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  • Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3)(40) by Quinn Loftis
  • "Did you just use the word procure?" Jen asked incredulously, the hint of a smirk across her lips.

    "Jennifer." Decebel's voice was deathly low.

    Jen unconsciously took a step back at the glowing eyes boring into hers. "It's not a big deal, B. Nobody came in while we were in here. I don't see why you're giving me grief."

    Decebel chuckled. It was not a good sound.

    "Not a big deal. Right. Well, maybe you can explain why I just had to run twenty wolves away from those doors. Who, I might add, were recording your little performance on their phones. So tell me again how it's not a big deal." Decebel was once again moving towards her.

    Jen continued to back up until the backs of her legs hit the foldaway bleachers. She nearly fell back on her butt, but caught herself with one hand. Irritated with her clumsiness and the slight fear she felt at being stalked by Decebel and his eerie calm, she reverted back to the “gives a rats ass” Jen. Call it a defense mechanism, but it helped her keep her cool.

    "Only twenty?" she asked as she cocked her hip to the side and propped her hand on it. "I would've thought that little dance would pull in quite a bit more." She made a show of looking thoughtful, tapping her chin with her finger. "Hmm, maybe we needed a bit more hip action. Although, I don't think we were giving it our best. It'll definitely be better when we do it for real."

    Decebel growled and took a final step closer. They were less than a foot apart. Jen still had her hand propped on her hip, but now she was having to lean back a bit to look up at his nearly painfully gorgeous face.

    "I hate to be the one to break it to you, baby, but you will not be performing that little number for anyone. Ever."

    Jen's eyes narrowed. "I have a feeling one day I'll change your mind about that. By the way, don't think that calling me baby will help you get away with being a pushy, furry dictator."

    "Look, I know girls don't understand how guys' brains work." He actually looked bashful as he continued. "I'm over a century old and my brain still works that way. Guys don't just see hot chicks doing a hot dance."

    "What else could they possibly see?" Jen asked, revealing just how innocent she was despite all her big talk.

    "When you dance like that, and look at them like you were...they – we," he corrected, "see it as an invitation."

    Jen couldn't stop the disbelieving laugh that emerged. "Man, you guys really are messed up in the head if that’s what you get from a dance and cheer that's actually insulting towards unmated males. Which, if they listened to the words, they would understand."

    Decebel grabbed her hand and tugged her to him. He wrapped his arms around her and inhaled her scent deep into his lungs.

    "You already stand out with your beautiful blonde hair, long legs, and stunning eyes. Could you please not draw more attention to yourself?" he pleaded.

    "You left out one of my best attributes," Jen began but Decebel cut her off.

    "Jennifer." His voice was a growl.

    Jen laughed. "You just outed yourself, wolf."

    Decebel couldn't stop the grin that spread across his face. Only she could calm him and make him forget he was even angry.

    "I'm going to take you back to your room and I want you to stay there until I come for you in the morning."

    Jen stepped out of the shelter of his arms. She rolled her eyes. "Fine, geez. Always cramping my style."

    Decebel walked her back to her room. Right before she went inside, he stopped her with a hand on her arm. He leaned in close and Jen's breathing quickened. He skimmed his nose against her neck, causing a shudder to ripple through Jen's body. He pulled back and said the last thing Jen ever expected.

    "As much as I hate for you to take another shower now that you bear my scent, it would be best. Apparently your little dance made you hot."

    Jen grinned wickedly. "If it got me hot, it most certainly got you -"

    Decebel laid a finger against her lips. He shook his head, letting her know he knew exactly what she'd been about to say.

    "Keeping your words in check is becoming a full time job," he teased. She stuck her tongue out in response, bringing a chuckle from him. "Sleep well," he told her as he turned to go.

    Jen blushed heatedly as she began to push the door to her room open, but before he got too far she muttered, "Wouldn't be such a hard job if my mouth were busy with other things." She knew with his wolf hearing he would hear her.

    Decebel didn't turn around. "Look forward to scenting – I mean seeing you in the morning, Jennifer."

    Jen quickly closed the door. Grinning as she leaned back, she said out loud, "You are seriously poking the beast, Jen. And if I were a betting girl I would say you want to get bit." She laughed breathlessly. "That about sums it up, Sherlock." She shook her head and once again headed for the shower.

    Cynthia's head rose at the sudden knocking on her door. She looked at her watch and wondered who would visit her at midnight. She got up and opened the door to find Sally on the other side.

    "Sally." Cynthia didn't hide the surprise in her voice. "Is everything alright?"

    "Yes," Sally said initially, but quickly recanted. "Well, honestly, I don't know. Can I talk to you for a minute? I realize it's late." She couldn't stop wringing her hands and shifting from one foot to the other.

    The girl's behavior did not go unnoticed by the doctor.

    "Sure. Come on in." Sally scuttled through the door and Cynthia shut it softly. "So, what brings you here at this hour?" she asked, though not unkindly.

    "It's about Jen and Decebel..." Sally started.

    "Ah, yes. The celebrities of the ball," Cynthia joked.

    Sally smiled. "You can always count on Jen to either make an entrance or an exit. One of them will always be epic."

    Cynthia waited patiently for Sally to continue.

    "After Jen left the dance, Decebel followed her and they talked."

    "Only talked?" Cynthia's eyebrows lifted as she leaned forward.

    Sally nodded. "Yeah, there was no funny business. Contrary to her appearance and big talk, Jen actually has high standards when it comes to being physical in a relationship."

    Cynthia had to admit she was surprised. Jen's mouth often suggested otherwise.

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