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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(43) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Yes, from donors who are contracted and well-paid for their services,” Jareth clarifies. “In this day and age no one goes and glamours an unwilling victim, stealing their blood without permission. That’s completely against the consortium’s rules. You could be kicked out of the coven if anyone finds out what you did. After all, you’re still on thin ice from that incident back in England.”

    I scowl. Those stupid idiot English vampires who flipped their lids when I pulled out my stake. “It wasn’t like I was actually going to slay them,” I protest. “I was just trying to scare them a little for being such jerks.”

    Jareth suddenly puts a finger to his lips and I turn to see Magnus, on approach. All talk of Rayne’s bad behavior must cease in front of the master. “Rayne!” he cries, his face wild and frightened and his long brown hair tousled as he hurries toward me. “Are you okay?” He grabs me and pulls me into a big hug. Which is awkward, considering, on the whole, I don’t think he likes me all that much. I’m too much of a troublemaker for a law-abiding vampire like him.

    “Magnus, you’re crushing me,” I mention.

    He releases me, looking sheepish. After all, this is no way for the master of one of the largest covens on the Eastern Seaboard to behave. “Tell me everything you know,” he demands.

    I do. I tell him about our parents’ shocking news. About being brought to Riverdale. About Sunny being stolen away by the fairies and replaced by an evil changeling. About me being brought to Night School and Slayer Inc.’s evil plan to take over the otherworld.

    I don’t, however, mention the little Corbin detail. There’ll be time for Rayne to get in trouble later. Or never. I’d be okay with never, too.

    Magnus swears under his breath. “This is terrible news,” he says. “I knew something was up there—that’s why I sent Rachel in the first place—but I had no idea it was such a large-scale operation. And now that they’ve got your blood ...”

    “We must launch an all-out attack against them,” Jareth declares. Now that he’s co-master of the Blood Coven with Magnus, he gets a say in these kinds of things. “They have to be stopped before they can perfect their formula and start creating these vampiric Sidhe.”

    “Indeed,” Magnus says, nodding his head distractedly. “But first things first: We must rescue Sunny from the fairies.” At Jareth’s disapproving glance, he adds, “I made a promise to her in Vegas that she would always come first. And I intend to keep that promise.”

    I look at him with sudden admiration. If only Sunny were here to hear him say those words. The girl would be over the moon.

    “That said,” Magnus adds, “you’re welcome to start gathering your troops. As soon as we free Sunny, we’ll make Slayer Inc. our number one priority.”

    This seems to appease my boyfriend a bit. “Very well,” he says. “But breaking into fairyland is going to be no easy task,” he reminds Magnus. “They live at the edges of the world in another dimension beyond our own. To even get there, we’d need fairy magic to part the curtains between the worlds.”

    Magnus scratches his head. “Do we know any fairies?” he asks.

    “Hello?” I wave my hands in their faces. “I’m a fairy, remember?”

    The two of them turn and look at me doubtfully. “So, how do you break into fairyland then?” Magnus asks.

    “Well ... I don’t know,” I admit. “But I’m sure I can—”

    “It’s not something you can just go and Google, Rayne. These secrets have been kept by the fey folk for thousands of years.”

    “But I’m fairy royalty. Surely if I knock they’ll open the door!” I suggest, knowing my answer sounds weak, even to my own ears. But still, I have to try. I mean, it’s my sister that we’re talking about here. I can’t let her languish in fairyland, away from her true love.

    “Well, then what about this?” I ask. “What if we at least head to Ireland—to the town closest to where Tír na nÓg is supposed to be? And then we can see about finding a fairy guide at the very least, if I, myself, can’t figure out a way to do it.”

    He seems to consider this for a moment, then grunts a grudging assent. “Fine,” he says. “I guess we have no other choice but to try. Let’s head out to the airport. There’s no time to waste.”

    “Um, what about Corbin?” I ask, motioning back to the cafe where he’s eating his predawn breakfast. “We can’t just leave him here. Slayer Inc. might find him.”

    Magnus frowns. “I don’t know,” he replies. “I don’t like the idea of having someone trained by this subset of Slayer Inc. tagging along with us. Especially when we’re away from home and without proper security. What makes you think he won’t get a call from his bosses instructing him to sneak into our hotel rooms and stake us in our sleep?”

    “Because those bosses tried to kill him,” I remind the vampire. “And they destroyed the lives of his friends. There’s no way he’d go back to them now, knowing what they’re capable of.” But even as I’m defending him, I wonder. I remember the hatred in his eyes when he talked about the vampires who killed his parents ...

    But still. He deserves a chance to make good—especially after what I put him through.

    “Look,” I plead to Magnus. “He saved my life. Without him, I’d be stuck at Night School and Sunny would be stuck in fairyland and you guys wouldn’t have a clue as to what happened to us. Because of him, I made it out, Sunny will be okay, and you have a fighting chance to defeat this subset of Slayer Inc. before they take over the world.”

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