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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(23) by Quinn Loftis
  • "It will all work out, Alpha," Logan told him in an unusual display of emotion.

    Dillon nodded his head once in acknowledgment of his Beta's words. There was a small part of him that felt that something was off with Logan but he just shook it off. Logan was his most faithful wolf and he'd never given Dillon a reason to doubt his trust.

    "I'm calling it a night. We need to leave here at 9:15 in the morning so make sure everyone is ready," Dillon instructed Logan.

    "As you say, Alpha," Logan responded. He watched his Alpha walk towards the room he was staying in until the door closed behind him. Logan told the other wolves that he was going to go get something to drink, they didn't question him. Why would they, he was second to the Alpha. In reality he needed to finalize his plan. He was going to have to make sure that Jacque wasn't conscious when he took her because she would be able to alert the pup who was trying to claim her. Much to his surprise, when he had contacted the Coldspring pack and sniffed around to find out which members were still loyal to their dead Alpha, he had discovered that the doctor treating Jacque was Lucas Steele's sister. And wouldn't you know it the dear old doc was very forthcoming about her anger towards Vasile and his pup, so upset in fact, she offered her assistance. Things could not be going better. Doctor Cynthia Steele was going to come in and check on Jacque during his guard shift and give her and Jen extra doses of morphine. He also assumed that the third girl, Sally, he thought he remembered them calling her, would be in the room. The only way to keep her knocked out without chemical use would be to use a pressure point in the neck to keep her unconscious. She would wake with a horrendous headache but it was better than having to harm her to keep her subdued.

    Next, he had to procure transportation and a place to take her. That was what he was going to do tonight. Once again the Coldspring pack was willing to accommodate this for him as well, and thanks to a few disgruntled wolves who were angry at the death of their Alpha, they had offered up their assistance. One of the wolves, he didn't know his name, he didn't want to know names, was giving him a car and once again Dr. Steele stepped up and loaned him the use of her ski lodge in Colorado. He thought that would work out well because he figured once they knew what had happened they would never think he would take her back to his home state. The tricky part was going to be keeping Jacque from knowing where they were so she couldn't send Fane any clues. Until he had bonded with her and done the blood rites she would have that mental connection with Fane.

    The wolf loaning him the car was going to meet him at the back of the hotel to give him the keys. He had parked the car in the hospital parking lot closest to the ER. The plan to get Jacque out was simple. Dr. Steele would transport her on a stretcher to a side door that physicians used right next to the ER. Since there was always commotion late at night in the Emergency Room, no one would notice a doctor wheeling a gurney out the side. Logan would pull the car right up and slip her inside. If things continued as they were he would be on his way to Colorado with his mate in tow in no time. He smiled to himself, quite impressed with his ability to plan all of this on his own.

    He walked out the back exit to the hotel and, true to his word, the wolf waited with the keys.

    "It's a tan Ford Escape, so it won't stand out. I parked right where you told me to," he told Logan.

    "Thank you, I appreciate all of your help." Logan's voice was full of truth, he really was appreciative. Without the Coldspring pack's help this endeavor would have been much more difficult.

    "We are just glad that the Romanian mongrel isn't going to get to keep our Alpha's chosen mate. We want him to suffer for taking our Alpha from us." The wolf's voice was dripping with malice.

    Logan didn't want to linger here so he thanked the wolf again and then headed back to his room. As he entered the suite, he saw that the others had turned in already. He decided to take a quick shower since he didn't figure he would get another one for a couple of days.

    As he laid down in his bed, the crisp hotel sheets itchy against his skin, he couldn't get comfortable. He had a feeling it had nothing to do with the itchy sheets and more to do with his conscience. He shut the door tight in his mind, not daring to examine the black spot that this choice was placing on his soul. His wolf approved of what the man was doing and that was enough. They both knew that Jacque would be better off with a mate who could protect her, one with experience. Logan closed his eyes, trying once more to fall asleep, but it eluded him for many hours into the night.

    Dillon woke to the sound of his phone alarm going off. He reached over to the bedside table and picked it up to cancel the alarm. He took a deep breath, sat up, and rubbed his hand across his face, trying to dislodge the sleep from his brain. Standing up, he stretched and grinned. Today he would meet his daughter for the first time. He was scared out of his mind, but he was happy as well. He took a quick shower, shaved and dressed quickly in plain Levi's, a black t-shirt, and black boots. When he emerged from his room he saw that all of his pack were up and dressed and ready to go.

    He looked at his watch and saw it was 9:15 on the dot. "Let's head out," he told them and headed for the door. Logan and the other wolves fell in line and followed Dillon out.

    Once in the car and on their way to the hospital, Dillon turned to Logan. "I made a decision while I was getting ready this morning."

    Logan nodded his head in encouragement for Dillon to continue.

    "I've decided that after I've introduced myself and spent a little bit of time with Jacque, I will announce my Alpha rights and let Lilly know my intentions to take Lilly to her true pack. The shit is going to hit the fan, so be ready. Dr. Steele is going to make sure security is ready if need be."

    "We will be ready," Logan assured his Alpha.

    Chapter 14

    Fane watched as Jacquelyn sat fidgeting in her hospital bed. Her skin was healing so fast and it was itching like crazy. So on top of being nervous about meeting her father in just a matter of minutes she was also itching like she had a bad case of fleas.

    "Are you okay, Jacquelyn?" Fane asked her.

    Jacquelyn looked at him sheepishly. "Just nervous and itching. My skin is healing so fast and the scabs are driving me crazy."

    "Do you want me to see if they can give you something for the itching?" he asked her.

    "No wolf-man, anything they give me will probably make me sleepy. I will just have to deal."

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