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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(57) by Mari Mancusi
  • I grab him by the shirt collar, pulling him against the cell bars, careful not to touch them myself. “Let me out!” I cry.

    But sadly, I don’t have a kung fu grip. Especially not after Grumpy calmly reaches to his side and pulls out an electric baton, zapping me in the shoulder. “Ow!” I cry, letting go and rubbing my burnt skin angrily.

    “That’s for grabbing me!” he snarls. Then he turns up the heat and strikes me again. This time, I’m thrown to the back of the cell from the force of the electric charge. My hand lands in the toilet. Ew.

    “And that’s for spoiling my book!” he adds.

    Defeated, I watch as he stomps angrily back down the hall.

    “Rayne, are you okay?” Mom asks worriedly.

    “Yeah,” I mutter, scrambling to my feet. Of course I can’t tell her that as a vampire, I heal quickly. Not after the reaction she had to Jareth being one. Coming out of the coffin to her someday is definitely not going to be easy. “I’ll be fine. I’m just mad my plan didn’t work.”

    “Actually, it worked perfectly!”

    I look up, my eyes widening as I see Francis step into the corridor. He has Grumpy by the neck, in what appears to be a perfect kung fu grip. Behind him are Magnus and the other vampires.

    “Was someone in need of a fairy-tale rescue?” he asks with a grin.


    “Magnus! Francis!” I cry happily. “Thank God you’re here. You have to help Jareth!” I point to my boyfriend’s cell. He’s writhing in pain now, almost convulsing, with white foam sputtering from his mouth. He doesn’t look good and I pray they’re not too late.

    Francis hands off the angry dwarf to one of the other vampires, then hurries to Jareth’s cell. He grips the iron bars in both hands and effortlessly pulls them apart, allowing an opening for Magnus to get through. The coven leader dons thick, black gloves, preparing to remove the silver chains from my boyfriend’s body.

    I plop down on the lumpy cot, relieved beyond belief. “Thank goodness,” I say. “My cry for help actually came in handy for once.”

    “Actually,” Francis says, looking over at me apologetically, “we have a GPS tracker on Jareth. As co-master of the Blood Coven, we need to keep track of him.”

    Oh. Well, whatever. Maybe in another life I’ll get the kung fu grip.

    “Once the sun went down, the place really cleared out,” Francis continues, tossing one of the chains to the side of the cell. “We were able to jump the turnstiles and follow your trail pretty easily, though we had to take it slow, so as to not draw attention to our presence.”

    I watch as Magnus slices his wrist with a knife and drips blood into Jareth’s open mouth. “Is he going to be okay?” I ask anxiously.

    Magnus thankfully nods. “My blood will purify his poisoned blood.”

    Mom stares at Magnus, then at me. “You and Sunny are both dating vampires?” she cries. “How did I not know this? I must be the worst mom ever.”

    “How long have we been here?” I ask Francis, ignoring my mother. “What time is it now?”

    Francis glances at his watch. “I fixed it to fairy time,” he informs me. “It’s about eleven-thirty, give or take.”

    I swallow hard.

    “We have to hurry,” I tell them. “Sunny’s getting married at midnight.”

    Magnus looks over at me, horror clear on his face. “Are you serious?” he asks.

    “Fairy,” I remind him, “can’t lie.”

    He rises from the floor, wrapping a swath of cloth around his still-bleeding wrist. “We can’t let that happen!” he cries. “We have to find her.” He paces the jail cell floor as Francis goes and rips open my cell. “Where would they hold a wedding in this godforsaken place?”

    “In the castle,” my dad interjects. Mom kicks him and he turns to her. “What?” he asks.

    “Bob, they’re vampires, remember?” she hisses.

    “Honey, these vampires can help us,” Dad chides. “Just because they’re different than us ...”

    Magnus approaches my parents’ cell, bowing low to my mom. “Mrs. McDonald,” he says. “I love your daughter. More than anything in this world. I made a promise to keep her safe, no matter what. And I intend to keep that promise.”

    Mom still doesn’t look too happy, but at last she reluctantly nods her head. My dad pulls her into a comforting embrace. “Don’t worry,” I can hear him whisper. “We’ll get her. I promise.” It’s then I realize that I need to cut Mom some slack. Like the rest of us, she’s just scared and worried about Sunny.

    I step gingerly through the now-open jail cell bars, careful not to touch them. Magnus cocks his head in question.

    “The bars are made of iron,” I inform him. “Iron’s poison to fairies. Like silver is to vampires.” I show him my still slightly burned fingertips.

    His face lights up. “That’s perfect!” he cries. Then he turns to the other vampires, who are still guarding Grumpy. “See if the dwarf has any tools in his office,” he commands. “Some kind of saw or something. We’ll turn these iron bars into weapons.” He grins widely. “The fairies won’t know what hit them!”

    The other vampires hasten to obey orders. Dad turns to Mom, helping her step out of the cell. “See?” he says. “Isn’t it good to have them on our side?”

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