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  • Blood Rites(Grey Wolves #2)(64) by Quinn Loftis
  • Fane dropped the lifeless form and threw his head back and howled. Jacque flinched as the other five wolves and even Decebel in his human form howled in victory with him. As the howls died down Jacque added her own howl, but hers was out of pain as once again she doubled over. Only this time the pain was too much. She held her breath and felt tears seep from her eyes just before she passed out.

    Chapter 33

    Fane was back in his human form as soon as he heard Jacquelyn's pain-filled scream. He rushed to her side just as she lost consciousness. Taking in the bruises on her face and the teeth marks on her neck, he nearly lost his barely contained control. He reached for her body, pulling her up into his arms, and stood. He turned to look at his father who was still in his wolf form. "No matter Dr. Steele's part in this, right now we need her. We need to know how to fix my Luna."

    Vasile gave a small snort and Fane took that to mean that his father would not take any action towards the doctor…yet.

    As Fane, Decebel, and the five wolves approached the vehicle his gaze locked with Lilly's. She rushed forward as tears ran down her cheeks, sinking to the ground as Fane lowered Jacquelyn's body. He helped Lilly lay Jacquelyn's head in her lap and then quickly took a pair of sweatpants his mother was handing out for each of the wolves to put on.

    "Okay, girls. They are all decent," Alina announced.

    Jen and Sally came around from the other side of the vehicle and rushed to Jacquelyn's side. Both girls were crying as they looked their friend over, making sure she was really alive and really here. It took everything in Fane to keep from taking her from Lilly and holding her close to him so he could assure himself and his wolf that she was safe.

    Fane turned to his father as Vasile approached. "We need Dr. Steele awake."

    "I will force her to phase once we are back at the hotel. Then she can tell us what we need to do to make Jacque well."

    Fane watched as one of the wolves that had phased back and was now wearing a pair of sweats approached Lilly. Fane couldn't help the low growl that came from his chest. Dillon Jacobs looked up at the sound of the growl. "She's my daughter, too."

    "I understand that. Do not touch her while you check on her. I know that you want to make sure she is okay, but no male is to touch her." Fane's voice was lethal as he issued the order.

    Dillon nodded in acknowledgment of Fane's request as he knelt down next to Lilly.

    Vasile gave everyone a few more minutes before he announced they needed to be getting back to the hotel.

    "Dillon," Vasile said, turning to face the other Alpha. "You may come back to the hotel but I would ask that your other wolves stay away. Fane will not be comfortable with other wolves around Jacque right now. As it is, he is on the verge of losing it."

    Dillon agreed to this and told him that he would meet them at the hotel after he dropped his wolves off.

    Fane went over to Lilly and knelt down. "Can I take her, Lilly?"

    Lilly watched as Fane shook with the need to be close to his mate. Lilly gently lifted Jacque's head so Fane could slip his arm underneath it, and his other arm came under her knees as he stood up with her. He carried her to the SUV, not waiting for anyone else, and climbed in with her in his lap. He looked down at her face, brushing hair away from her once-pale cheek now marred with a bruise, and reached for her mind.

    " Meu inimă, can you hear me?" Fane continued to run his fingers across her cheek as he waited for her response.

    "It hurts, Fane." Jacquelyn's voice was soft in his mind.

    "We are going to make you better. Can you open your eyes for me, love?"

    He watched as slowly her eyes began to flutter and then open. He sheltered her with his large body, not wanting anyone else to see she was awake, needing a few moments of her all to himself. He leaned forward and kissed her lips gently and whispered, "Don’t move right now, just let me look at you."

    "Someone would have to pry me from your arms, Fane," she whispered back with a small smile, which quickly turned to a grimace as her body throbbed.

    Fane's heart clenched as he watched pain fill her eyes, hating that he could do nothing for her.

    "Just rest, my love."

    Jacquelyn closed her eyes and Fane pulled her close to his body, sharing his heat with her.

    Just as they had arrived at the woods in silence, their trip back to the hotel was just as quiet.

    Alina laid a blanket over Cynthia Steele's wolf form lying on one of the hotel beds. Vasile, Fane, and Lilly stood over her as they watched her begin to phase back to her human skin. Jen and Sally sat on the other bed next to Jacque's supine form and Decebel leaned against the back wall, his arms folded over his chest, looking even more ominous if that were possible.

    Cynthia blinked several times as her eyes opened. She didn't know where she was, she just knew she was no longer in the woods, and she was alive.

    "Cynthia Steele, we need your help," she heard a voice say to her.

    She began to sit up. Her arm and leg that had been broken healed during her phase but they remained stiff and still ached. She felt the warm fabric against her skin. Realizing it was a blanket that covered her very bare self, she clutched it to her as she sat up fully to look at the room full of faces staring holes into her. She began to recognize the faces and then everything that had happened came rushing in.

    "Where is Jacque? Is she okay? Is Logan still alive?" Questions flowed from her mouth like water from a faucet as her eyes darted from person to person.

    It was Fane who answered her. "Jacque is alive but in severe pain. Please tell me how to heal her."

    "She needs blood," Cynthia told him.

    "She has already had blood." Fane's voice was deadly. "Logan forced his blood on her, she is not better."

    "Not just anyone's blood, Fane. She needs your blood, the blood of her mate."

    Fane stepped towards the bed as hope began to inch its way into his heart.

    "You're sure?" he asked.

    "Scientifically, no, I'm not. But Fane, we are werewolves, science cannot explain us. In my gut I know it is your blood she needs. I don’t think one bite will do it since she has gone so long and her body has slowly been attacking itself. She will probably have to bite you several times over the period of a few days."

    Fane turned to his mother. "Get her some clothes, please."

    Alina brought Cynthia some sweatpants and a shirt and all the males stepped out of the room. Lilly and Alina helped Cynthia dress. Although her broken bones had mended when she phased, her body was still very stiff and sore. Nobody spoke as Cynthia dressed. Alina opened the doors and let the wolves back in. Fane walked over to Jacquelyn's side and stared down at her in silence. Everybody in the room waited, watching to see what he would do. Fane made a decision.

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