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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(9) by Quinn Loftis
  • When Jen didn’t hear Jacque respond with a snarky come back she knew something was seriously wrong.

    “Jacque, are you with us?” Jen asked. There was still no answer.

    Then Sally spoke up. “Ms. Pierce, are you okay?”

    “I hit my head pretty hard but otherwise I'm good,” Lilly answered. She looked over at Jacque in the passenger seat and saw that she was unconscious, very pale and had blood trickling down her face. Lilly sucked in a deep breath and let it out slow as she reached over, hand shaking, to check for a pulse and although she could feel one she didn’t think it was as strong as it should be.

    Just then they all jumped as a loud popping sound erupted, drawing their attention to the front of the car. The engine was on fire and the flames seemed to be growing hotter and getting taller.

    “Ok, so I’m thinking that’s not a good thing,” Jen said, her voice quivering despite her resolve to hold it together.

    “Jen, I must say your powers of observation astound me,” Sally said dryly.

    “Dammit girls, neither of you are helping with the smart ass remarks,” Lilly growled, which was completely out of character for her. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for,” she told them.

    “It’s okay Ms. P. Not many of us handle being burned alive very well, it’s a little traumatic,” Jen said, trying to lighten the mood, “Okay, here is what we are going to do.” Jen started taking charge, realizing that Lilly was going into shock and Sally was, well, being Sally. “Ms. P, I need you to get your seat belt off and crawl to the back seat to climb out because the fire is going to keep you from climbing out the front. Sally, you need to get your seat belt off as well and crawl out your window. I’m going to crawl to the front next to Jacque and help get her turned so we can slide her out of her window. Sally I need you to go around and pull her from the outside.”

    “But what about the fire? We will get burned. How will we slide her? What if her neck is broken? You aren’t supposed to move someone who might have a spinal injury. What, OWWW HOLY CRAP! What was that for, you psycho cow?” Sally screamed as she placed a hand across the cheek Jen had just slapped.

    “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, MAN! Do what I tell you. We can’t worry about her spine because it won’t matter if she burns to death, dammit!” Jen yelled, snapping Sally out of her spaz attack.

    “Okay, okay. I’m good. I just needed a minute to lose it but I’m good now,” Sally said as she began to climb out the passenger side window. Lilly was also making her way to the back seat to climb out the window. She didn’t say anything, she was moving on auto pilot, numb from shock. Once Sally and Lilly had made it out and Sally was going around the back of the SUV, Jen began to climb to the front of the vehicle.

    “Jacque babe, you with me?” Jen asked gently, pushing Jacque’s fallen hair from her face. Jacque didn’t respond. “Okay, chickadee, here is what’s going to happen.” Jen was talking to Jacque as if she were conscious because it was the only way she could keep from falling apart. She couldn’t believe this was happening, couldn’t believe that her spunky friend was lying limp, all spark gone out of her. “I’m going to grab you under your arms and turn you so your legs are facing the passenger window, then Sally is going to grab your legs and help me drag your ass out of this royally screwed SUV. Do you hear me, Jacque? You have to be okay, you have to be because someone has to argue with me, and tell me when I’m being a pervert. Jacque, Fane will go crazy without you and we both know how much damage a crazy ass werewolf can do.” Jen continued to talk out loud to Jacque as she began to reach around her, sliding her right hand behind her back and underneath her right armpit. She then slid her left arm under Jacque’s left armpit, and bracing her back against the side of the driver’s seat to gain leverage, she lifted and began to turn Jacque’s body. “Holy crap, your little frame is deceiving, hoss. Did you hear that, Jacque? I basically just called you a fat ass, so wake up and chew me out already!” There was nothing but silence to answer Jen’s monologue. Sally was trying to get close enough to grab Jacque's legs but the flames from the engine kept jumping out. Sally almost felt like they were alive and determined to keep her friends trapped in the burning tomb.

    “Jen, what do I do? The flames are going to burn all of us if we pull her out,” Sally yelled over the roaring fire.

    Jen was wracking her brain for ideas, knowing time was running short. “Hey Sally, is there water anywhere in that ditch?” Jen asked, remembering that it had recently rained. She watched as Sally took off at a run. As Sally ran, Jen temporarily let go of her burden and stripped off her shirt. Good thing she had decided to go with a sports bra today. Then as gently as she could, which wasn’t very, but crap the car was on fire, she pulled Jacque’s jacket off.

    Sally was back, winded. “Yes, there’s water.” She was bent over, hands on her knees, gasping with all the smoke swirling around.

    Jen threw her shirt and Jacque’s jacket at Sally. “Take off your shirt and take these and get them wet, then put your shirt back on and then throw me these two back. We will cover Jacque’s body in them to protect as much of her as possible as we pull her out.”

    “What about you?” Sally worried

    “DAMMIT SALLY JUST GO!” Jen hated yelling at her but she had to keep her focused, she was also beginning to realize that she cursed a whole lot more when she was under pressure. Oh well, could be worse, Jen thought.

    Sally was back, dripping wet in her shirt. She threw the jacket and shirt to Jen and did her best to cover Jacque. She figured her face and stomach, where there were vital organs, would be the most important which left Jacques arms partially bear and her legs completely uncovered, but it couldn’t be helped. Jen once again got her arms underneath Jacque’s armpits and lifted. Sally grabbed Jacque's legs and on Jen’s count of three Sally pulled and Jen pushed. With strength that neither could have ever dreamed they got Jacque’s limp form moving forward out of the window. Jen saw the flames leap forward and scorch Jacque’s legs. She figured this would wake her friend up but Jacque never stirred. Finally, Jacque's upper body was making it through the window which put Jen directly in the line of fire, literally. Jen felt the flames on her bare skin and couldn’t help the scream that forced itself from her lungs. The flames hitting her skin acted like a whip slashing her forward into motion. She heaved with all her might, lunging forward, but just before she could get her and Jacque far enough from the flaming SUV, there was a huge boom, a flash of light, searing pain, and then Jen saw no more.

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