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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(37) by Mari Mancusi
  • “My blood?”

    “But of course. The blood of the very first vamshee.” He grins. “It’s practically priceless.”

    I do a double take. “Vamshee? Are you kidding me?”

    “Do you like that?” he asks. “I came up with the term myself. It’s a combination of vampire and Sidhe. Kind of like banshee, which is loosely translated to mean female fairy. So thusly, vamshee means vampire fairy.”

    I roll my eyes. “No offense or anything,” I say, “but that’s pretty lame.”

    He stops laughing and sets his face to a scowl. Way to piss off the mad scientist, Rayne. “In any case, the name really doesn’t matter,” he says, waving a hand dismissively. “What matters is what we can make of it. A creature with the powers of a vampire and the powers of the fey folk, all mashed together in one delicious chain of brand-new DNA. A hybrid creature with unimaginable potential.”

    “But ...” I struggle to understand. “Why would Slayer Inc. need a ... fairy vampire?” (I’m so not using his stupid term.)

    He looks down at me in surprise. “Why, my dear, they don’t need a fairy vampire. They need an army of them.”

    An army? “But why ... ?”

    “Ah, there she is. Our little vamshee! Captured at last.”

    With effort, I twist my head to see Headmistress Roberta step into the room. She closes the heavy metal door behind her and walks over to my bed, looking down at me with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. She picks up what I assume to be my chart off the table and studies it carefully.

    “Do you think this is going to work?” she asks, turning to Dr. Franken. “I can’t afford any more failed experiments.”

    “Wait—what experiments? What are you trying to do?” I demand awkwardly from my strapped-down position.

    “If my calculations are correct, the fey cells will work to stabilize the vampiric ones,” Dr. Franken replies, ignoring me. “So they won’t oxidize and mutate before we can inject them into our test subjects.”

    “Excellent,” Headmistress Roberta says, rubbing her hands together gleefully. “And, as a bonus, these vamshee hybrids will be even more powerful than just plain vampires would have been.” She looks down at me. “I really owe you a big thank you, Rayne. Without you, none of this would be possible.”

    “None of what? What are you talking about? Why the hell would you want to make vampire fairies?”

    “Why, so we can take over the world, of course,” she replies, sounding surprised I didn’t already know.

    Take over the ... ? I stare at her in disbelief. “But you’re part of Slayer Inc.! The good guys! You’re supposed to be protecting people from people taking over the world!”

    “Please. You think we should be content to live out our entire existence as a police force?” she asks in a haughty voice. “Content to serve and protect all the ungrateful vampires and self-serving fairies out there?” She shakes her head in disgust. “We’re done with that. And once we create our master army of vamshees, we’ll be on the top of the food chain. For the first time ever, we’ll be calling the shots.”

    This is so not good. I need to warn the Vampire Consortium—not to mention the American arm of Slayer Inc.—before it’s too late. But how? I mean, let’s be honest here. They’ve told me their evil plan, which, more than likely, means they’re not about to let me walk out of here alive.

    Okay, sure, in the movies, that’s usually the bad guys’ big mistake: spilling their whole evil plan, only to have their captive pull a last-minute James Bond-type move and manage to get away just in time. But sadly I’m far from James Bond. And I have no idea how I’d pull off some thrilling movie-esque escape.

    I decide it’s best to just keep them talking. At least until I can figure out what I can possibly do. “So this is what Slay School is really about?” I ask, my voice full of disgust. “All these kids training here are just fronts for your ... experiments?” The word makes me shudder.

    “Of course not,” Headmistress Roberta replies, looking slightly offended. “Riverdale really does train normal human slayers and has been doing so since before you were born.” She shrugs, then continues. “Most of our Slayers in Training will graduate and be sent on regular assignments, none the wiser to any of this building’s activities. But a chosen few—the best and the brightest—will continue their studies after graduation, becoming part of our Night School program.”

    I gasp. Night School. The Alphas. Corbin.

    “So let me get this straight,” I say. “You tell all the Alphas they’re entering some kind of top-secret, kick-ass grad school program that will turn them into slayer secret agents with a license to stake. But instead, you plan to turn them into monsters—and use them as pawns in your Slayer Inc. revolution?”

    Headmistress Roberta narrows her eyes. “Soldiers, not pawns. And it’s a great honor to be chosen,” she snarls. “These Alphas will be responsible for shaping the future of our world.”

    I open my mouth to try to say something noble, like, “You’ll never get away with this!” but since I’m not so confident that’s true and I can’t manage to lie, I’m unable to spit it out. So instead I content myself with saying, “My parents will be back for me!” instead. “They’ll figure out you’re up to no good!” Which could very well be true. Though I’m not sure their timing is going to match up with what I need in order to stay alive.

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