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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(49) by Quinn Loftis
  • "Still easily remedied, we will do it both ways," Logan said, complete confidence in his voice.

    The rest of the ride was spent in silence. Cynthia worried about Jacque and how Logan had practically salivated at the idea of Jacque taking his blood. Cynthia wasn't paying attention to the fact that she wasn't seeing any of the mountain ranges that outline the Colorado skyline.

    She was brought out of her stupor when she heard Logan on his phone.

    "Is it ready?" she heard him ask. "Good, we should be there in a few minutes."

    Realizing something wasn't right, Cynthia looked out her window and could tell by the landscape that they were not in Colorado.

    "What's going on, Logan?" she asked, her voice wavering, betraying how nervous she was.

    "Change of plans," was all she heard before everything went black.

    Logan looked over at Cynthia's slumped form, feeling a small pang of regret at having to cause her pain, but it was necessary. After he had decided to take her with him he realized that she could tell Jacque where they were and then Jacque could tell Fane. He wasn't about to let her ruin all his hard work if she suddenly decided to have a conscience. So he had called one of his wolves, Sam, because he knew was loyal to him and wouldn't contact Dillon, and asked him to rent a cabin in the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri and send him the coordinates as well as find a place to land. His pack mate had done better than that. He had found a cabin with an empty field right next to it. Again, Logan felt like fate was intervening. He told Sam to get on a plane and fly to the airport nearest to his location, then to rent a car and, after getting groceries. to meet him at the cabin.

    As he closed in on the location of the field, he began his descent. He saw the cabin to the right of the field. As the wheels touched down to the earth, the plane bounced at the contact. Overall it wasn’t too bad a landing, Logan thought.

    Once the plane was fully stopped Logan jumped into action, not wanting Cynthia to wake up before he had her blindfolded and cuffed. He was still going to need her help with Jacque, so he figured he could allow her to be uncuffed under his supervision while she tended to her patient. He went around to the passenger side of the plane and opened the door. Cynthia's unconscious form tumbled out and he caught her just in time to keep her from hitting the hard ground. He grabbed a bag from the front floorboard and then headed in the direction he had seen the cabin.

    When he got to the door he remembered Sam had told him that the place that rented the cabins would put a key under the mat. Gingerly leaning down to move the mat aside without dropping the doctor, he saw the silver key. To his eyes it was a small trophy proclaiming his victory at having finally arrived at his destination with his soon to be mate.

    He stepped into the cabin, not bothering to look around, and hastily placed Cynthia on the first piece of furniture he saw. He reached into the bag he had brought in and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. He leaned her forward, pulling both arms behind her, and secured her wrists with the cuffs. Feeling like for now that would be enough, he headed back to the plane to get Jacque.

    Logan grabbed the IV bag and laid it on Jacque's stomach for the transfer from the plane to the cabin. He lowered one end of the gurney onto the ground and then pulled it forward until the front wheels were at the edge of the doorway. Stepping into the plane, he grabbed the front of the gurney and lowered it to the ground as well. Logan grabbed the rest of the bags that Cynthia had brought with her and shut the plane door. He began to push the gurney forward as fast as he could without toppling Jacque from it.

    Finally arriving at the front door of the cabin once more, Logan pushed the gurney into the cabin, and this time stopped abruptly, caught off guard by how open it was. The roof was pitched and rose at least thirty feet in the air. There was a loft across from the place where he stood that was open to look over into the main floor of the cabin. Below the loft there was long hall and he could see several doors that he assumed led to bedrooms. To his left along the back wall was the kitchen, the cabinets done in beautiful cedar. There was an old fashion Dutch oven in the wall to the right, and on the island that stood in the middle of the kitchen was a flat top stove. All of the appliances had matching cedar fronts that had to have been custom made. To his right he saw a huge rock fireplace and various chairs and a couch made out of cedar that appeared to have suede cushions, all forming a semicircle around the fireplace. There were blankets thrown across chairs and pillow stacked on the floor, making it obvious this was a place of comfort, to relax and push away the rest of the world. Logan's wolf rumbled in approval of the place he would call his den.

    Needing to figure out the best place to put the women, he walked down the hallway towards the various doors. Two of them were just regular square bedrooms, each had a bed made of cedar and a bedside table. In between those two rooms was a small bathroom. The third door on the left was the master bedroom, it was larger than the first two and Logan could see double doors that opened into a spacious bathroom. Finally he walked into the door across from the master bedroom and stepped into an inviting space that appeared to be a library/study. There were shelves that lined the left side of the wall all the way across, filled with books of various sizes and colors. In the middle of the room was a fluffy rug that, at a second glance, he realized was a bear's pelt. Surrounding the rug were several cedar chairs with plump cushions and blankets thrown across their backs. On the furthest wall from the door was a beautiful cedar desk with a credenza with shelves that had lighting built into them. This was where he would put Jacque and Cynthia. They would be comfortable in here, and the best part was there were no windows in this room.

    Logan went back into the living area and picked Cynthia back up. He carried her to the library and set her in one of the cedar chairs. Then he went and picked Jacque up off her gurney and placed her in one of the chairs that was more the size of a love seat. As he began to leave the room, he heard Cynthia moan and turned to see she was waking up. She moaned and tried to move her arms, her eyes snapped open as she realized they were stuck behind her. Looking around wildly, trying to get her bearings, her eyes landed on Logan.

    "What have you done, Logan?"

    "I couldn't have you telling Jacque where we were if you suddenly decided you couldn't go through with the choice you had made. So I decided it would be best not to go to your cabin. I regret having to cuff you, but until I can put a lock on the outside of this door you will have to say that way."

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