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  • Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6)(62) by Quinn Loftis
  • “Luna,” he pulled her face up to look at him. “Tell me what to do. Please, I don’t know what to do.”

    Jacque stared into his glowing blue eyes as she felt the beat of his heart against her chest. He wiped the tears gently from her cheeks and kissed her slowly. When he pulled back, he saw that her eyes were glowing as well. “Sing to me,” she whispered.

    He brushed the red curls from her face as he stared into her eyes and began to sing the song he had shared with her on the night before his battle with Lucas, and night that now seemed so very long ago. His eyes softened when she ran her fingers across his lips as he sung.

    As his rich, deep voice reached into the broken parts of her soul, Jacque grabbed onto his words like a lifeline. She ran her hands across his shoulders and chest, following the touch with her kiss. Fane’s words trembled slightly as she pushed him on his back and laid her body over his. She laid her head on his chest and tried to melt into his touch as he ran the tips of his fingers from her shoulders to the backs of her thighs. She took comfort in the touch that she knew so well. She pushed away her pain and fear and latched onto the feeling of hands that knew her better than she knew herself and a man who loved her more than any other ever could.

    The room was quiet when the song ended. Fane continued to caress her skin wherever he could reach and kissed her hair as he breathed in her scent.


    “Yes love.”

    “We’ll get through this,” Jacque made it a statement, needing to hear herself say the words out loud.

    “Together,” he agreed.

    He rolled her over quickly yet smoothly until she lay beneath him. He stared down into her eyes, as his fingers brushed gently against her jaw. He leaned down, kissed her, and groaned when she yielded to him instantly. Jacque opened her mouth and welcomed the deep kiss as his tongue explored her. She pulled back and smiled at the surprised look on his face.

    “You told me touch was healing to wolves, that it brought comfort and security,” she told him.

    He nodded.

    “I need healing, comfort, and security Fane,” she whispered, against his skin as she kissed his neck, shoulders, and chest in between each word. She pushed his hands, showing him through their bond where she wanted them to be. Fane’s chest rumbled as he felt her need and was surprised when he realized it was every bit as great as his own.

    “You need me, my touch, my kiss, my love,” he hovered over her, looking down at her face and body.

    There was a time when Jacque would have blushed under his gaze, but not now, not when Fane had shown her just how completely a male loved his female in their world.

    “I do,” she agreed.

    “Good,” Fane growled, as he lowered his body to hers.

    No more words were needed as they clung to one another. Fane met her every need and Jacque took greedily from him, knowing that it pleased him to provide for her in any way, whether it be physical or emotional. She let go completely, knowing that he would always provide for her, always protect her and always love her.

    “Always,” she heard his whisper in her mind and felt the certainty of it in his touch as he made love to her.

    Chapter 18

    “Okay people, so we’ve reached the part in the story that is considered the calm before the storm. Everyone is getting in their “I love yous” and “goodbyes” and blah, blah, blahs because they know that all hell is about to break lose. It’s all very touching, but honestly, it’s time to put on our big girl panties, and I do mean that literally, and batten down the hatches because hurricane Mona is heading our way people. So get your butts out of your mate’s beds, yours truly included, and bring the rain.” ~ Jen

    Lilly, Cypher, Thalion, and his warriors gathered around the fire. The night was chilly and the knowledge of what was to come only made the cold harder to endure. Cypher and the elf warriors had been able to kill some rabbits for dinner. Though it wasn’t the most filling meal, it was enough. When they were done eating, Cypher pulled Lilly over into his lap where he sat leaning against a tree. She snuggled into his chest and tried not to worry about her daughter, or Mona, or Cypher, or anything else she had no control over.

    “What’s she like?” Cypher asked.

    Lilly tilted her head up to look at him. She smiled warmly. “She’s the best person I know.”

    Lilly knew he was asking about Jacque and it warmed her heart that he wanted to know about the most important person in her life.

    “She is full of life. She’s got a smart mouth on her; she’s stubborn, beautiful, and loves with her whole heart.”

    “Sounds like someone I know,” Cypher told her, as he kissed her forehead.

    “We’re alike in a lot of ways,” Lilly agreed. “But, she’s better than I am and I’m glad for that. No parent wants their child to inherit their faults or make their mistakes.”

    “What mistakes have you made Lilly? What deep secrets does your heart hold?”

    Lilly considered whether she should tell him about Dillon, about how Jacque came to be a part of this world.

    “Haven’t you wondered how it is that Jacque is mated to a werewolf?” She asked him.

    He nodded. “Yes, I’ve wondered, but I figured you would tell me when you were ready.” He paused. “Are you ready?”

    She shrugged. “It’s not like we have anything better to do.”

    Cypher tightened his hold on her and kissed her neck, “I love hearing your voice, but I’m sure I can find something to do that I would love just as equally as listening to you.”

    Lilly laughed. “I’m sure you could.”

    “Sooo,” he prompted.

    “I fell in love when I was young. He was handsome, fun, and not human. Within days of meeting him, my heart was his. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always possessed what I considered to be some sort of sixth sense. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I just feel like I know something about a person and that was how I felt about Dillon. I knew something was very different about him. When I confronted him about it, he told me what he was. At first, I was a little freaked, but then I saw that he was still the man I loved. What I was not prepared for was when he told me that I was not his true mate.”

    “How were you together if you weren’t his mate?” Cypher asked, gruffly.

    “He loved me. He told me that there was a possibility that one day he would meet his true mate and if he did, he would have no choice but to go, that his soul would cry out for her. At the time, I didn’t care; I just wanted to be with him. Time went on, things were good, and then the impossible happened. I got pregnant. Canis lupuses have a very hard time conceiving with each other, to conceive with a human was unheard of. As soon as I found out, I rushed home to tell him. I walked in, ready to share the good news, only to find a note with my name on it and all traces of Dillon were gone.”

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