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  • Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3)(37) by Quinn Loftis
  • "I'll never admit it." She winked at him.

    He squeezed her hips one time with his strong hands and looked into her eyes. "You will not doubt at any moment my intentions or interest in you. Are we clear?"

    "Crystal," she said absently as she watched his amber eyes begin to glow. It took everything in her not to grab the front of his shirt and pull his lips to hers. Decebel must have seen it written all over her face. He lifted one eyebrow in a silent challenge. She wouldn't be the one to make the first move, not with her wolf. Decebel chuckled, and much to her disappointment dropped his hands and stepped back.

    "I suppose I should escort you back to your room," he told her as he once again tucked her hand into his arm and began walking down the steps.

    Jen grinned. "You don't want to go back and dance?"

    Decebel looked at her from the corner of his eye. "I think we've both endured enough for the night. Don't you, micul meu lup?"

    "Oh, come on, B. Surely you aren't one to run away from a little excitement?" she taunted.

    "Being close to you is quite enough excitement for me, I assure you."

    Jen blushed. Okay, that is just going to have to stop. I am not some fainting violet, she growled in her mind.

    Decebel chuckled as if he could hear her inner monologue. The crazy thing was that she wanted him to hear her inner dialogue as bad as she wanted him to finally pull her to him and kiss her senseless. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, Jen laughed at herself.

    Decebel dropped her off at her door, but before he left he pulled her to him, wrapping her up in a snug embrace. He tucked his head into her neck and took a deep breath. She let out a contented sigh. If this was what Jacque experienced when Fane held her, she didn't know how she ever let him let her go.

    "Are you planning on taking a shower tonight?" he asked her, taking her completely off guard.

    "Moving a little fast, aren't we?"

    Decebel actually blushed. "I'm being selfish and a little underhanded, actually," he explained.

    "And what does me taking a shower have to do with it?"

    "Have you noticed how much Fane touches Jacque? Especially before they were bonded?"

    "How could we not? They were attached at the hip. Well, when she wasn't being fought over or abducted, that is."

    "Remember, we aren't human, Jennifer. When I touch you, because there is a certain amount of attraction between us, and because my wolf has claimed you, I leave my scent on you. It's kind of like a calling card to other males. I hugged you that close to put as much of my scent on you as possible without," he cleared his throat before finishing, "getting more physical."

    Jen made an "ahh" motion with her mouth. Then her head cocked to the side. "Do I leave a scent on you?"

    Decebel grinned. "Like my own personal perfume," he teased.

    "So you want to know if I'm going to take a shower because it will wash your scent off?"

    "That's correct."

    "I really would like to," she admitted reluctantly, because truth be told she liked the idea of having Decebel's scent surrounding her.

    Decebel released her. He placed two fingers under her chin and lifted her face to look at him. "Then I will come see you early before we go down for breakfast. We can't be seen as being overly interested in one another. Although Vasile understands, the other Alphas do not."

    "Gotchya. So I'll see you in the morning, then?"

    Decebel nodded. "Sleep well, Jennifer," he told her as he raised his hand and gently ran his thumb across her lips, almost as if he were imagining what they would feel like if he kissed her. She wanted to dare him to find out but instead she smirked. Fat chance, that.

    Decebel smiled as he left her staring after him like a love struck teenager. "That's what you are, dummy," she muttered as she turned and went into her room.

    Sally and Jacque were lounging on her bed. No surprise there.

    "Spill the goods, Jen. Where have you been and why do you have that goofy ass grin nearly splitting your face open?" Jacque quipped.

    Chapter 16

    Jen spun in a circle. "I'm basking in the glow. Don't ruin my buzz."

    Sally sat up. "You've been with Decebel," she accused.

    "Been working on your sleuthing, Watson?" Jen asked with raised eyebrows.

    "Not really. There's just nothing, or anyone, who could make you look so smitten."

    Jen began undressing, not even caring that she had company. She was the immodest one and they were used to it.

    "Decebel told me he wants me and that his wolf has claimed me as his mate," she threw out there without any warning.

    This time it was Jacque who sat up abruptly. "Just like that? No 'hey, want to see a movie?' or 'I'm thinking we might have some intense mojo going on'? Just bam," Jacque smacked her hands together, "you're my mate?"

    Jen grabbed a pair of boxers and t-shirt. She figured she wasn't going to get a shower until she spilled every detail to these two – not that she hadn't once demanded the same of Jacque.

    "I think we both just don't want to play any games. Well, not ones that are going to hurt us. You know I'm still going to make him work for it, but at least we both know where we stand."

    "So what else did he say?" Sally asked eagerly.

    Jen proceeded to go over – verbatim, she might add – her and Decebel's conversation. Jacque and Sally hung on every word.

    "So did he kiss you?" Jacque asked.

    "No," Jen's face fell, " he put his hands on my hips and pulled me close. And bloody hell, Jacque, you could have helped a sister out and prepared me."

    Jacque grinned. "It's good, isn't it?"

    Jen smiled wistfully. "Better than eating Godiva chocolate and watching Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt while taking a hot bubble bath. Which, yes, I have done…all of the above…at the same time."

    Sally laughed, "Only you would chance putting a television so near a bathtub."

    "We all have our vices, Sal," Jen said unrepentantly.

    "So the verdict is basically y'all are going to pursue this behind the Alphas' backs." Jacque more stated than asked.

    "I just love a good scandal." Jen beamed.

    "Especially when you're right in the middle," Sally added.

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