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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(24) by Quinn Loftis
  • Fane and Jacque turned their heads at the sound of a growl from a human throat. The sound was coming from Jen. She was rubbing her back vigorously against the wall. She actually looked like a horse scratching itself against a tree. Jacque thought about pointing this out, but held her tongue when Jen started spewing expletives.

    "I feel like my skin is crawling with little ants it itches soooooo bad!" Jen ground out as she continued to attempt to assuage the itching by rubbing her back against the wall. Sally opened her mouth to say something but promptly shut it when Jen's head whipped around. "One word, one word Sally Michelle and so help me you will have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life for fear that I will steal all your dolls and make them do unholy things, take pictures, and then put them on your Facebook page with the caption 'I still play with dolls'.” Jen was breathing hard after her rant.

    "Jacque, I think we should tie her up when she spends the night with us, just to be on the safe side," Sally told Jacque dryly.

    "Word," Jacque answered, using the slang she and her two best friends were so fond of.

    "I think I would have to agree with your sentiment, Sally," Fane added.

    "Watch it, Cujo. Just because you're hot doesn't mean I won't retaliate," Jen growled, still trying to allay the itching of her healing skin.

    "Wolf," Fane muttered, as Jacque patted his hand, "I'm a bloody wolf."

    The door to the room swung open and Decebel walked in and froze. He stopped cold at the sight of Jen growling and rubbing against the wall. She looked at him and nearly snarled. "Do you not know how to knock? And what the hell are you staring at? Haven't you ever seen a girl being groped by a wall before?"

    "Not one who was so obviously enjoying it," Decebel answered without inflection.

    Sally looked at Decebel, shaking her head from side to side. "The safest road at this point is to maintain neutral, in a non-threatening stance, and for the love of all humanity do not engage the beast. Just keep your mouth closed."

    "Right, well I just came to get you and Jen and take you to another room so that Jacque can visit with her father," he told Sally.

    "He's here?" Jacque squeaked.

    Decebel looked at her and nodded. "He is on his way up now." He turned back to Jen and Sally and simply said, "Come."

    Sally began to follow. Jen, of course, could not be that cooperative. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I miss something? Am I wearing a dog tag that indicates I should be walking on all fours and responding when a big grumpy ass werewolf tells me to come?"

    Decebel turned and growled, "One of these days your mouth is going to write a check that your cute little ass can't cash." Decebel thought this would render her speechless but he should have known better.

    "Oh, don't worry fur ball, I plan to be writing that check out in your name." With that she winked at him and hobbled past a dumbfounded Decebel, IV pole and all.

    Sally turned and patted Decebel on the arm. "Good try, chief, but you are sparring with a master in her craft, and didn't we just discuss not provoking the beast? Geeze, try to save someone's life and they just throw it out the window," Sally continued to mutter as she walked past Decebel, her hands in the air as if to show her surrender to another's stupidity. "I'm done, finished, and if you hairy, testosterone filled, egotistical, snarling, drooling, flea infested werewolves want Jen to neuter you in your sleep than far be it from me to stand in your way."

    Decebel turned and looked at Jacque. "Your friends have issues. Serious issues."

    "You have no idea," Jacque said, shaking her head as Decebel turned to follow her two best friends out. "Good luck with that," she hollered before the door closed.

    "Well, that was interesting," Jacque told Fane.

    "Interesting definitely, but something is up with Decebel and he isn't exactly the most forthcoming wolf. Figuring it out is going to be like trying to figure out who shot Kennedy."

    Jacque looked at Fane and grinned, "You know about Kennedy?"

    He laughed, "Why wouldn't I?"

    "You're from Romania," Jacque said with a 'duh' look.

    "Like I told you, I studied American history. My parents wanted me to know more than just Romanian history."

    "I guess that once we are in Romania and start school, I will learn all about Romanian history?" Jacque asked him.

    "You will learn a lot about Romanian history as it pertains to the pack. It is a lot of information, but important since you will one day be the Alpha female."

    "Ugh, don't remind me, it really freaks me out," she whined.

    "My silly Luna, you are going to make an amazing Alpha. Don’t doubt that." Fane leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

    "Mmm, there is not enough of that going on lately," she teased him.

    "Yes, well, I didn't think you wanted to give Jen free entertainment."

    "How right you are wolf-man," Jacque joked.

    There was a knock at the door causing Jacque to sit up straighter. Fane stood up and walked to the door to open it. Before he did he turned and looked at Jacquelyn. "You ready, love?"

    "You are with me, so yeah, I'm ready."

    "Always, meu inimă (my heart)."

    "Oh, and Fane?" Jacque started.


    "Try not to kill my father, okay?"

    Fane's eyes glowed blue and he growled low.

    "Stop it, wolf-man, answer the door." She laughed at him, thankful for the brief distraction.

    Fane opened the door and a man stepped in. He wasn't nearly as tall as Fane, but he had broad shoulders, red, wavy hair the same color as Jacque's, and he had the same piercing green eyes. Fane felt like he was looking at the male version of his mate, he had to admit it was a little creepy.

    The man held out a hand to Fane politely. "You must be Fane Lupei. I'm Dillon Jacobs, Jacque's father."

    Fane took Dillon's hand and shook it. "I am Fane, Jacquelyn's mate," Fane told him without looking away from the Alpha wolf's eyes.

    Jacque realized that neither of them was going to relinquish before the other, she had to step in before one of them did something stupid. So she cleared her throat. Okay, it wasn't much but she figured telling the two Alphas to get their heads out of their butts wouldn't go over real well.

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