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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(21) by Quinn Loftis
  • “Because it’s the only thing that will help Fane get over this rage and fear inside of him. He is more dominant than Costin, though perhaps not by a great measure. Other than when we were in America, he has never felt the need to establish that dominance. As the son of the most powerful Alpha in generations, he has never been challenged on his home turf. But now he feels that Costin has wronged him. He needs to establish that dominance to help prove to himself that he can protect Jacque. The other reason is a simpler one. He’s a male, and he’s ticked off at another male. They resolve their differences with a physical fight. It’s that way with human males as well, is it not?”

    Sally blew out a big breath of air, causing her cheeks to puff out. “This just sucks.”

    “Seriously,” Jen agreed, then added, “if Vasile is going to start fights between hot, bossy, possessive werewolves, he should at least do it when we get front row seats, cause let me tell you my kicks are few and far between these days. I could use all the help I can get.” Jen’s voice was lighthearted and playful, but Jacque and Sally saw the pain in their friend’s eyes.

    “Jen,” Sally said as she reached for her hand.

    “Not ready to talk about it,” Jen said quickly and then looked at Lilly. “So your oaf of a man is the reason we’re on this little journey. Fill us in on what he did.” Jen’s statement effectively got the attention off of her and distracted her two best friends from fretting over their feuding mates. Two birds; one stone.

    Peri rubbed her hands together as she nodded. “This is going to be so good.”

    Lilly frowned. “You already know what happened,” she told the fae.

    “Maybe, but the point is, one never tires of hearing about a king running like a scared rabbit while his mate throws things at him and berates him with a sailor’s mouth.”

    “Get the popcorn,” Jen called out, “we are in for some wicked entertainment ladies. If their fight started out with that much foreplay, then the finish is bound to leave us all breathless, and maybe even satisfied.”

    The group groaned collectively.

    “What?” Jen asked innocently.

    “Not everyone’s fights end with sex,” Jacque informed her.

    “Oh well, then you guys are missing out. I mean seriously. That’s like saying Santa doesn’t need Rudolph and his shiny nose, or that the fourth of July doesn’t need fireworks, or that Harry Potter doesn’t need Ron and that bushy headed girl. I mean, it’s like…,”

    “Jen,” Jacque cut her off, “we get it.”

    Jen’s head shook vehemently. “Nope, sorry wolf-princess, you can’t possibly get it until you’ve gotten it, if you know what I mean, after having a knock down drag out with your mate. Then and only then, will you get it.”

    “Was that clear as mud to anyone else?” Sally asked.

    “I think she’s saying we need to have relations with our mates as often as possible, including after fights,” Crina said calmly.

    Jen clapped her hands together with a loud yell, “FINALLY! Somebody gets it.”

    “How long are you going to let this go on?” Decebel asked Vasile as they watched the two wolves battle it out. Thankfully, the pack had its own private hanger to house the jet, so there was no one to witness the snarling beasts tearing into one another.

    “As long as it takes,” Vasile responded. “They won’t kill each other. They know that it would kill the other’s mate as well.” Vasile was calm and unwavering while the males around him growled or cringed in response to the fight before them. Vasile had thought it would be his job to step in and deal with Fane’s struggles, but the moment he saw the two wolves together, he knew what needed to be done. Fane needed to let go of his anger and Costin needed to prove that he was capable of taking Fane on, and that he could still be Fane’s pack mate and still care for him once this was over.

    Vasile and Decebel both had to use their power to keep the other males from joining in. All of them were itching for a fight after having just watched their mates fly off to another continent without them. Decebel himself was fighting his own wolf, which longed to tear into any flesh that was available, but he wouldn’t give in to the desire. He didn’t need Vasile knowing what he had planned. He knew the Alpha would not approve.

    Fane’s mind was covered in a haze of rage as he lunged at the wolf who had dared to touch his mate. His claws dug into flesh and it satisfied something in him to see the rich, red blood spill forth, matting the grey fur. He jumped back quickly, but not fast enough as he felt Costin’s teeth sink into his side. Even the pain from the assault was like a balm to the internal wounds that had been plaguing him for so long. Over and over they circled each other and over and over they ripped into flesh, but neither of them ever made a mortal wound. This wasn’t about death; it was about righting a wrong, healing the brokenness. Brokenness that had reached so far into Fane that he felt like he would never be whole again. Fane nearly stumbled when he heard a voice in his mind and it didn’t belong to his mate.

    “You can only heal if you forgive, Fane Lupei, child of mine.”

    The smooth voice wrapped around him and stopped his progress immediately. Fane closed his eyes and waited for the Great Luna to speak. When she didn’t, he acknowledged her.

    “I’m listening,” he responded.

    “Costin is your brother. He has not wronged you in any way. Dark magic has twisted your reality. Reach past the darkness, Fane. Grab hold of the light that your bonded mate gives to you and see the truth in the situation. No amount of blood shed will heal this wound. You have to choose to be healed.”

    Fane opened his eyes and saw that Costin was standing across from him, still in his wolf form, staring at him warily. He had stopped his attack as soon as Fane froze and he was waiting for his next move. He noticed that there was no condemnation in Costin’s eyes, no hate or disgust. He simply stared and waited.

    “I’m tired,” he admitted.

    “I know you are. You are not alone. Let go of your anger and let those who care for you, those who love you, help you move past this.” He felt the warmth of an embrace and then she was gone.

    Fane phased back into his human form and Costin quickly followed suit. All of the males were still, their breaths barely perceptible as they watched the two males.

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