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  • Night School(Blood Coven Vampire,book 5)(64) by Mari Mancusi
  • Rayne shakes her head. “Wow,” she says. “Well, I guess it’s good Teifert and Heather aren’t part of the evil faction. I’d hate to have to slay my mentor or stepmom.”

    “No kidding,” I reply. “And the best part is—now everyone’s working together. The vampires, Slayer Inc., and even the fairies. We’ll totally get your DNA back before the evil part of Slayer Inc. discovers the secret formula.”

    “And Mom? Have you talked to her lately?”

    “For about an hour last night. She’s doing great. She sounds really happy. David even came for a visit last week. Sounds like they’re going to try to make the long-distance relationship work.”

    Rayne nods approvingly. “I’m glad for her. I miss her, but I know she’s doing what she has to do.” She looks at me curiously. “What did you decide about your wings?” she asks.

    I can feel my face turn a bit red. “I decided to keep them,” I confess. “I had them trimmed down so I can fold them neatly under my clothes. But to be honest, I’m not comfortable with having them amputated just yet. I mean, what if something happens to Mom someday and they need me to take over?” I shrug.

    “I thought you were determined to stay human at all costs,” my sister reminds me with a small smile.

    “I was,” I admit. “But seeing Mom up there, facing her responsibilities head-on, well, that was pretty inspiring. So I’ve decided to keep my options open. Take things one day at a time. Besides,” I add, after a pause, “Magnus thinks they’re hot.”

    Rayne grins knowingly at me and we break out into giggles.

    “What about you?” I ask.

    “Amputated,” she replies. “I decided being a vampire-vampire slayer was enough to be without adding fairy wings to boot. I guess I’m still technically a fairy. But no one has to know. Especially since I won’t be caught dead wearing pink.”

    I smile ruefully, realizing how much I’ve missed her. “Oh, Rayne,” I say. “Never change.”

    We’re about to step into the limo to go back to Heather’s condo when suddenly a black Jaguar screeches into the parking lot. Rayne looks at me and I shrug. A moment later, Magnus and Jareth burst from the car.

    “What’s wrong?” I ask, catching Magnus’s white, worried face, my heart suddenly pounding in my chest.

    “It’s Corbin,” Jareth replies.

    Now Rayne’s face drains of its color. “What about him?”

    “He murdered the doctor doing the memory erase. And then he ransacked the coven headquarters, breaking into our safe and stealing some very top-secret documents.”

    “Oh God!” Rayne cries. “Do you think he ...?”

    Jareth nods grimly. “I think he’s gone back to his friends at Slayer Inc.,” he says. “With information that could compromise our entire operation.”

    “Oh no,” my sister says, leaning against a gravestone for support. “This is all my fault. If only ...” she trails off, looking ashamed and miserable.

    But I grab her and pull her to her feet, feeling my fairy powers surge inside of me. I may not be a vampire, but I’m no longer a helpless mortal girl anymore either.

    “Well, then,” I say, giving Magnus a confident smile, “let’s go track them down. I think it’s time to teach Slayer Inc. a lesson.”

    After all, no one messes with the Blood Coven. Not on my watch, anyway.


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