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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(34) by Quinn Loftis
  • “In times of war there is no room to be worrying over a female.” Cypher shifted his weight and she could tell the words almost seemed forced, as if he were actually fighting them from coming out.

    “War?” she raised her voice just a tad, effectively grabbing a hold of the attention of the other warlocks in the room. “War with whom?”

    Cypher’s eyes grew even brighter and a smile that made Cyn’s skin crawl flashed across his face. “The trolls. It is time they pay for their treachery.”

    A roar of agreement came from the others in the room as fists pumped into the air and heads nodded in agreement. She needed to go, and she needed to go now.

    “I am on my way to see Vasile and his wolves. Should I send him a message?”

    “Tell him he’s either with us, or against us.”

    Cyn moved with purpose as she crossed through the veil. Her mind was so distracted on what she had just seen and heard that she didn’t realize where she had taken herself until she heard his voice.

    “Twice in one day, Guardian,” Thalion spoke up as he watched Cyn move through the forest toward him as if she were a part of it. “I feel honored. What brings you back into my realm so soon female?” the flirtatious tone in his voice was one that she usually welcomed, but he noticed that she did not respond in kind.

    “As much as I enjoy your teasing Prince, I must ask that we forgo that part of our usual conversation.”

    Thalion noticed once she was closer that her face was taught with worry, her body rigid with the need to act.

    “What has happened?” he asked with urgency brought on by her obvious unease.

    “You mentioned that Gerick had seemed off today when you saw him, so I thought perhaps I should check on the Warlock King and make sure all was well,” she explained. “It turns out that all is far from well.”

    “Are they sick?”

    “Something has twisted them. The last thing Cypher said to me was that he was going to war with the trolls.”

    Thalion took a step towards her, setting down the bow he had been holding.

    “War?” he asked.

    She nodded. “But that wasn’t the only thing. Their eyes glowed red.”


    “Not just his, all of them, every warlock, male and female had glowing red eyes,” Cyn shuddered inwardly at the picture in her mind. “Their eyes glowed red,” she continued, “and their faces were a mask of anger.”

    “Did Cypher say anything else?” Thalion asked as he took a step towards her.

    “I told him I was going to see Vasile and asked if there was a message he would like me to give to him. I just wanted to see what he would say.” Her eyes met his. “He told me to tell Vasile that the wolves were either with them or against them.”

    “Cypher is willing to risk going to war with the wolves?” Thalion shook his head. “That is not the Cypher that we know Cyn.”

    “I agree,” she told him.

    “Have you told Vasile?”

    She shook her head. “I thought I was on my way there, but then I ended up here.”

    Thalion’s full lips spread into a smile. “Are you worried for my safety, Guardian? Were you coming to protect me?”

    Cyn rolled her eyes. “I was coming to tell you not to make the weapons for them. Cypher plans to use them against the trolls.”

    “You’re right. We definitely do not want the warlocks to have Elvin weapons if they are going to possibly wield them against the trolls,” his eyebrows drew together as he looked at her. He seemed to be studying her features as he took yet another step towards her. “I find myself rather frustrated at the moment,” he said.

    Cyn tilted her head to the side. “Why?” she asked slowly.

    “Because I’ve finally have you in my life again,” he paused.

    “And that frustrates you?”

    He chuckled. “No love, what frustrates me is that everyone seems hell bent on killing each other when all I want to do is spend time with the woman I love, which I can’t do because the woman I love has a kind and generous heart and refuses to leave these species to their own demise.”

    She smiled warmly and blushed. “You think I’m generous?”

    Thalion took another large step towards her and wrapped her in his arms. She gasped at the speed of his movements, but didn’t push him away.

    “I just told you I love you, and all you heard was that I think you are generous?”

    “I already knew you loved me,” she told him matter-of-fact like.


    She nodded. “But I had no idea you thought I was kind and generous, and that changes everything,” she teased.

    Thalion threw his head back and laughed. Cyn rarely played; she was usually very serious, but when she did play, when she did show him her softer side, Thalion found himself wanting to bask in the joy she brought him.

    He took one last breath after composing himself and looked into her eyes. “We need to warn the wolves.”

    “Yes,” she told him, but didn’t attempt to pull away from him. She met his stare with the same intensity he was giving her.

    “But before I can do anything else, I have to kiss you.”

    “Have to or want to?” she whispered.


    Cyn nodded and licked her lips nervously. Thalion’s eyes followed the tip of her tongue as it traveled across her mouth and he groaned as he leaned forward and closed the distance between them. He kissed her deeply, with a centuries worth of passion. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer to him, finally giving into the emotions that threatened to consume her. She had wanted him for so long, but stayed away because he refused to be a part of any world but his own. She knew she could not be with someone who only thought his own people’s needs and safety were important. But all that had changed when she had come to him for help just a few months ago. He had stepped forward and told her that he would no longer keep his people separate from the rest of the supernatural or human world. He agreed that as one of the most powerful supernatural races it was his duty to help and to protect when need be. When he had decided that, she had decided that if he wanted her still, she would be his.

    When they finally pulled back from each other, their breathing was rapid and their lips glistened with the passion of their kiss. She reached up and traced his lips with her fingertips and the warmth of his breath on her skin made her shiver.

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