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  • Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3)(25) by Quinn Loftis
  • Decebel chuckled. "You didn't think that something that walked on four legs would be able to waltz?"

    Jennifer grinned at him. Decebel could almost see the thoughts form in her mind.

    "Actually, when in your four legged form, waltzing would be rather similar to you in your two legged form. Only, you wouldn't need a partner because you'd already have plenty of legs." Jen couldn't help the giggles that bubbled out at her own little joke. Decebel growled at her, but it was only half-hearted.

    Their banter was cut off by another shout. "Switch!"

    "Beta, may I cut in?" Costin, the wolf from the bar, stood next to a now frozen Jen and Decebel.

    Decebel abruptly let go of Jennifer. "Of course." He nodded to the other wolf and walked off without a backward glance.

    Jen watched as Decebel walked away and then looked at Costin.

    "What crawled up his knickers?" she wondered out loud as she once again assumed the dancing stance.

    "Aw, he's just a little sore that I stepped in. He doesn't share his things well."

    Jen glared at Costin. "I am not one of his things," she ground out.

    Costin chuckled but covered it quickly with a cough. "Of course you're not."

    The rest of the lesson was spent switching partners periodically. All the while, Decebel kept his eyes glued on Jen and whomever she happened to be dancing with.

    "So, how do you feel about this whole Gathering thing?" Crina asked Jen.

    After the dancing lesson ended, the five girls had all gone in search of hot chocolate and were now gathered around the dining room table.

    "Honestly," Jen paused as she took a sip of her hot chocolate, "I'm kind of looking forward to it. It's something to take my mind off of other, I would like to say unsavory things, but mother of pearl if he isn't the most savory fur ball this side of anywhere."

    "Girl has got it bad," Jacque told Crina and Mariana.

    "Decebel is hot, no doubt," Crina agreed.

    Jen's head snapped around and a growl came from somewhere inside her.

    Crina held her hands up in surrender. "Whoa, I'm not infringing on your wolf." She bared her neck to Jen and something inside her settled. It was freaking weird.

    Jen shook her head, attempting to clear out the haze that filled her mind.

    "Sorry about that. I don't know what that was but it was, man, I don't know what."

    Mariana spoke for the first time."It was you claiming what's yours."

    "But there are no mating signs.”

    "Here we go," Sally threw in.

    Jacque nodded in agreement. "Once you get her wound up it's like watching the energizer bunny. Y'all better get comfortable."

    "What if they just haven't appeared yet because you are a dormant?" Mariana offered.

    Jen propped her elbows on the table and then put her face in her hands. "I've thought of that. But seriously, it's been several months since we met and in those several months I was in a major car crash and burned, found out I had werewolf blood, moved to a new country, oh and turned eighteen. You would think that something in there would trigger, well, something."

    "But it did," Mariana told her. "It triggered interest on both your parts, didn't it?"

    Jen thought about her words.

    "When did you really start to notice Decebel?" Crina asked.

    "After I woke up from the coma. He came into my room to check on me. Which was bizarre, to say the least. I remember thinking 'wow, that is yummy'."

    Sally laughed. "She practically had to wear a bib around him she drooled so much."

    "Sally, how's that election coming for mayor?"

    Jacque looked puzzled. "What?"

    Sally shook her head. "Don't mind her. She's lacking in brain cells lately because they've been fried by hormonal overload."

    Jen rolled her eyes and made a "W" sign with her fingers while mouthing, "whatever".

    Mariana looked at her watch. "Well, it's getting late so I guess we should head out. Look for us at Mate Fest and we'll hang out. Us wallflowers need to stick together."

    Jen smiled. "Sounds like a plan. It was really nice to meet both of you."

    Sally and Jacque piped in their agreement and said goodbye as the two other females left the dining room.

    "I guess we should call it a night," Jacque said, downing the last of her hot chocolate. "One day left before we head into the testosterone-coated hills of Transylvania."

    All three girls rinsed their cups and headed to their rooms.

    Jen had just reached her door when she felt it. Someone was watching her. There was no doubt in her mind who it was. She turned to see Decebel standing at the other end of the hall, staring at her. Neither moved for several minutes. Then he started walking towards her.

    Jen didn't know whether to go into her room, run, or stand frozen and quite possibly pass out from lack of oxygen. His long strides ate up the distance between them quicker than she would have thought possible and suddenly, he was there – less than a foot away from her.

    She couldn't speak. All she could do was stare into those amazing amber eyes.

    Decebel closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Once again he detected that small bite of cinnamon in her scent.

    "Jennifer," he whispered.

    "Uh-huh," was all Jen could manage.

    Decebel's right hand came up and pushed her long blond hair back away from her face and neck. He leaned forward and placed his nose against her neck, just below her ear, and took another deep breath. Jen seriously thought she was going to pass out. This cannot be happening. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure she was really awake. When Decebel pulled back, she saw that his amber eyes were now glowing.

    "I don't know what's going on between us, ţinere de meu inimă," Decebel told her, his voice husky. "I will tell you it scares me."

    "Scares you? How can anything scare you?"

    Decebel chuckled as he gently cupped her face, his thumb tenderly caressing her jaw line. "There is much you don't know about me, Jennifer, much about my past that has shaped who I am today." He paused as he watched her. "I can't stay away from you, and now our blasted Alpha has made me your protector."

    "And you don't want to be my protector," Jen interrupted with a whisper.

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