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  • Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3)(57) by Quinn Loftis
  • "By all means, Jen, I just find out I'm some sort of rare commodity, but please let us plan the demise of some perverted Canis lupis." Sally rolled her eyes at her snarky best friend.

    "Outstanding." Jen nodded. "So, catnip. As I was saying, that rocks mega boulders, but where can we get some? It says here that it's commonly found in Europe. And we just happen to be in Europe. Coincidence?"

    "Yes," Sally interrupted.

    "I think not," Jen continued, undaunted. "Cynthia, I have a mission for you should you choose to accept it."

    "Oh, brother," Jacque muttered.

    "Let me guess. You want me to hunt down some catnip and figure out how to make the concoction?"

    "Preferably something liquid so we can spike their drinks," Jen said absently.

    Cynthia sat in silence, contemplating the ramifications of being party to Jen's little scheme. She wasn't going to lie and say she was above such pettiness, because honestly, she wanted to get those little punks for thinking they mess with their females. Vasile was most assuredly going to be pissed, but then again she was already in the proverbial dog house so what the hell.

    "Okay, I'm in." She clapped her hands eagerly, feeling younger than she had in a long time.

    Jen winked. "I love it when a plan begins to come together, especially one that involves strip poker, bonfires, and naked werewolves. Really, what more could a woman want?"

    Sally groaned as she slumped back in her chair. "This is going to be a disaster, I can feel it."

    Jen's head snapped around to Cynthia. "Can gypsy girl over there tell the future?"

    "No, they aren't clairvoyant."

    "In that case, no, Sally. What you are feeling is the exuberant joy that comes from being a participant in one of the life-changing Jen experiences."

    "Oh, is that what that is? I thought it was gas," Sally said wryly.

    Ignoring Sally's remark, Jen addressed Cynthia once again. "So you've got operation phase-freeze. It's," Jen looked at her watch, "nine o'clock now. We're going to need to test it before the op commences, so we need it to be ready by tomorrow night."

    "When are you planning to have this little party?" Cynthia asked.

    "Day after tomorrow. Fane mentioned to Jacque that the Alphas and their mates are having a private dinner then. With them distracted, I think it will be the most opportune time to get our revenge."

    "Okay," Cynthia said, standing. "I'm going to head out and see if I can't sniff out some catnip outside the estate grounds. You girls try to stay under the radar."

    "Will do, doc-a-roo." Jen gave her a thumbs up and left the office.

    Sally looked back at Cynthia, who smiled. "Don't worry, Sally. I'll do some research on the gypsy healers, and you and I will figure this out."

    Sally returned the smile. "Thanks, doc. I appreciate it."

    Chapter 23

    "So the Beta has been taken out of the picture," Damion told his four pack mates. "That means the blonde won't be as protected."

    "You really think she could be your mate?" Vilim asked.

    He narrowed his eyes. "I don’t know. I know that if she is, I'm going to rip your hands off for touching her the way you did during the training.

    "Like you wouldn't have taken the opportunity," Vilim accused. "It's not like they were easy to avoid. She's rather well endowed, in case you hadn't noticed."

    "Just keep your hands to yourself from now on," Damion growled

    "Yes, Beta," he conceded reluctantly.

    "Thad didn't say he was going to punish us for the video?" Sava asked.

    Damion shook his head. "He said he didn't feel like we did anything but show our interest in the Romanian females. None of those females in the video are mated. That makes them up for grabs."

    Marianna knocked on Jen's door and waited, looking around nervously. She'd gotten the information Jen asked for, although she had to make it appear that the girls weren't mad, but actually flattered by the attention from the video showing.

    The door opened and Sally smiled at her. "How'd it go?" she asked.

    Marianna walked in to find Jen, Jacque, Crina, and Costin all on the floor with paper spread out, holding markers. The only word she saw just at a glance was party.

    She held up a piece of paper she had been holding and smiled. "Got the names."

    Jen jumped up. "I knew you could do it!"

    Marianna grinned, glad to have been helpful in some way. She was surprised at how much the Americans had started to grow on her. She felt a sadness settle over her at that thought, but quickly shook it off as Jen read the names out loud.

    "So, Costin. You’re a guy,"

    "I'm glad you noticed." Costin grinned.

    Jen rolled her eyes. "Do you know who these guys are? Other than Damion and Adrian, we met them already."

    He growled. "They're all Serbian pack. Damion is the Beta. Vilim is the wolf who..." Costin paused uncomfortably.

    "Got a handful," Jen added helpfully.

    "You do have a way with words, Jen. I know what all of them look like."

    "Perfect," Jen breathed out. "Now, to invite them out to play."

    "That shouldn't be hard," Costin told her. "They're always together."

    "We could talk to them at breakfast tomorrow," Crina offered.

    "Good call, she-wolf," Jen praised, then looked down at the floor. "I think we've got enough fliers. Let's call it a night."

    They all let out a collective breath.

    "Oh, come on. Y'all act like I've just made you sign your souls over or something."

    "Might as well have," Jacque muttered.

    "I heard that, Jacque Pierce. Oh, and remember not to let your fur ball slip in and pick your brain, or our plan will go to sh -"

    "I've got this, Jen," Jacque interrupted as she headed to the door.

    Jen held up her hands and took a step back. "Alright, I know when to back off."

    "Since when?" Sally's mouth quirked up at her.

    Jen gave her the finger and started gathering up the scattered fliers. Everyone filed out one by one, muttering good nights.

    Costin was pulling the door closed when he stopped and turned back to Jen.

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