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  • Blood Ties(Blood Coven Vampire,book 6)(13) by Mari Mancusi
  • The line should have been cheesy as hell. But with Jayden saying it, it just sounds so sweet. And I find myself blushing all over again.

    “Flatterer. You just want another sip,” I accuse, trying to keep my tone light.

    “No. I just want you.”

    My heart lurches at the naked truth in his voice. “Jayden—”

    “Sit by me, Sunny,” he begs, patting the side of the bed with his bound hand. “Please.”

    And so I sit. Against my better judgment. Against the voices in my head screaming in protest. I sit beside Jayden and allow him to take my hand in his. He strokes it softly as his eyes find my own, looking up at me with a wide, wondering gaze.

    Jayden. Sweet, sweet Jayden. I start to lean down to him...

    NO! Common sense returns with a vengeance and I rip my hand away, stumbling backward to put space between myself and the vampire.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I demand, staring down at him with horror.

    He looks up at me, confused, crestfallen. “What do you mean?”

    “You tried to vampire scent me, didn’t you? So I’d let you drink my blood.” Suddenly it all makes perfect sense. The sleepy attraction. The almost kiss. Vampire pheromones. Irresistible to mortals. He wanted to lure me into his trap and—

    “But I already drank your blood. You gave it to me.” Oh, right. I bite my lower lip. Confused. “Maybe you wanted more?” “Sunny, I swear I would never—”

    I shake my hands in front of my face as I back out of the room. “Whatever. I’ve got to go. Enjoy The Dog Whisperer.” And with that, I make my exit, slamming the door behind me, my heart pounding a mile a minute.

    “Are you okay?” Francis asks, not looking away from the TV.

    I don’t answer him. Partly because I don’t think he really cares one way or another. But mostly because I’m not sure of the answer myself. Am I okay? Did I just fall under a vampire spell?

    Or do I still have real feelings for Jayden?

    No. That’s impossible. I rush past the vampire guards and push into Magnus’s bedroom, my whole body shaking as my brain continues to treat me to relentless fantasies of Jayden’s lips on mine. I have to break this spell—and fast. And I can think of only one way to do it.

    “Sunny! Are you okay?” Magnus rises from his desk, looking concerned. I catch a glimpse in the mirror and realize my face is stark white.

    I close the door behind me and lock it.

    “I’m fine. Let’s do it,” I blurt out, desperately trying to catch my breath.

    Magnus stares at me. “Do... what?”

    I grit my teeth. “It. You know. Do I have to spell it out?” From his confused face, I gather I do. “You wanted to get your mile-high club membership, remember? Well, let’s make it happen.” “But, Sunny, you said...”

    “I don’t care what I said. I want to do it. Now.” I start yanking off my shirt.

    Magnus is by my side in a flash, so quickly I don’t even see the movement. He pulls my shirt back down. “No,” he says.

    “But I thought you wanted to—” “I do. Of course I do. But not like this.” I scowl. “Like what?”

    “Like you trying to punish yourself for feelings you have for another guy.”

    I stare at him, horrified. “But I’m not...” I trail off, catching his pointed look. “Oh God.” I sink down onto the bed. “Magnus, I’m sorry. I just... well, I think Jayden just tried to vampire scent me. It was awful. All of a sudden I was thinking all these crazy thoughts and...” I realize my boyfriend is shaking his head. “What?”

    “He didn’t,” he says softly.

    “Didn’t what? Vampire scent me? Yes, he did. He totally did. You weren’t there. You don’t know how—” “Sunny, he can’t. The doctors... well, they essentially neutered him before releasing him into our custody. They removed his pheromone glands so he wouldn’t be a danger to mortals while we worked to find his cure.”

    “Well, they must have missed one,” I protest. “Because he totally—”

    “Turned you on? He doesn’t need a vampire scent for that.”

    Oh God. I collapse onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling, horrified beyond belief. I can’t believe I just told my boyfriend I’m hot for another guy. A guy whose life is dependent on my boyfriend wanting to save him.

    Magnus sighs and joins me on the bed. He reaches out and takes my hand in his. The same hand that, moments before, I let Jayden hold. I feel dirty and gross and undeserving of his caress.

    “I’m sorry,” I manage to say. “I didn’t mean...” I trail off. What can I say? What excuse can I give to make any of this okay?

    But Magnus places a cool finger to my lips as he continues to stroke my hand. Evidently he doesn’t want excuses—or explanations. At least right now. And I am grateful for that kindness.

    “Just hold me,” he murmurs, curling up in my arms. And so I do. Forcing myself to stop thinking of Jayden.


    We land at London’s Heathrow Airport the next morning and climb aboard an awaiting limo to continue the twoand-a-half-hour journey to Glastonbury, where the druids commissioned to guard the Holy Grail live. After falling asleep in Magnus’s arms on the plane, I’m energized and ready to go. The vampires, on the other hand, are ready for bed—for them, the emerging sun is more powerful than a double dose of Ambien. One by one their heads loll back against the cushy black leather seats as they succumb to a deep vampiric slumber. Even Jayden abandons me for dreamland, though at least he doesn’t snore like Francis and Tanner do. I mean, I’d say their snoring would wake the dead, but considering technically everyone in here (except for me) is dead (and still sleeping like babies) I guess that’s not exactly true.

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