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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(27) by Mari Mancusi
  • There. That was technically true. Even though his injuries were, like, completely minor compared to what he suffered later at my hands—er, fangs.

    “And then he was bit?” Peter presses. Luckily he doesn’t say “by a fairy” and I’m able to nod my head this time.

    “I guess that’s what’s really bothering me,” he adds, “the whole fairy bite thing. After all, I’m minoring in fairy studies here at Riverdale. And I’ve never read anything about them drinking blood. They can have fangs, sure, but that’s mostly to suck the juice out of nectar-producing fruits ...”

    “I ... don’t know,” I manage to spit out. “I don’t know too much about fairies.” Though I seem to be learning a little more by the second. Like, for example, the fact that they seem to find it completely impossible to lie.

    “Come on, girls!” Mr. Klaus shouts. “This is not home ec. Take down your partner already!”

    Peter makes his move, his foot connecting with my chest. However, his technique is poor and he’s not that strong. I manage to stay upright and grab his leg, pushing him backward ...

    ... clear across the field!

    Crap! I watch in horror as he sails through the air and lands on his butt, way, way too far down the field to rationally explain. Did I do that? I barely touched the guy. I glance around the field anxiously, but luckily no one seems to be paying too much attention.

    No one except Peter, of course, who’s trying to get back to his feet, holding his butt in agony. I rush over to help him.

    “Ugh. Sorry about that!” I cry, helping him up. He looks at me, a shocked expression on his face.

    “Damn,” he says. “Corbin said you were good, but I had no idea ...” He shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re freaking Super-woman.”

    I wince. “Sometimes I don’t know my own strength.” True!

    Peter reaches around to brush off his backside, then turns back to me. “I think I’m about done for today,” he mumbles, then goes over to the coach. I can hear him, even from this far away, asking for a pass to the infirmary.

    I can also hear the whispers of the other students as they sneak furtive glances in my direction. Great. In two days, I’ve sent two Alphas to the hospital. And this one I can’t even be held responsible for. I mean, I’m good, but I’m not that good. That’s like, vampire powers good. And you know I don’t have—

    A thought strikes me with the force of a ten-ton truck. Vampire powers. What if they’re tied to drinking blood? What if, because I finally drank from a human, I’m able to tap into all the stuff I’ve been missing out on?

    In fact, that makes perfect sense. Why Jareth was able to get his powers back shortly after he got the blood virus and I wasn’t. Maybe the key is in the blood. By drinking synthetic, I’ve been keeping myself down.

    And if I have vampire powers ... and fairy powers, too ... Maybe, just maybe, I can figure out a super supernatural way to get my sister and me the hell out of Slay School.

    A smile slowly spreads over my face. I’ve got to find Sunny!


    Lunchtime seems to take forever to come, but finally I hear the church bells chime and I make a mad dash for the cafeteria, excited to tell Sunny what I’ve discovered. I bet she’s still freaking out about the night before. Scared, helpless, alone ...

    Or ... talking animatedly to Lilli and Amber and Evelyn, a big smile on her face.

    I cock my head in confusion. I expected to see shell-shocked, freaking out, maybe even a little comatose. Posttraumatic stressed to the max at the very least. After all, we did nearly lose our lives to evil fairies hell-bent on our abduction. But instead, my sister is beaming, looking as happy as if she’d just gotten crowned prom queen.

    “Rayne!” she cries excitedly, patting the seat next to her. “Come sit with us!”

    I walk over to their table, feeling completely confused, and take a seat. “How are you feeling, Sun?” I ask.

    “I’m great!” she cries. “In fact, I just got promoted out of the kiddie class. No more twelve-year-olds for me! The teacher told me I’m so improved that I’ll be placed into your class starting tomorrow. Isn’t that awesome?”

    “It’s a little weird, to be honest,” I say. Because I’m still feeling that no-lie thing hardcore. “How did you—”

    “Oh my God! There’s Peter! He’s soooo cute!” Sunny interrupts excitedly. Everyone turns to look at the Alpha, who’s limping over to the head table to join the girls. He shoots me a dirty look and I turn away.

    Sunny turns back to her friends. “He totally saved my life last night from the evil fairies who were trying to kill us,” she gushes. “Want to hear the story?”

    Of course everyone does. And so I sit, completely baffled, as she starts recounting our night as if it were a really cool Michael Bay film.

    What is wrong with her? She should have been scared out of her mind and yet she’s making it out to be some big adventure. Does she have any idea I almost lost my life in the fray? That I had to pretty much sell my soul to the devil to survive the experience? I guess she doesn’t, but still ... something about this is just not right.

    “So then Peter jumps in front of the creature and ...”

    And what’s with this Peter thing? Why is she suddenly fixated on the Alpha? I mean, just yesterday the girl couldn’t get out of bed because she missed her boyfriend so much. She can’t now suddenly be crushing on another guy, can she?

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