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  • Blood Ties(Blood Coven Vampire,book 6)(30) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Please. Cool is sleeping at the Park Hyatt on a fluffy bed with Egyptian cotton linens,” I point out. “Not glorified indoor camping with no shower.”

    Rayne scowls. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

    “Sorry, I guess the dog ate it, along with half my ankle while I was narrowly escaping for my life back in England.”

    From out the window we can hear a man burst into very bad karaoke song. Awesomeness.

    “Look, you just need a good night’s sleep is all.” Rayne points out the obvious. “The sun’s almost up, after all, and Jayden looks like he’s about to pass out.”

    Jayden stops, mid-yawn, snapping his mouth closed. “Sorry,” he says sheepishly.

    “Okay, fine,” I say with a scowl. “We’ll stay here for now. But you’ve got to find us a regular non- traditional hotel for tomorrow. Also some kind of blood supply for Jayden. Or else he’s going to end up snacking on that karaoker out there. Which, I suppose, wouldn’t be totally awful, come to think of it.”

    “What about giving him some of yours to tide him over?”

    I glance down at my bruised and battered arm. “I would. But one, we left England in such a hurry I didn’t have time to retrieve the draining kit. And two, my supply’s more than a bit low. I’m thinking I might like to save a tiny bit for myself to use on those pesky little bodily functions like heartbeat and circulation and stuff.”

    “Right.” Rayne plops down on a cushion and plugs in the electric teakettle on the table. “Well, I can’t get any from the Blood Coven, that’s for sure. It’s tightly rationed when you’re overseas and they’d be sure to ask questions. What we really need is some kind of Blood Bar. Like the one I infiltrated back in the spring.”

    I sit down across from her, cross-legged. “Do they have those here?” I ask eagerly, forgetting for a moment I’m mad at her. “Do you know where one is?” Maybe my sister’s nerdy Japan fetish will actually pay off for once.

    But no, she shakes her head. “Let me do a little Googling,” she says, pulling her iPad out of her bag. “Oh, cool, is that ancient Japanese Wi-Fi you’re logging into there?” I ask sarcastically.

    “Shush, you Ugly American, and drink your damn tea.”

    I glance over at Jayden, who’s slunk into a corner of the room, staring down at his hands. “Are you okay?” I ask.

    He looks up at me with hollow eyes. “Just... hungry...” he confesses. “You may want to keep your distance.”

    My heart aches for him and suddenly I can’t be mad anymore. He’s gone through so much in the past few days. “I’m sorry,” I say, crawling over to him. “I know it’s been an awful week. But I promise we’re going to figure this out, okay? I’m not going to give up. We’ll get you turned back into a human, if it’s the last thing I do.”

    He gives me a hopeful smile. “Oh, Sunny,” he says. “What would I do without you?” And my heart breaks all over again.

    “Well, you’ll never have to worry about that,” I assure him firmly, so as not to crumble into a teary mess. I reach out to squeeze his hand.

    “Okay, lovebirds, listen up,” Rayne interrupts. “I’ve found something that might work.”

    “Oh?” I crawl over to her and look down at the iPad. “The Vampire Café? Are you kidding me?”

    Rayne chuckles. “It’s a theme restaurant. Supposed to be like Dracula’s lair or something. But according to some of the vampire forums I just read, they supposedly have real blood on tap for the more... discriminating customer.”

    “That’s awesome. Thanks, Rayne!” I turn to Jayden. “What do you think?”

    But my friend is already passed out cold. I glance out the window. Sure enough, the first rays of sun are peeking through. I rise from my seat and pull the bamboo blinds closed.

    “I guess he’s out for the day,” I tell my sister. “So we’ll hit the café tonight, if that works for you.”

    Rayne nods. “I’ll do my best to sneak away,” she says. “But for now, I’ve got to get back to the Park Hyatt. They’ve got me and Jareth on day-missions, since none of the other vampires can go out then.” She glances at her watch. “My shift starts in less than an hour.”

    As she rises to her feet I step over to hug her. “Thank you,” I say. “And I’m sorry I complained about the accommodations. They’re really quite charming, to be honest.”

    “It’s okay. I’m used to you being the lame twin,” she teases as she hugs me back. I shove her away playfully.

    “Now get the hell out of here and let me sleep.”

    And so she climbs out of the room, sliding the door shut behind her. I reach into the closet to pull out the futon mattresses. Once I’ve got them set up into a cozy little nest, I drag Jayden’s sleeping figure onto one of them and pull a down comforter over his body, to further block out any stray rays of light. Then I curl up onto the other mat beside him and close my eyes.

    But tired and jet-lagged as I am, I can’t sleep. And so I lie there, watching Jayden toss and turn in restless slumber.

    “Sunny,” he murmurs in his sleep. “Oh, Sunny...” My heart full, I reach out and lay a hand on his arm, hoping my touch will soothe him, even in his sleep. A moment later, it seems to work and his body relaxes into a deeper phase of rest. I watch him for a while longer, taking in his tousled hair and sooty lashes brushing against his pale skin. He looks so innocent, so sweet. How could I have even thought to be mad at him?

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