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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(8) by Quinn Loftis
  • “I will be there. What time?”

    Peri shrugged. “You males never pay attention to detail. Show up when you’re good and ready. Will you bring Lilly?”

    He shook his head. “I’m sending her home tonight.”

    “Alone?” she asked as her voice rose in surprise.

    “She will be safe in the states. My brother has never left our homeland. Sending someone with her would just alert him that she’s gone,” he explained.

    “And what makes you think that he won’t follow her?”

    “He wants me dead. If I’m here, he will stay here.”

    Peri let out a laugh that sounded less than amused as her brow rose at him.

    “You just keep telling yourself that, warlock, if it helps you sleep at night.”

    Cypher was quiet as he continued to stare at Peri. He didn’t want to think she was right. He didn’t want to believe that his brother would follow after his mate, but he was beginning to think that what he wanted didn’t change what simply is.

    “Will you go to the airport with her?” he suddenly asked.

    Peri was taken slightly by surprise by the request, but her curiosity got the better of her. She definitely wanted to see how Lilly Pierce was handling being shipped off like a fragile piece of china.

    “I suppose so,” she said attempting to sound disinterested, “what time?”

    “Her flight leaves at eight o’clock.”

    “I will be here at seven fifteen.”

    Cypher shook his head. “That won’t give you time to get to the airport.”

    Peri rolled her eyes. “I’m not planning on taking a car.”

    “Oh, right,” Cypher said absentmindedly.

    Peri was about to leave when a slightly wicked idea emerged. She tilted her head to the side as her eyes narrowed at the king. “Have you thought about what might happen if you send her back?”

    Cypher didn’t respond.

    “Lilly is a beautiful woman. Her daughter is grown and gone, leaving her at home by herself every night, every weekend. At some point a man will pursue her. At some point she will let her heart heal and move on, and let somebody else give her what she needs. She’s done it before.”

    Peri watched as her words began to sink in. Apparently he had not thought about this scenario at all. His eyes began to glow an eerie shade of yellow and his skin flushed with anger. By the time Peri had said that Lilly would move on, Cypher’s large hand was wrapped around one of the smaller trees and he was squeezing it so hard that he left indentions in the trunk.

    “Alright,” Peri said cheerfully not bothering to acknowledge his anger, “my work is done here. I’ll be back to get her in a little while.” Before the king could respond she was gone.

    Cypher did not make any move to leave—not yet. He needed to calm down before he went back into the mountain. Peri’s words had ignited a feral rage inside of him and he feared that the slightest annoyance might set him off and some poor innocent warlock would get killed. He had not considered that Lilly would move on. He thought that he would eventually get her back once it was safe. He had no idea how long that could take, but he just assumed she would wait for him. But he couldn’t entertain that idea, or he would keep her here, and if she was here, then she was in danger. He pushed the idea of her with another male as far from his mind as he could and brought his thoughts to the matter at hand, his brother and the threat he posed. Everything would have to wait, even his desire to have his mate by his side.

    Jacque sat quietly on the bed in her room. After Vasile had dismissed them from the meeting, Fane had taken her back to their room and then gotten her something to eat. He hadn’t said much, but he did ask her how she was and if she had spoken with her mom recently. Afterwards, at the request of Vasile, he had gone to do some training with Adam. Now she sat in solitude, lost in her thoughts. She could go hang out with her friends, but right now she just wanted to be alone.

    After Sally had spoken with Fane, he had been genuinely apologetic about his actions. They had talked for hours and had even done more than talk, which was a vast improvement over the short kiss good night he had been giving her. He had once again been keeping their bond open, and she could feel the torment and anger that still raged inside of him. He had told her he was angry with Costin, but he knew in his mind that he had no right to be. Costin had not done anything to deserve Fane’s wrath. She could see that he was afraid: first, that she would no longer desire him, and second, that he had pushed her too far.

    Jacque had gone to talk to Cynthia about the situation because she wanted to know if werewolves ever needed antidepressants. Jacque thought it nearly laughable, except for the fact that her mate needed something and she was desperate to help him. Cynthia had explained that the males feel emotions extremely intensely about their mates, and she didn’t know if we could even begin to understand the depth of those emotions. Because of that, everything was magnified—their joy, love, anger, pain, fear. All of it was multiplied by a number greater than could be counted. Jacque asked if there was anything Cynthia could do, and Cynthia had surprised her with her answer.

    “He needs to get the rage out,” she had said. "If your presence, your touch, is not helping, then he needs to somehow exonerate it. For a male wolf, that would be fighting or something less violent, if you get my drift.”

    Jacque had blushed furiously even though she commented, “Yes, well that’s not doing a damn bit of good for either of us, so let’s talk about fighting.”

    “You said he is angry with Costin because he is the male who was in your mind from the curse, right?”

    “Yes,” she had answered.

    “Then he needs to fight Costin.”

    “Excuse me?” Jacque had been completely dumbfounded, more so, because it was Jen’s suggestion and now the good doctor was on the same page.

    “I know it sounds crazy, but if Fane can fight the object of his pain then it may be enough to bring him closure, to heal a wound that just continues to fester.”

    The sound of the door opening brought Jacque back to the present. She watched as a battered looking Fane walked in, shutting the door quietly behind him. He looked at her from across the room and his lips lifted in a small smile. Her heart flipped and her stomach tightened from something so small but so needed.

    “Feeling better?” she asked hesitantly.

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