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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(4) by Quinn Loftis
  • Jacque squealed in child like delight and hugged Jen tight. “This is so great!”

    “You do realize that squeal is totally not sexy and if we are in Romania together and you are with me while I’m trying to get my game on that you are not permitted to make such a noise, right?” Jen told her, sounding put out.

    “Oh, shut up and let me be all sentimental for a sec.” Jacque hugged her for a minute more and then backed up, holding her hands in a surrender gesture. “Okay, I’m good, it’s all under control.”

    Jacque turned to Sally, who had been watching the exchange. “So what about you, Sally? Have you talked to your parents?”

    “I did and I told them the same thing Jen told hers, considering we rehearsed it with each other complete with back up guilt trips if the whole college reference didn’t work, and hell must have froze over, pigs must have sprouted wings, and you must be half werewolf…wait, that last part is true, the point is they said yes!”

    This time Sally and Jacque squealed in unison. “Oh come on, surround sound squeals? REALLY?” Jen whined. “You two are not invited when I go hottie hunting,” she growled at them.

    Sally and Jacque relinquished their squeals to turn and look at Jen. “Did you just say hottie hunting?” Sally asked her incredulously

    Jen turned her chin indignantly. “Spot on, Sherlock.”

    “Just checking. I want to be completely clear on what I should say to your new beau when you finally nab him,” Sally teased. “Something along the lines of, 'Hey Don Juan, did Jen tell you about her hottie hunting days back in the day, as in a couple of days ago back in the day?'”

    “My sweet Sally, the point is you just admitted that I will be successful in nabbing a new beau, hence the hottie hunting will undoubtedly work. Ding ding ding, I win,” Jen chimed.

    Jacque rolled her eyes at her two best friends. “I’m thinking your parents aren’t considering it a hardship to have you two go to Romania. I don’t know, just a hunch.”

    Sally glanced at her phone and saw that it was 12:15. “We've got to head if we want to make it on time.”

    Sally and Jen each grabbed a bag and headed for the stairs with Jacque following.

    “Wolf-man, we are heading your way, hope you’re ready for this,” Jacque sent to Fane.

    “I have been ready for you since I laid I eyes on you. Be safe, I will see you shortly.” Fane sent the words with a caress that caused Jacque to shiver.

    As they pulled out of the driveway, Jacque leaned her head back against the head rest, closed her eyes, and pictured Fane’s face, her future.

    Chapter 2

    Across two state lines in Denver, Colorado, Dillon Jacobs paced the floor of his office. The Alpha of the Denver pack was flipping through photos that Logan, his Beta, had taken of the daughter he hadn’t even known existed until recently. He was struck with the fact that life as he knew it was irrevocably changed. Word had traveled fast in the Canis Lupis world that Vasile, one of the strongest Alphas of the Grey Wolves was in the States, not only in the States, but specifically in Coldspring, Texas. Coldspring just happened to be the town where Lilly Pierce lived, the woman whom he would have married had he not been a wolf who could only have one mate, the one nature choose for him. Not that Dillon didn’t love his mate beyond words, but Lilly had been his first love. The loss had faded over the years, but the memories were still there, packed away in the recesses of his mind gathering dust. Until now.

    As soon as he had heard about the Alpha Vasile being there, he had sent Logan to find out what had caused him to travel so far from home. Dillon had been in shock when Logan called to tell him that Lilly had a daughter, and that she was seventeen years old. It had been seventeen years since Dillon had last laid eyes on Lilly Pierce. Seventeen years since he had found his mate and packed his bags only leaving Lilly a note to say goodbye. It was the coward's way out, but he hadn’t known how he could face her knowing he was going to rip out both their hearts. He had told Lilly that the day might come when he would have no choice but to leave. That hadn’t make it any easier. The irrevocable proof though, was in the pictures. Lilly’s daughter was the spitting image of himself. Dillon was not a large man, standing at 5’11”, 190lbs. He was broad across the shoulders, as most Canis Lupis are, which was only enhanced by his narrow waist and the snug fitting tee shirts he often favored.

    With auburn hair that had subtle waves in it and the same piercing green eyes as the girl in the photos, he could no more deny her than he could deny his reflection in the mirror. His face was more angular than the girl's, who Logan had said was named Jacquelyn, whose face was softer and rounder. He did see traces of Lilly here and there. Jacque had her mother’s mischievous smile, and though her eye color matched his, they held the humor in them he so often had seen in Lilly. Like her mother she was as striking as she was beautiful. He thought momentarily on the fact that Lilly had named their daughter after Dillon’s grandmother. Though Lilly had never met his grandmother, he had talked of her often, sharing with Lilly what an impact she had in raising him. He couldn’t take credit for his quick wit and often wicked tongue that was all Grandma Jacquelyn.

    “Your daughter is to be bonded to Vasile’s son,” Logan told him, snapping him out of his brief jaunt down memory lane. The dry indifference in his Beta’s voice did not reveal if he cared one way or the other. Dillon turned to look at him, wanting to confirm that his body language matched his words. Logan was as serious and severe looking as ever. At 6’1”, 250lbs of muscle, Logan was an intimidating being. He too was broad across the chest, had a narrow waist, and it was apparent in his snug black fatigues he had muscular legs. His dark brown hair he wore longer than most of Dillon’s wolves, nearly touching his shoulders, but much of the time he had it pulled back. He had high cheek bones, a slightly crooked nose from being broken many times in his long life, and Dillon had heard more than one woman say Logan's lips were made for sin, whatever that meant.

    “She is still a minor, how could Vasile even consider allowing them to mate?” Dillon thought out loud.

    “Fane, the Alpha’s son, had to compete in a challenge against another Alpha who was trying to claim Jacque. Perhaps it is Vasile’s way of keeping his son from having to fight others from claiming your daughter,” Logan offered

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