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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(50) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Rayne, I thought you were serious about getting help.”

    “I am. I swear I am, Jareth. But this is my sister we’re talking about here. And our one chance to save her!”

    He lets out a frustrated breath, then glances at his watch. “Lord Magnus should wake up in an hour. I’ll see what he says we should do.”

    I grimace, realizing he’s going to have to tell Magnus—who’s not exactly a Rayne cheerleader to begin with—what happened with Corbin as well. “Well, maybe you could say ... Corbin, um, just woke up with an undeniable urge to become a member of the Blood Coven and you hooked him up?”

    Jareth narrows his eyes at me. Okay, maybe not.

    “I’ll speak to him on your behalf,” he promises. “As co-master, I have a say in things. But you have to promise, whatever is decided, you won’t argue. You’ll respect the master, at the very least. That’s part of being a vampire 101.”

    I’m about to protest, then remember I’m reformed Rayne from here on out. The girl who actually follows the rules. Or at least attempts to. “Okay,” I say instead, squaring my shoulders. “I’ll do whatever Magnus says.”

    I just pray he’ll let me help my sister. Before it’s too late.


    A few hours later, we’re standing at the craggy shores of the raging sea. X marks the spot on my fairy godmother’s map. Foamy waves crash against the rocks twenty feet below us and the wind whips through my hair. Our group has now been pared down to Jareth, Magnus, Francis (the former doorman from the Blood Bar, now Magnus’s personal bodyguard), and two other vampires I don’t know. The rest of the crew departed at sunset, transporting Corbin to a safe house to help him with his transformation.

    Magnus was furious about the whole thing, of course. Rayne breaking the rules once again. Like Jareth, he wanted to send me directly to rehab. But I reminded him of Sunny and the fact that I’m the best chance they’ve got to rescue her and he quickly changed his tune. After all, he wants my sister back just as much as I do, and he did make that promise about always putting her first. That said, he made it very clear I’m going to vampire rehab the second Sunny’s back in his arms. No passing Go, no collecting $200. (Man, no one ever pays me for anything around here.)

    But I’ll worry about that later. Right now I have a more daunting task. Opening the doors between two dimensions, like the host of the Twilight Zone, and escorting five vampires into fairyland to kidnap their queen.

    All in a day’s work, for Rayne McDonald: fairy vampire- vampire slayer girl extraordinaire. (That’s becoming quite a mouthful, huh?)

    Before we left, I headed down to the bed-and-breakfast’s business center to look up the website my fairy godmother had given me. It took forever to pull it up on the ancient, still-using-dial-up computer, but eventually I was able to download a copy of Fairyland for Dummies to the hard drive. After a quick skim (with Magnus impatiently beeping the horn outside the whole time!), I located and printed what appeared to be the relevant chapters and joined the other vampires in the awaiting rent-a-car. (A tiny Mini Cooper that made me wish I had taken my fairy godmother up on the whole lemon Lamborghini thing.)

    And now, after an hour’s drive down bumpy country roads winding around emerald green fields dotted with white fluffy sheep and cozy little cottages, we’re here and I’m preparing myself for my task. I’m more than a little nervous, as you may imagine, that this whole thing isn’t going to work. Mainly because 1) I got it from some old lady professing to be a fairy godmother, which, let’s be honest, is always a bit suspect, and 2) we don’t have a Plan B. Sunny’s life is literally in my hands.

    I read over the instructions once again, just to be sure I’ve got them. They seem so simple. Almost too simple ...

    “What are you waiting for, Goth Girl? Halloween?” Magnus asks, interrupting my worried thoughts. “Let’s do this already.”

    I turn around to grump at him, but then decide to cut him some slack. He’s worried about Sunny, too. And he hates that feeling of not being in control of things. Or trusting a girl who has screwed up so many times before. He probably doesn’t think I can really do this.

    Well, I’m ready to prove him wrong. Setting down my cheat sheets, I stand on the cliff’s edge, raising my hands over the sea. Here goes nothing:

    “Star Light, Star Bright. First star I see tonight.

    I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight.”

    Yup, that’s the poem. The secret words that should open a doorway to fairyland if recited by someone of fey blood. Funny, I used to say them all the time as a little kid. I wonder if I was constantly opening and closing doors without even realizing it.

    I open my eyes and look around. Hm. No portal. No glittery, sparkly path leading the way to an alternate dimension has magically appeared. In fact, to be honest, everything around me looks exactly the same as it did before I spoke that stupid nursery rhyme. I glance back at the vampires, who are standing there, looking at me impatiently.

    “Well?” Magnus asks, his voice gritty and tense.

    “Um, I don’t know. That should have worked.” Disappointment whirls through me as I look around for my cheat sheets. Did I do something wrong? “Where are my papers?” I ask, not seeing where I left them.

    “These?” Francis asks, holding up a few sheets. “They almost blew away in the wind, so I grabbed them.” He hands them over to me and I scan them again, letting out a frustrated breath. It seems so simple on paper. Stand on the cliff’s edge, raise your hands, recite the poem and ...

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