wouldn’t be right!”

    “What wouldn’t be right is for you to go and leave your loving, sweet boyfriend all alone in the bedroom,” Magnus replies sulkily. “Refusing to fulfill his lifelong dream of being kissed by his loving girlfriend for five hours straight.”

    I sigh. There was a time I would have done anything to be kissed for five hours straight by Magnus. But there is no way I could enjoy it now. Not with Jayden in the next room.

    I pull out of Magnus’s grasp. “I promise, I’ll be right back,” I assure him as I climb out of bed. “I just want to check on him and maybe give him some blood if he needs it.” I turn back to my boyfriend. “Okay?” I plead, hoping for understanding.

    But Magnus is already out of bed and walking over to his desk at the far end of the room. “Whatever,” he mutters. “I’ve got that paperwork to do anyway.” He sits down at his computer, keeping his back to me.

    I sigh. “Please don’t be mad.”

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