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  • Just One Drop(Grey Wolves #3)(59) by Quinn Loftis
  • Jacque rolled her eyes. "Are you going to kiss me or tease me all night?'

    Fane grazed his teeth along the flesh of her neck where his mark was, his own canines descending. "Who said anything about kissing, Luna?"

    Decebel stood up after finishing several hundred crunches and pushups. He was restless; his wolf was getting very edgy. He paced around the room, flexing his hands as his claws kept descending and retracting. He had been in a state of partial phase all day and knew that at the moment, he was more dangerous than ever.

    All he could do was hope to the fates that Jennifer was staying out of trouble and that Vasile was keeping a close eye on her. Because he knew that when he got out of confinement, and found her in any less safety than being locked in her room with the door guarded, he was going to lose the minuscule amount of control he was grasping onto with both hands.

    He was still fuming over the wolf who had dared to touch what was his. Then his mate had pulled that little stunt in the hall for every one's enjoyment. He wasn't going to lie to himself, Jennifer had a beautiful body. He just hadn't planned on seeing it along with the rest of his pack. Maybe he needed to explain to her that the Blood Rites performed after the Bonding Ceremony was generally where the clothes came off – in private. He would make sure to emphasize the private.

    Her little exploit had allowed him to see the evidence of the wolf's hand on his mate's body. The bruises where his fingers had pressed hard, and the angry cuts where his claws had penetrated her flesh. To top off the day from hell, Decebel had watched – in a haze of red – a room full of unmated males lust after his mate and two of his pack mates. He snarled at all the memories, realizing that at that moment he would have killed any and all of the wolves responsible.

    There was only one thing that would calm him and his wolf – Jennifer.

    "Alpha," Decebel spoke into the open room. "I need to speak with you, please." His voice was guttural, so close to phasing.

    Less than a minute after he spoke, the door to his room opened.

    "Decebel," Vasile said his name as an Alpha in pain for one of his own's suffering.

    "I need her," Decebel said honestly.

    "I can't bring her to you."

    "Then at least give me a phone so I can talk to her." Decebel had never been one to beg, but he was on the verge of groveling just to hear her voice.

    "They will hear if you talk to her." Vasile's brow furrowed. "But...they wouldn't be able to see a text."

    Decebel felt a smile spread across his face – not really a happy one, more like a “I just got away with sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar” smile. Six months ago, he wouldn't even have considered texting, but since Fane and some of the other young wolves had started to, he had sort of been forced to, and learn the lingo on top of that.

    Turned out, Decebel preferred texting to talking any day. Except with his mate. But it will have to do for now, he thought.

    "I'll return in a moment. I will have to get Jen's number."

    "Hurry," Decebel growled, but added, "please."

    Decebel paced and paced as he waited for his lifeline to be brought to him. If he'd any doubts about Jennifer being his mate, they had been abolished while he felt his rage grow at being apart from her.

    Eventually Vasile walked in, holding out his phone. Decebel forced himself to retract his claws so he would be able to text unencumbered.

    He didn't acknowledge Vasile as he left.

    Decebel found her name in his contacts list and pressed the text button. A blank screen came up with a key board below it.

    Decebel txt: Jennifer

    He waited, growling when she didn't respond immediately. His phone finally vibrated as her text appeared.

    Jennifer txt: Fur ball

    Decebel growled, but grinned at her smart mouth. His phone vibrated again before he could respond.

    Jennifer txt: r u ok?

    She cared. His heart was in his throat as he read the simple text.

    Decebel txt: slightly grumpy

    Jennifer txt: so ur ok then

    Decebel laughed, feeling his wolf settle, if only a little. It was enough to keep him sane.

    Decebel txt: how r u?

    Jennifer txt: miss n u

    Decebel txt: I miss u 2 baby

    Jennifer txt : r we agreeing?

    Decebel txt: never

    Jennifer txt: r u mad at me?

    Decebel txt: idk

    Jennifer txt: :(

    Decebel txt: ur mine

    Jennifer txt: yes

    Decebel txt: only mine 2 c

    Jennifer txt: didn't know how 2 distract u

    Decebel txt: mission accomp

    Jennifer txt: lol

    Decebel txt: keep ur clothes on

    Jennifer txt: blunt much?

    Decebel txt: keep ur clothes on

    Jennifer txt: that can make things difficult

    Decebel txt: Jennifer. Keep. Ur. Clothes. On.

    Jennifer txt: fine, I'll keep some clothes on

    Decebel txt: I need u

    Jennifer txt: V said no

    Decebel txt: u asked him

    Jennifer txt: of course, ur mine

    Decebel txt: grrr

    Jennifer txt: a good grrr?

    Decebel txt: definitely

    Jennifer txt: excellent

    Decebel txt: r u bn good

    Jennifer txt: hmm more specific

    Decebel txt: Jennifer

    Jennifer txt: im always good at whatev I do

    Decebel txt: not reassuring

    Jennifer txt: do u disagree?

    Decebel txt: can't

    Jennifer txt: ?

    Decebel txt: been on the other end of ur good

    Jennifer txt: ur b n wicked bad

    Decebel txt: ur fault, I was innocent b 4 met u

    Jennifer txt: im sure u were squeaky clean

    Decebel txt: I shld let u sleep

    Jennifer txt: LET? really

    Decebel knew the only way he was going to get her to go to sleep would be reverse psychology. As much as he wanted to sit and text her all night, she needed her rest.

    Decebel txt: I need sleep baby

    Jennifer txt: ur a quik learnr

    Decebel txt: dream of me

    Jennifer txt: I'll think about it

    Decebel txt: mate, grrr

    Jennifer txt: hmmm yummy

    Decebel txt: Woman! Go 2 bed

    Jennifer txt: alone?

    Decebel txt: hell yes alone!

    Jennifer txt: such a big bed, lonely n it

    Decebel txt: Jennifer

    Jennifer txt: I evr told u ur sexy when ur bossy?

    Decebel txt: yes, u were drunk off ur cute ass

    Jennifer txt: blushing

    Decebel txt: u should b, go 2 bed

    Jennifer txt: can't txt u if asleep :(

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