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  • Blood Ties(Blood Coven Vampire,book 6)(53) by Mari Mancusi
  • Once he’s gone, Corbin grabs my hands in his own cold ones and dances around the room, pulling me with him. “That was reat!” he tells me. “You played your part perfectly! Dr. Franken thinks we’re completely on board with his stupid plan!” He laughs loudly. “If only he knew!”

    Huh? I’m so confused now. Corbin’s double- crossing the Alphas? Could he be a good guy all along? Maybe even working for the Consortium as a double agent?

    Before I can open my mouth to ask the questions, Corbin leans down and plants a kiss on my lips. “Aren’t you excited, my love?” he breathes.

    “Excited about what?” asks a voice through the doorway.

    I look up just in time to see the real Leanna step into the lab.

    Oh, crap.


    So I might not have mentioned this before, but there’s one major downside to fairy shape-shifting. Namely, if you run into the person you’re currently shape-shifted as, well, the illusion shatters instantly, leaving you looking just like your old miserable self again. Which is exactly what happens to me, the second the real Leanna steps into the room.

    “You!” Corbin cries, a look of horror washing over his face as he suddenly realizes he just basically gave away his entire evil plan to his number-one enemy.

    “What’s going on here?” Leanna demands. “Why is the vamshee not tied up?”

    “It’s not her, it’s her meddling little sister,” Corbin growls. “Get her!”

    I glance desperately around the room, begging for an escape route, but unfortunately for me, Leanna’s blocking the only way out and the ceilings are too low for me to take flight. Why, oh why, didn’t I have the foresight to bring some sort of stake with me or something? Though I suppose that would only take out Corbin. I’d still have his little human girlfriend— not to mention a temple full of Alpha operatives—to contend with.

    This is so not good.

    Corbin grabs me from behind, pinning my arms to my sides. I try my best to squirm away, but even with his vampire strength subdued, he’s still too strong. He drags me into the room’s back closet and pushes me down onto an empty chair.

    “Get me some rope,” he instructs Leanna, who runs to comply. He looks down at me, his face twisted in hate. “Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you now,” he demands.

    Fear pounds in my heart, my mind drawing a complete blank. I mean, sure, I can probably think of thousands of reasons I should stay alive, but likely none of them would work to sway him. (“I’ve never gotten to swim the English Channel,” for example, just ain’t going to cut it.)

    Though there is something...

    “Because I’m a fairy,” I reply. “And girlfriend of the Blood Coven master. Which makes me a very valuable prisoner, in case something goes wrong with your oh-so-clever plan.”

    Corbin opens his mouth to reply—but Leanna returns at that moment with some rope and together the two of them set out to tie me up. I guess I should be thrilled right about now that he’s evidently decided against killing me in cold blood, though, to be honest, I just can’t seem to muster up the appropriate level of enthusiasm.

    “What’s your deal?” I demand, trying not to yelp as he yanks the cord tight around my wrist. “I thought you hated the Alphas after what they did to you. Why are you helping them now?”

    Corbin nods to Leanna, who walks over and shuts the closet door. Then he turns to me. “Don’t be ridiculous,” he spits. “I’m not really helping them. And I’m certainly not going to let them create an army of disgusting monsters. Hell, the world’s got enough vampires already. The last thing we need is an army of super-undead being run by crazy people who want to take over the world.”

    Slight hope rises within me. Maybe I was right— maybe he is actually a double agent. “Who are you working for then?” I demand.

    “Please,” he scoffs. “I work myself. And I’m going to get my revenge against every single person who did me wrong.”

    “And how are you going to do that?”

    “Corbin, you’re telling her too much,” Leanna warns.

    But Corbin just chuckles. “What can she do to stop me?” he says maliciously. So much for thinking he could be a good guy. He turns back to me. “Tonight, all the Alpha initiates are supposed to receive a drop of blood from your sister. The so-called sacrament. But what they don’t know is that I’ve poisoned her blood.”

    My heart lurches. “What?”

    “When they drink, they’ll be poisoned, too,” he continues, looking quite proud of himself. “This way I can wipe out the entire organization in one foul swoop. Then they’ll be sorry they lied to me and my friends.”

    Wow. I don’t know if that’s good or bad...

    “What about my sister?” I find myself saying. “She’s not a part of this. Can you... um, poison them a different way or something?”

    Corbin flashes his fangs at me and I recoil in horror. “Your sister?” he spits out. “Are you kidding me? If it wasn’t for your sister and her bloody big appetite, I would have never been transformed into this horrible monster to begin with.” He squeezes his hands into fists. “She deserves all that’s coming to her and a lot more.”

    I let out a frustrated breath. “I know,” I admit. “She did you wrong. But she paid for it, you know. She went to rehab and everything. She feels terrible about what she did.”

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