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  • Blood Ties(Blood Coven Vampire,book 6)(27) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Darling, remember, what your sponsor said,” Katie reminds me. “Denial is the first sign you have a problem. Do we need to get you to a meeting?”

    Oh, Elizabeth has a problem, all right. But it has nothing to do with drugs. At least not at the moment. “Trust me, girls,” I assure them, “it’s all good in the hood. Drug-free is the way to be. Up with hope, down with dope. PCP is bad for me. And pot makes your brain rot, so I’d rather not.” Ha. Wit is so my anti-drug.

    The girls roll their eyes. “Whatever,” Susan says. “But then what happened to the bottle of Edgar Allen Poe you were going to score us down in the blood cellar? The one we were going to use to teach Jayden the art of blood tasting?”

    Oops. “Oh, right,” I reply quickly. “Sorry, I forgot.” Susan shakes her head. “Great,” she mutters. “I guess I’ll go get it.”

    “No, no!” I interrupt quickly. The last thing I need is for them to go down there and discover the unconscious real Elizabeth tied up in the basement and realize that the girl they’ve been giving an intervention to is actually a shape-shifting fairy with bad acting skills and no drug problem whatsoever. “I’ll get it.” I turn to Jayden, who is creeping me out by staring at me with big puppy-dog eyes. It’s a look I’m well familiar with because he used to use it only when looking at me. I mean, yes, technically he’s still only looking at me this time around. But, like, Elizabeth me, not me, me.

    Which, truth be told, makes me a little sad.

    “Do you girls smell something?” Katie asks suddenly, wrinkling her nose in distaste. “It smells like... blood.”

    Susan nods. “Really sweet blood.”

    Crap. My ankle wound probably broke open again. Thankfully they can’t see it, due to my disguise...

    “Oh, I think that stupid fairy girl is wandering around again,” I reply breezily. “Maybe you two should go after her and put her in her place.”

    The two girls look at one another. “Maybe we should...” Susan says.

    “Yeah, she can’t be just waltzing around here with an open sore like that,” I remind them. “It’s so not hygienic.”

    “Do you want to come with?” Katie asks me, as she rises from her seat. But I wave her off.

    “No, no. I’ll stay with Jayden here,” I reply. “Keep him company.”

    The girls erupt into knowing giggles. “I bet you will,” Susan teases.

    “Have... fun...” adds Katie.

    And with that, thankfully the two girls are out the door, leaving me alone with Jayden.

    I turn to him. “Hey,” I say, dropping the accent. “So we need to get—”

    But I can’t finish my sentence. Namely because suddenly I find Jayden’s mouth on top of my own. Oh my God. He’s kissing me. He’s really kissing me. His soft lips hungrily moving against my own, exploring, tasting, sending shivers down to my very core. His hands reach into my hair, his fingers tangling in my curls.

    Except I don’t really have curls. And the lips he thinks he’s kissing are not my own.

    I shove him backward with such a force that he falls off the sofa. He looks up at me with wounded eyes as I rise to my feet, my hands on my hips, glaring down at him with fury.

    “So, what? Are you guys, like, a couple now?” I demand, a flurry of emotions raging through me, too many to reconcile.

    He scrambles to his feet, his face blazing. “I’m sorry,” he babbles. “I just thought... from what you said before... I mean, I didn’t mean to...”

    It’s all I can do not to shove him again. So hard he never gets up. “You dumbass,” I rage. “I’m Sunny, not your girlfriend, Elizabeth.”

    He squints at me, uncomprehending. God, boys are so stupid. Always thinking with their you-know- whats.

    “Sunny?” he repeats dumbly, his eyes still glazed over and lips still puffy from our kiss.

    I shake my head, disgusted. “Yes. It’s me. I just shape-shifted into Elizabeth so I could get the other girls to leave. It’s one of my fairy powers.”

    “But... why?”

    “’Cause you’re in danger, Jayden. And I’ve got to get you out of here.”

    “What? No, I’m not. Everything’s fine. In fact, it’s been more than fine. The girls are so nice and I’ve been learning all about becoming a vampire...”

    “Are you listening to a word I say?” I cry. “Your life is in danger. If you don’t leave with me now, you’ll be killed.”

    “But I thought vampires were immortal...”

    I grit my teeth. Half of me just wants to leave him here at this point. But no. I have to be the bigger person.

    “Look, lover boy, let’s just say this so-called safe house isn’t as safe as one might think,” I reply, trying to still my temper. After all, he’s not doing anything wrong. He’s a single guy who likes a single girl and wants to hook up with her.

    So why do I feel so betrayed?

    I shake my head, trying to stay focused. “Any minute now, Tanner is going to come in here with your blood transfusion. Except this one will be laced with poison.” I pause, then add, “They want to kill you, Jayden.”

    “But why would they want to do that? Why not just let me become a vampire?” he asks. “I mean, Elizabeth’s already suggested I come stay with them up north and join their coven.”

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