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  • Fate and Fury(Grey Wolves #6)(81) by Quinn Loftis
  • He shook his head and regained his bearings. He looked up and saw that the wolves were continuing their assault, one after another lunging, some making their mark, others being thrown back before they could reach her. Costin swung around when he felt a surge of power come barreling past him.

    Decebel’s huge form ran straight for the witch. Her attention was focused elsewhere and so she didn’t realize that she had a new enemy until Decebel’s huge head was in her stomach, knocking her to the ground. He tried for her throat, but she blasted him off with a blast of wild force. Decebel landed on his back several feet away. He jumped to his feet, settling into a crouch, snarling, and circling her.

    Sally came bursting through the trees with Jen, Peri, and Rachel just behind her. She ran straight to Costin and ran her hands over him.

    “I’m fine brown eyes,” he reassured her.

    “I felt your heart stop.” Her hands trembled as they ran through his fur.

    “You saved me. Now, get back so that the witch doesn’t decide to notice you.”

    Sally started to step back but her eyes landed on Cypher. She turned to Rachel, whose eyes were on the King as well. Sally knew that Rachel felt the same pull she did to go to him, to help him. It’s what they were, they healed, and something in them could not stand to see someone in pain. They both started to slowly move towards him, trying not to draw Mona’s attention. Gavril and Costin inched in front of the two healers trying to block any attack.

    Peri’s hand shot up just as Mona turned and threw a spell at her. She blocked it and redirected it back at the witch. Peri reached into her pocket and pulled out two stones. She looked down in shock. She'd had all of them, how did she now only have two?

    Mona’s laugh broke through her confusion and she looked up. “Your, sister, my dear, really hates you,” Mona sneered. "What did you do to her Perizada?”

    Peri’s mouth dropped open and her head turned as Elle and Adam came rushing into the gathering circle. “Lorrelle?” Peri’s eyes filled with betrayal. Elle’s hand came up to cover her mouth and Adam looked just as confused and angry as Peri.

    “Yes, Lorrelle. She has been somewhat helpful to me in my endeavors, if not extremely annoying with all the boo-hooing about how you thought you were so much better than her. The truth is that you are better than her, Peri. You are much more powerful and she couldn’t stand it. So, if you are wondering where your precious stones are, you have your sister to thank.”

    Peri’s face morphed into anger as her form grew and her light surrounded her. Elle and Adam’s forms changed as well as they stepped forward and drew upon their own power. Alston came roaring through in his own Fae glory, throwing magic wildly at Mona. The other Fae joined in and Mona laughed as she danced out of the way and blocked shot after shot. The wolves began to regroup and circle the witch, trying to get a get chance to move in without getting hit by one of the flying magical bolts.

    Skender nudged Sorin, motioning with his muzzle toward the bulging opening. The veil was nearly open. Sorin raised his head and howled, calling out to Vasile. Mona whipped around and saw that Cypher was falling to the ground and as his body crumbled, the veil burst open. The air filled with a scream that had the wolves' eyes watering, as their ears nearly burst from the pain. A dark form flew from the veil. Before they could even get a good look at the figure, it exploded, a shiny arrow whistling through its midsection.

    Mona roared as she watched the first demon be destroyed. Her head whipped around to where the arrow had originated. She started moving in that direction, but was brought up short when the Fae formed a wall between her and the elves on that side of the circle. Another dark form burst forth and another, and then another.

    The demons were enormous. They began screaming, as wings sprouted from their backs. Misshapen heads attached to insect like bodies stared down with beady eyes at the fighting forms below them. Their mouths opened, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth and, as they started to scream again, arrows flew through the air. The scene erupted in a shower of green ichor, as not a demon remained standing. Mona’s face grew red with unrestrained fury as she shot spell after spell, trying to reach the elves through the wall of Fae. The elves continued to shoot down demons, as quickly as they burst forth from the opening.

    Sally and Rachel had fallen at Cypher’s side and immediately laid their hands on him. With the exception of one enormous gash, Rachel began healing the wounds on his arms while Sally used the light in her to call to his blood. She was literally pulling it back away from the veil, reversing the flow and pushing it back into his body, forcing it through the one cut that Rachel had left open. She didn’t know if it would work, but as she called the blood back, she willed his heart to pump.

    “Do not give up Cypher, your time isn’t over,” Sally whispered to his spirit, calling him back from the brink of death. “Your people need you, and your mate needs you. Do not leave at such a time as this.” She continued to call his blood and she felt Rachel add to her power, now that the wounds on his arms were healed, save one. Sally could feel herself growing weak and she felt Costin at her side helping to hold her up. She felt the pull of the evil reaching for the blood, needing all of it to keep the veil open, but Sally refused to give up.

    “YOU CAN NOT HAVE HIM!” She roared. She reached her hand out toward the blood still running in a river to the veil and she pulled, imaging herself grabbing the blood like a rope and yanking it back as hard as she could. She pulled with everything she had in her and pushed it into Cypher’s body. She watched as the blood moved towards her, faster and faster it flowed back into the King’s body. As soon as the last drop was gone the veil snapped closed, but not before, like a cannon, ten demons shot out.

    She collapsed onto Costin as she watched the evil soar above her like a swarm of massive hornets. The demons’ wings beat and their screams made her nauseated. She tried to keep her hand on Cypher to make sure his heart kept beating, but her energy was gone and the evil bearing down on her from the demons was too much. Darkness enveloped her.

    Thalion notched another arrow as he yelled. “Faster, they’re about to be on the move.” Just as he said it, three demons shot off like bullets. Thalion bolted after them. Two of his fastest warriors matched his speed as they chased down the demons. The elves knew that the demons would wreak havoc on the world should they escape. They drew closer and Thalion pushed his legs faster, feeling his muscles resist at the speed. But he would not give up; he would not let Cyn, nor his people, down.

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