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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(27) by Quinn Loftis
  • Fane turned to Jacque and leaned down to kiss her. "I will find out what is going on, love. Will you be okay?"

    "I'm fine, Fane. Go, do what you need to but then come back to me." She kissed him gently and smiled into his blue eyes. Fane gave her hand one last gentle squeeze and then turned to follow Vasile out of the room.

    Logan stepped up to Jacque's bed and held out his hand. "Jacque, I am Logan, it's so nice to meet you."

    Jacque smiled politely but her words were tense. "It's nice to meet you as well." Jacque had barely gotten the words out when they heard a loud growl and things being slammed about outside of the hospital room door. Jacque started to get up. "What the hell is that."

    Decebel got to her before Logan could touch her. "Jacque, stay here please. Logan and I will be right outside to see what is going on."

    "Okay, please make sure Fane is okay. He is blocking his thoughts," Jacque told him.

    Decebel nodded and then turned back to Jen and Sally. "You two stay put."

    "Once again I am reminded that I should be wearing a collar that says 'if found please call the bossy werewolf who thinks he is my owner at 1-800-butt-head'," Jen said sarcastically.

    All three girls heard Decebel mutter under his breath, "Little, mouthy smart ass." As he followed Logan out of the room and into the hall, it was a complete wreck. Chairs had been thrown, glass in the family area broken, Fane had gone crazy. Decebel turned to Logan. "If anything happens to any of those girls, you will die by my hand after I have declawed and neutered you."

    "I will protect them," was Logan's only response.

    "HE CAN'T HAVE HER!" Fane yelled. His voice had gone guttural, his wolf pushing to take over. His claws had pushed through his fingers and his eyes were glowing wolf blue. His canines had begun to elongate.

    "Fane, STOP!" Vasile growled at him.

    Vasile had taken him down to the Emergency Room and was using one of the family holding areas to talk to his son. Alina and Lilly had gone with them.

    "Ea apartine cu mine, cu ranita noastra (She belongs with me, with our pack.)," Fane pleaded with his Alpha.

    "It's pack law, Fane. I cannot stop him."

    "ARRGGGHHH!" Fane slammed his fist into the wall, punching a huge whole. "Nu ma intereseaza despre ranita legea, ce ti-ai legii. Ea este colega mea, sufletul meu si ma intrebi pe mine sa mearga intr-o parte din ei (I don't care about pack law, about your law. She is my mate, my soul and you ask me to walk away from her)." Fane grabbed a chair and threw it across the room, shattering the glass windows. He didn't even pause before a ripped the television out of the wall and threw it out the window, following the chair to its fate.

    "Fane este de ajuns (Fane that is enough)." Vasile's power flowed over the room, driving Fane to his knees. Fane's shoulders slumped in defeat, his head hung. His hands were balled into fists, the claws that had begun to shift digging into his hands, cutting deep.

    "What would you do if it was mama?" Fane's voice was so low that Vasile only heard it because of his wolf hearing.

    "I would kill anything and anyone who kept her from me," Vasile admitted. "But Jacque is not in any danger, and it's not for forever, it's just two months and then you can complete the bond and blood rites." Vasile knew he was asking the impossible, he wouldn't want to be separated from his mate for even two days let alone two months, but Fane and Jacque were both still minors and not bonded. By pack law, Jacque's father had every right to do what he was asking. What could Vasile do?

    "You can be with her during the day, but he asks that you don’t spend the night with her," Vasile told him, trying to speak as calm as possible, knowing he was prodding an already angry beast.

    "El solicită? Vrei să spui că ţi-a spus, Alpha la cel mai mare pachet de lupi gri din lume, el vi sa poruncit, că nu am putut sta cu partenerul meu pe timp de noapte? (He asks? Do you mean he told you, Alpha to the largest pack of Grey wolves in the world, he commanded you, that I could not stay with MY mate at night?)" Fane growled.

    "Înţeleg că sunteţi supăraţi, am înţeles sunteţi doare, dar eu sunt încă în stadiul alpha-ul tău, vă va prezenta la mine, Fane. (I understand you are angry, I understand you are hurting, but I am still your Alpha, you will submit to me, Fane). You know I will not let anything happen to Jacque, trust me. If not as your Alpha, then as your father."

    After a few moments of silence Fane finally stood up and looked at his father. "I don't know if I can do that. You ask too much, Dillon Jacobs asks too much. I may not be the Pack Alpha of the Romanian Greys, but I'm more dominant than Jacobs.He will not take what is mine. I'm sorry, Alpha, but in this I cannot obey." Fane didn't wait for his father to respond as he turned and left the waiting area, headed back to Jacquelyn's room.

    Jen and Sally came over and climbed onto Jacque's bed. "You got anything coming in on your reception, Jac?" Jen asked her.

    "If you mean is Fane talking to me, then no, he's blocking his thoughts. I am getting intense anger, though. Whatever it is, Fane is royally pissed off," she answered.

    "No pun intended, but" Jen laughed, "get it? Royally pissed, cuz he's a prince…anyone, no… no takers? Okay then."

    Sally patted her on the leg. "Any other time, I would have totally given you props, but a werewolf just nearly tore the hospital apart, so right now props are all on hold."

    "Noted." Jen clicked her tongue and winked in acknowledgment to Sally's statement.

    Jacque was beginning to get a little panicked over the fact that Fane would not respond to her through their bond. What could be making him so mad?

    "This is ridiculous," Jen grumbled as she began to rise off the bed and trudged slowly toward the room door, her IV pole in tow. She pulled it open and stuck out her head. Decebel was standing to the left of the door in his usual pose, arms across his chest, looking for all the world like he would be happy to rip someone's arms off given the chance. Be that as it may, Jen had to take two seconds, okay, maybe three to acknowledge that the man had a nice chest. Not an option, she told herself and decided that would have to be her mantra when she was around Decebel.

    "Is there something wrong, Jen?" he asked her in an annoyingly calm voice.

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