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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(38) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Will they?” Roberta asks innocently. “Or will they simply accept the sad, tragic fact that you were slain by an evil fairy, on a mission to kidnap your sister and bring her back to fairyland?”

    I let out a frustrated breath, realizing she’s got me there. I mean, sure I’d love to be all like, “No way! My parents will totally see through your evil lies and realize you stole their daughter to aid you in your sinister plot to take over the world!” But really, that doesn’t seem all that realistic.

    Hopelessness wells up inside of me. Is this really the end? After all I’ve been through—evil vampires, werewolves, fairies—will my last moments really be spent lying on this uncomfortable bed as my blood is harvested to create a supernatural army of über slayers?

    I totally take back what I said about wanting an original, creative demise ...

    Suddenly a commotion by the door interrupts my thoughts of death. I turn to see what’s going on. Two attendants are wheeling in a second bed. I gasp as I catch sight of a shock of black hair.

    It couldn’t be. Could it?

    “Corbin?” I whisper, my voice hoarse with horror.

    He moans fitfully and I realize he’s unconscious and bound in the same magical ropes that knocked me down earlier. I turn my head to locate Headmistress Roberta, my eyes wide. “What have you done to him?” I whisper.

    “Don’t worry,” the headmistress says, thanking the orderlies who wheeled him in. “He’ll wake shortly. Though I imagine he’s going to be a tad testy with you, now that we’ve confirmed you were the one who bit him ...”

    Testy doesn’t even begin to describe how Corbin must feel. Knowing that I mercilessly sucked the blood from his veins without asking permission.

    “Let him go!” I beg. “You’ve got me. I’m who you wanted. He’s innocent.”

    “My dear, I don’t think you understand,” Headmistress Roberta coos, walking over to Corbin and brushing a lock of hair from his eyes. “We need him for the experiment.”

    I swallow hard, praying she doesn’t mean what I think she means. But of course she does.

    “Once we’ve analyzed your DNA and mixed up a little blood cocktail, we’re going to give your boy here a transfusion.” She looks down at Corbin with a proud smile. “He will become our Adam. First in the line of an all-new, all-powerful vamshee race able to slay any otherworld creatures who dare get in their way.” She looks up, her face fierce with pride. “No one will ever laugh at Slayer Inc. again.”

    “But ... but ...” I can barely find the words. “Can’t you experiment on someone besides Corbin? He hates vampires. His parents were killed by one!”

    “My dear, why do you think we chose him?” Headmistress Roberta asks, shooting me a patronizing look. “The anger and rage inside of him will make for an excellent vamshee. And if he has the sudden undying urge to kill vampires once we’ve turned him? Well, that’s kind of the whole point of a slayer, isn’t it?”

    I imagine poor Corbin, waking up and discovering he’s been turned into the one thing he hates more than anything in the world. It’ll kill him, for sure.

    “You’re a monster!” I cry, my voice choked with tears.

    Headmistress Roberta rolls her eyes. “Monster?” she repeats with a chuckle. “Please. Have you looked in the mirror lately?” She turns to Dr. Franken. “How long before you’ll have a clean sample?”

    He looks up from his microscope. “It’s going to have to congeal awhile before we can start working with it. Come back tomorrow morning and we should be ready for the injection.”

    “Very well,” she says. “I will be back.” She looks down at me and smiles her sick grin. “’Til we meet again, my little vamshee.”

    Ugh. I really wish people would stop using that term.


    After she leaves, Dr. Franken injects me with some kind of sedative and I’m knocked out almost instantly. When I awake, I find myself in some kind of windowless room. I’m on the ground, my back against a cold stone wall, and my arms and legs are bound with silver shackles, which have burned ugly red circles around my wrists and ankles.

    My stomach heaves and I turn my head just in time to escape throwing up in my lap. Whatever they injected me with is doing a number on my insides; I feel nauseous and hungry and really weak from all the blood loss. So not good.

    I blink a few times, trying to adjust my vampire eyes to the darkness. They fall upon a dark mass at the opposite end of the room. I take a tentative sniff and my nose recognizes the familiar hint of vanilla and sandalwood.

    “Corbin?” I query. “Is that you?”

    I hear an affirming groan and watch the mass shift—head rising, eyes opening, face recognizing.

    “Rayne?” he cries, his voice filled with panic.

    I nod. “Yeah, it’s me.”

    “Where am I?” he asks. His wrists strain against his bindings, his arm muscles contracting. “Why am I chained up?”

    I swallow hard. Here goes nothing. “Well, the best that I can figure is we’re in the Night School building,” I tell him hesitantly. “As for why, well it’s probably best you don’t know.” I pray they haven’t injected him with my blood yet. That it’s not already too late.

    I can see him shaking his head, trying to remember. Then he looks up, his eyes filled with horror. I can just tell he’s reliving that moment in the library when he first felt my wings “You drank from me,” he whispers hoarsely. “It was you all along.”

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