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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(46) by Quinn Loftis
  • "No, my father and I think Dr. Steele sedated her because of the pain. If I could just get through to her..." Fane didn't finish as emotion washed over him. He closed his eyes, bowing his head and shut the world out as he pictured his mate's face in his mind. "Jacquelyn, can you hear me my love?" He waited, but still there was no response. For the second time since he met her she was beyond his reach, beyond his protection. The hole that was left in her place threatened to drag him into the darkness. He vowed then and there that whoever had taken her would die by his jaws.

    Chapter 26

    Logan rubbed his eyes as he tried to push away the sleep that threatened to take over. He looked at the clock and saw that they had been only been driving for 2 hours. His phone had started ringing about an hour after they left the hospital and continued to ring on and off for an hour. He knew who it was without checking the caller I.D. By now, Dillon and Vasile, along with the others, were probably trying to piece together the events of the night that lead to the disappearance of Fane's mate. They might be a little confused by Dr. Steele's absence and he wondered how long it would be before Vasile decided to question her pack.

    "We need to stop soon so I can check Jacque's IV. she probably needs another dose of sedative," Cynthia told him.

    Just then, Jacque began to stir, letting out a painful sounding moan. Logan pulled the SUV over immediately, he couldn't risk Jacque reaching out to Fane. He had heard from Dillon that she and Fane were able to share their thoughts and although that might have deterred another wolf, Logan knew if he completed the Blood Rites with Jacque that bond with Fane would be broken. Or at least that's what he believed.

    He watched as Dr. Steele got out of the vehicle and opened the back door where Jacque lay. While she administered more of the sedative, Logan was weighing his options on whether they should continue traveling by car, or if he should charter a small plane once they got to Dallas. He had his pilot's license and as long as he could find a plane to rent he would be able to get them to Colorado much faster.

    Cynthia checked Jacque's pulse and respirations, making sure everything was within normal limits. Once she was satisfied that Jacque was settled and the sedative was working, she shut the door and climbed back into the passenger seat.

    "So, do you have a plan for between here and Denver?" she asked Logan.

    "As a matter of fact I've just decided that it would be better for us to fly rather than drive all the way to Colorado."

    "Fly?" Cynthia asked.

    "Yeah, I have my pilot's license, so once we get to Dallas we are nearly there already, just another hour and a half. I'll just rent a plane and we will fly the rest of the way. Is there any open land where your cabin is where I could land a small plane?" he asked her.

    "There actually is an open field near the cabin."

    "Excellent." Logan once again felt like things were working in his favor. He couldn't help but think that maybe this was fate because of how well things were going for him.

    Cynthia sat back in her seat and closed her eyes, not wanting to encourage Logan to engage her in conversation. She was here for Jacque and that was all. Once Jacque was well she was getting the heck out of dodge.

    "Vasile I'm ready to get out of this joint," Jen told him as she sat on her bed. "I mean, seriously, my skin is just really pink, no more blisters. I've already called my parents and told them that they are releasing me and Jacque, so now I just need you to work your werewolf mojo and get me released."

    Decebel coughed, attempting to cover a laugh. Jen glared at him. "What are you laughing at, exactly?"

    "I just don't understand where you learned to talk like that," Decebel told her honestly.

    "It's a gift. Now quit laughing at me."

    "As you say, Jennifer, so shall it be," Decebel told her, his eyes never wavering from hers.

    Jen's breath caught as she noticed his gold eyes begin to glow. She turned away abruptly, needing to put distance between her and the wolf who was constantly ruffling her feathers.

    "I will see what I can do about getting you released, Jen, if you think you are ready," Vasile told her.

    "I'm sure. We've got plans to make. We can't be just sitting up here twiddling our-"

    "JEN!" Sally abruptly cut her off.

    "What? Twiddling our thumbs. Thumbs, Sally. Where is your mind?"Jen asked her with a wicked twinkle in her eyes. Much to Jen's delight, Sally's face turned bright red.

    "You might not want to mess with me, Jen. I've got the goods on you. So go on and rub me the wrong way, I dare you, and we all get to be serenaded by a highly inebriated Jennifer Adams," Sally threatened.

    "What are you talking about, Sally?" Jen asked and there was actually worry etched across her face.

    "Sally, maybe this isn't the best time," Decebel started but was quickly cut off by Jen.

    "This doesn't concern you, Cujo," she snapped.

    Decebel growled.

    "Actually, it kind of does concern him since he was the object of your affection during your little performance."

    Jen's face was beginning to turn a shade of red that Sally swore she'd never seen on her best friend, ever. She decided maybe Decebel was right and that she needed to save this ammunition for another time. "Jen, let's just call a truce, okay?"

    "Fine, I'll let it go. For now," Jen relented.

    Sally let out a deep breath, thankful to dodge that bullet.

    Several hours later, they were all walking into Lilly Pierce's house, each looking thoroughly defeated.

    "I can't believe how long it takes to get discharged from the hospital. I was beginning to think that at any moment they were going to tell each of you that you had to cough up a kidney before they would let me leave. I mean, seriously," Jen complained.

    Everyone automatically made their way to the living room, all taking seats wherever they landed. Lilly looked at Vasile. "What now? I just feel like we should be doing something."

    Vasile acknowledged Lilly's comment with a nod and then turned to the Denver pack Alpha. "Dillon, at this point is it safe to say that there is a possibility that your Beta is involved?"

    "As much as I don't want that to be the case, the fact that he disappeared at the same time as Jacque and won't answer my calls is not boding well for his innocence," Dillon admitted.

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