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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(59) by Mari Mancusi
  • “You’re under arrest,” Apple Butter informs us, unnecessarily. “For trespassing on fairyland grounds.” He shoots a glare in my parents’ direction, shaking his head. “Bringing vampires into fairyland. You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves.”

    But Mom doesn’t look too ashamed as she steps forward, her eyes flashing fire. “It’s you who should be ashamed of yourself, Apple Blossom,” she says in a scolding voice. The kind she usually saves to use on me. “Abducting an innocent girl, turning her into a fairy against her will. Leaving us to rot in jail without a fair trial. In my day, soldiers of the Light Court followed proper protocol. They were the good guys. Now, it seems, you’re no better than the Dark Court’s agents themselves.”

    Apple Blossom looks a little taken aback, but recovers quickly. “In your day,” he sneers. “Please. You left fairyland and by doing so, you relinquished your right to make these kinds of judgments. We had no choice but to recruit your daughter into service. She’s one of only two royal fairies left, thanks to you abandoning your duty. If anyone’s to blame for Sunshine’s current predicament, it would be you.”

    Mom’s face falls, guilt assaulting her hard and fast. She takes a shaky step backward and I have to grab her arm to keep her upright. “Don’t listen to him, Mom,” I say. “He’s just trying to bait you.”

    “But he’s right,” she whispers hoarsely. “This is my fault. All of it.”

    I can’t bear to see her so upset. Turning back to Apple Pancakes, I open my mouth to tell him off. But it seems my dad is already one step ahead of me.

    “How dare you upset Princess Violet like that?” he snarls at the fairy. “What, are you still jealous because she chose me over you? It’s not like you ever loved her. You just wanted the power that came with the Light Court throne.”

    Apple Blossom’s face twists and turns purple with rage. At first I think he’s going to deny it all, but instead he simply raises his sword. “And now I will have it,” he says. “Once your pathetic little girl marries my son.” He glances at his watch. “Which will be any minute now. Then I will, in all but name, become the ruler of fairyland.”

    My mom stiffens and lets out a small cry. I squeeze her arm as comfortingly as I can. We have to get away from these guys. We’re running out of time. But can we fight them all?

    My dad turns to the vampires behind us. “What are you waiting for?” he asks. “Get ’em, boys!”

    The vampires need no further invitation. Raising their iron weapons, they charge forward and the fight ensues. Vampires versus fairies. Fairies versus fairies. And one vampire-vampire slayer- fairy cheerleader joining in to boot.

    After ducking his sword and then head-butting one fairy, I manage to trip another, then dive onto a third and wrestle him to the ground, knocking his sword from his hand. Beside me, Magnus, Francis, and Stilton attack with iron weapons, bashing heads and bruising ribs. The iron bars were a brilliant idea. They burn on contact and the fairies are instantly sickened, weakening their attack and forcing them to drop their swords, which immediately extinguish when they leave their hands. Most of them can only take one touch of iron before falling uselessly to the ground. I grab a sword from one of the fallen and drive it through the stomach of one still standing. Yank the sword free, then repeat. Killing fairies is pretty gross and bloody, but what can you do?

    I’m feeling pretty good about our chances until suddenly I’m grabbed from behind and yanked into the air, my surprise causing my sword to fall from my hands. The ceiling’s higher here than in other parts of the tunnels and I’m at least twenty feet up before I can really process what’s going on. Twisting my head, I realize it’s none other than Apple Crumble himself who’s abducted me. And the look on his face tells me he’s still not over that whole me staking him thing.

    “I bet you’re sorry now that you didn’t kill me when you had the chance,” he sneers, flying me face-first into a nearby wall. My head slams into the concrete and I see stars. “I can tell you now,” he adds, backing up for another round, “I will not make that same mistake.”

    SLAM! Again into the wall, this time splitting my lip and bursting my nose. Blood fills my mouth as I kick my feet uselessly, struggling to free myself from his hold. Without traction from the ground, it’s pretty much an impossible task. But I do eventually manage to get one arm free and I use it to elbow him in the stomach, hard.

    The fairy bellows and loosens his grip for a split second, causing me to fall from his arms, careening to the ground. I realize dimly that this might not have been my smartest move. I’m falling hard, fast, and the floor is looking closer and closer. ...

    “Rayne!” My mom’s call breaks through my panic. “FLY!”

    Oh yeah. Duh. A very good reason to have those ugly wings of mine. I squeeze my eyes shut and manage some kind of flapping, seconds before I crash down onto the hard stone floor.

    “Oh my God! I’m flying!” I cry. “I’m actually flying!”

    My flight is short lived, however, as Apple Cinnamon dives at me, slamming me into the stone wall again, this time back first. My fragile wing bones shatter on impact and I cry out in pain. He grabs me by the neck and I can’t catch my breath. I try to kick at him, but can’t make contact. The lack of oxygen, accompanied by the searing pain in my wings, is starting to make everything black and fuzzy.

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