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  • Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3)(12) by Quinn Loftis
  • All three girls stopped and allowed their eyes to adjust to the darkness. Then Jen took the lead and headed directly for the bar. Sorin picked up his pace and met her there at the same time.

    "Hey, Costin," Sorin addressed the bartender who was also a member of the pack. " Nu alcool pentru art.hot. trei musketeers. (No alcohol for the three musketeers)"

    Jen turned to Sorin. She raised an eyebrow and grinned wickedly. Sorin swallowed, not liking the look in the she-wolf's – no matter how dormant she was – eyes.

    Jen looked back at Costin and smiled warmly. "Hey, Costin. I've seen you around the mansion but I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm Jen, and these are my two best friends, Jacque and Sally." The girls smiled and waved at him.

    Costin winked at them, causing them to blush. That wink was all the encouragement Jen needed. She leaned closer over the bar and batted her eyes at the young wolf. "So, we've been wanting a night out to, ya know, relax. Surely you can help a girl out?"

    Costin smiled widely, then looked at Sorin who was dutifully trying to stare the wolf into submission. Much to Jen's amusement Costin winked at Sorin.

    "I don't think one small drink will hurt anything, Sorin."

    “We are eighteen, after all,” Jen helped.

    Sally raised her hand, "Well I'm no- "

    Jen slapped her hand down before she could finish. "Sally's older and hates being lumped in with us younger women," she covered while glaring at Sally, daring her to contradict her.

    Sally looked at Jacque, who simply shrugged her shoulders.

    Jen turned back to Costin, again smiling. " Unul deget mic a bea apoi atunci, dragoste? (One little drink then, love?)" she asked in nearly flawless Romanian.

    Sorin was shocked into silence, as were Sally and Jacque. Costin recovered the quickest and poured three shots of vodka. He turned and looked at Sorin.

    "Tu ai luat al tău chipeş plin, frate. (You have your hands full, brother.)," Costin told him with a grin.

    As each of the girls picked up a shot glass they clinked them with each other's.

    "Here's to hot Romanian wolves." Jen winked at the bartender, then downed the drink. All three girls coughed as the vodka burned their throats.

    Costin chuckled. "It gets easier with each glass," he told her as he poured them all another.

    Sorin growled in frustration. "Bloody hell, you better give me one of those. When Fane and Decebel skin me I want to be sedated a little."

    Costin chuckled again. "It'll be okay, old man. They just want to have a little fun, and they're safe. Everyone here knows that she, " he nodded in Jacque's direction, "is the Prince's mate. No one will mess with them."

    "It's not anyone messing with them that I'm worried about, Costin."

    Costin watched as Jen hooked her iPhone up to the speakers of his stereo on the side of the bar. She cranked up the volume. As the music poured out she began to dance around the room. He watched as her body swayed in perfect rhythm with the beat, all those in the room mesmerized by the blonde beauty.

    Costin looked back at Sorin. "You're going to need another one of these," he told him as he poured another shot. Then he poured himself one as all three girls began dancing around the room, picking different men to dance with.

    Sorin watched the girls closely. Although Costin was correct in that all the bar patrons knew who these girls were and none would dare try anything, he was still going to catch hell.

    An hour and a half later Sorin watched in absolute horror as Jen danced on the bar to some song about aliens.

    Sally laughed and clapped. "That's her theme song," she shouted over the noise.

    "What?" Jacque shouted back.

    "Remember how I told you about her getting drunk with that nurse in the hospital so that I could come see you in the ICU?" Sally asked.

    "Yeah, what's up with that? Was that really necessary?"

    "Okay, I will admit it wasn't our best plan, but that's not the point." Sally waved her off. "What I'm trying to explain is that after Jen's little escapade, I found her in the shower of the hospital room, singing at the top of her little inebriated lungs this Katy Perry song, only she replaced most of the words with werewolf terms. It was freaking hilarious. The best part?" She paused, eyebrows raised. "Decebel heard her!"

    "Shut up!" Jacque slapped her friend on the arm.

    "Didn't I tell you that part?" Sally asked.

    "Um, no. I think I would remember that. I remember you telling me she walked out of the bathroom naked and you had to give Decebel a heads up."

    "Oh, man. Now that was priceless. I don't know what he was saying but he was freaking out." Sally's words wound down as she let out a small sigh. "Man, good times."

    Both girls watched as Jen got her groove on. Guys all around the bar cheered her on. No one touched her, especially with Sorin glaring daggers. Costin would hand Jen a shot glass every now and then, but she was so gone at that point that she didn’t even realize he was just giving her Sprite.

    Sally's head jerked up when she heard Jacque swear.

    "What? What's wrong?" Sally asked, concerned as she watched panic fill Jacque's eyes.

    "He's on his way."

    Jacque and Sally both turned to look at Jen who was now cat crawling across the bar, her perilously low cut top threatening to give up all its secrets.

    Jacque's head snapped around as she felt her mate's power fill the room, and just behind him was a very large, very pissed off Decebel. Jacque looked back at Jen. Crap, she thought. He walked in just as one of the drunk patrons was got brave enough to stick a five dollar bill in the back pocket of her jeans. To his credit, he did it so carefully that his hand never made contact with her body. Pretty impressive, Jacque thought. She was abruptly pulled from her thoughts when the loud room was suddenly plunged into silence. Well, except for one drunk, singing Jennifer Adams. At this point she had busted out into "It Girl" by Jason Derulo.

    "Oh, brother. Here we go," Sally muttered under her breath.

    "You can be my it girl, baby you’re the sh- " Decebel stepped directly in front of Jen, effectively pushing the other males out of the way and cutting her off before she could continue.

    Jen looked around, realizing for the first time that the music had stopped. She looked back at Decebel, then over at her two friends. A big grin spread across her face when she saw Sally and Jacque.

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