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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(47) by Quinn Loftis
  • "What about Dr. Steele?" Fane's voice was no longer his own as his wolf pushed for dominance.

    "I think it's time to pay the Coldspring pack a visit and see if they know anything." Vasile looked at Fane, understanding filled his eyes. "Dillon, Decebel, and Fane will go with me to meet with them. I'll call the Alpha and arrange it. Skender, Boain and Sorin, you will stay here."

    Fane watched his father step out of the room to make the call to the Coldspring Alpha. For what felt like the thousandth time he reached out to Jacquelyn and still there was nothing. He felt like his skin was too tight, and that at any moment his wolf was going to take over. He knew he could keep his wolf under control if he could just do something, take some sort of action to find their mate. This sitting and waiting the wolf didn't understand. He wanted to hunt the one who would dare to take what belonged to them. Vasile came back into the room, bringing Fane back to the present.

    "We will meet them in twenty minutes at their pack head quarters," Vasile announced.

    Alina met Vasile at the door as the wolves began to file out. "Please be careful."

    "I will, Mina. I will also do whatever I need to get any information that will help us find Jacque."

    "I would expect nothing less, Alpha." She leaned into his embrace and found comfort in his strength.

    Jen and Sally stood at the door, watching as the men piled into Vasile's SUV. Jen was startled when Decebel appeared at her side, she didn't realize he hadn't left the house yet. As he passed her he paused briefly and leaned close to her ear, "We have much to discuss about your little escapade, Jennifer."

    Jen's jaw dropped open but she quickly caught herself and shouted after him, "A lady never kisses and tells, Decebel."

    That earned her a glare from him and a high five from Sally. "Nice one, Jen."

    "I know, right?" Jen winked at Decebel as he continued to glare at her while getting into the vehicle.

    "Sally, please tell me I didn't say the things I'm beginning to remember saying to him when I was tipsy."

    "Okay, you didn't say those things," Sally obliged.

    "I said them and I walked out of the bathroom naked in front of him, didn't I?" Jen's face was full of the mortification that she knew would be even worse when she had to face Decebel again.

    "Butt freaking naked," Sally confirmed.


    "I would say you're in deep," Sally agreed.

    As Vasile pulled out of the driveway, Jen and Sally turned, closing the door behind them and Jen pointed a finger at Sorin. "Sorin! Where have you been, my man?"

    "I've been around. You might say I've been working behind the scenes."

    "Oooh, covert ops, sweet." Sally rolled her eyes at her best friend. Jen never could stay down for long.

    Vasile pulled into the driveway of the Coldspring pack's head quarters. He had explained on the way that he would be the one to ask the questions and he wanted everyone else to remain silent. Well, his exact words were 'keep your damn muzzles shut', but who's being technical. They all exited the SUV and followed Vasile to the door. It opened before they could knock and Vasile recognized the wolf as the new Alpha he had appointed after Fane had won the challenge between him and their former Alpha.

    "Vasile, I invite you and yours to come in. Be welcome." The Coldspring Alpha's words were a formal greeting that promised Vasile's pack's safety while in their territory.

    "Jeff Stone, Alpha of the Coldspring pack, we accept your invitation and acknowledge your promise of peace, matching it with our own," Vasile responded just as formally.

    Jeff stepped aside to allow the wolves to enter, then shut the door behind them. Vasile noted the sparseness of decoration and the lack of warmth that he had grown accustomed to in his own pack headquarters. They followed as Jeff led them down a hall. No pictures adorned the walls, which where a pale gray in color. He opened a door and ushered them into a room that appeared to be a meeting place. There were two couches arranged across from one another and several wing back chairs set on either side of the couches, forming a circle.

    "Please be seated." Jeff took a seat first, willing to submit to Vasile's dominance over him. All the other wolves took various seats and Vasile was last to finally relinquish.

    "We come to you with grave news regarding my son's mate," Vasile announced to the Alpha. "I need to know if you or any members of your pack are involved."

    Jeff moved forward in his seat, straightening his back, indicating to Vasile he had his full attention.

    Vasile continued, "Jacque was taken from the hospital last night where she had been recovering from a car accident. It appears that one of Dillon's wolves, he is Jacque's father and Alpha of the Denver pack, is involved."

    "I'm sorry to hear this, but why would you think my pack would be involved?" Jeff asked.

    "Dr. Steele was the physician treating Jacque."

    Jeff's eyes widened at the news and it was apparent to Vasile that he had not been aware of this information.

    "Cynthia has not been around the pack since Lucas fell. Do you think she is involved in Jacque's disappearance?"

    "I think there are members of your pack who harbor anger towards Fane for taking their Alpha and I can only imagine the hurt that Dr. Steele must be enduring at the loss of her brother. It would make sense for Logan, Dillon's wolf, to seek out help from wolves that would do anything to take from Fane what their Alpha had failed to do."

    Jeff didn't respond for several minutes, the lack of focus in his eyes making it evident he was lost in thought. Finally he spoke, but not to Vasile. His eyes settled on Fane. "I know of four wolves that are loyal to Lucas even now. I have had to force their obedience on more than one occasion."

    Fane didn't hesitate. "Call them now. I will not wait any longer to get the information I need to find my mate."

    "Give me five minutes."

    Fane nodded, acknowledging the Alpha's request. The fact that Jeff would even seek Fane's approval revealed who the dominant wolf was between the two.

    True to his word, Jeff returned five minutes later. "They are on their way. I told them it was a pack meeting. They do not know of your presence."

    "That was wise," Vasile agreed.

    Twenty minutes later the four wolves Jeff had called sat before Vasile, unable to move before the Alpha's power. Fane's growl as he stood beside his father had the wolves baring their necks in submission, although it was evident they did not want to.

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