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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(35) by Quinn Loftis
  • “Is that a yes?” he finally spoke once his breathing was again even.

    “Yes?” she asked.

    “To the question I posed so long ago. Will you be mine and mine alone?”

    Cyn smiled one of her rare smiles that showed just how beautiful she was, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. “It is,” she answered.

    Thalion leaned down and kissed her again, but this time it was gentle.

    “Finally,” he whispered against her lips.

    “Can we go tell the wolves now?” she asked.

    “Yes, but when this is all said and done, I will not forget what has happened here today Cyn.”

    She pulled back and grinned mischievously. “If you do forget it, then I apparently did not do it right and perhaps will have to ask Lilly what I am doing wrong, since Cypher seems to like to come back for seconds so often.”

    “There will be plenty of times for seconds, and thirds for that matter once the warlocks are dealt with.”

    “And Reyaz,” she added.

    “Okay,” he agreed, “and Reyaz.”

    “Oh, and we get the females back from the United States. Oh, and Jen and Decebel’s baby is saved.”

    Thalion grabbed her hand and started to pull her quickly behind him.

    “Thalion?” she called out nearly laughing. “In a hurry?”

    “Yes, at the rate you are throwing names out there for us to save I shall never get seconds.”

    “Or thirds for that matter,” she added and then laughed when she heard him growl.

    “I can get us there quicker, Prince,” she told him as she continued to laugh at his obvious frustration. She pulled him to a stop and then in a flash they were standing before the Romanian pack mansion.

    She turned and looked at him. “Better?”

    “I’ll keep you posted,” but softened his words with a wink as he ushered her towards the front door.

    Chapter 12

    “Attention all clueless beings out there. Be on the lookout for crap hitting the fan in the form of a psycho warlock tossing out dark magic like it’s freaking candy on Halloween, and a warlock king who suddenly got an itch up his butt to roast some trolls. These are dangerous times people and we all know what we should do during dangerous times…yes, exactly, drink more hot chocolate, use profanity when completely inappropriate and for the love of all things carnal, make babies people, or at least practice.” ~Jen

    “The book store looks like it’s been doing well,” Jacque told her mom as she walked around the familiar space. They had been back in the states for over a month now and though Lilly had been going to the book store nearly daily, the others hadn’t ventured out of the house much thanks to Peri’s interlude with Reyaz. But everyone was getting cabin fever and Sally really wanted to see her parents. Jen knew she was going to have to see her parents as well, but she wasn’t really sure how they were going to react when they saw that their 18 year old daughter was well and truly pregnant. So they made plans to join Lilly at the book store that night to help her with inventory. They ordered pizza, pulled the shades to the windows, turned on music, and tried to forget the outside world.

    “It has been doing well, and I’m glad because hopefully that means it will be easier to sell.” Lilly’s back was to the room when she made the statement so she didn’t see the shock on Jacque, Jen, and Sally’s faces.

    “What?” Jen finally blurted out. “You’re selling your store?”

    “Well it’s going to be kind of hard to take care of a store when I live on another continent,” Lilly said as she continued to unpack the box of books on the floor next to her. It was one of many that would need to be unpacked that night.

    “When did you decide this mom?” Jacque asked.

    “After I talked to Cypher a week or so ago,” she admitted. “Beside him is where I’m supposed to be Jacque. I know you get that.”

    Jacque did get that, as weird as it was to hear her mother say it. She couldn’t argue with her because she knew exactly what she meant. Beside Fane was where she was supposed to be, and instead she was in Coldstone, TX, in a book store. Yeah, life sucked sometimes.

    “Well, it’s your store, so if that’s what you want to do, then go for it.” Sally smiled as she looked at Lilly.

    “Thank you Sally.” Lilly grinned.

    Sally’s smile faltered when her phone began belting out the ringtone Jen had set for her, My Maria, simply because it had the words gypsy lady in it. She pulled it from her back pocket and swallowed hard when she saw her mom’s name pop up.

    “It’s the ‘rents isn’t it?” Jen asked.

    Sally nodded wordlessly.

    “Well, time to face the firing squad.” Jen patted Sally’s shoulder as she walked past her. “Get it over with quick Sal, like ripping off finger nails.”

    “Don’t you mean band aides?” Crina asked.

    Jen shook her head. “Uh, no. Any time you’re dealing with parents, it’s never like ripping off a band aide. It is always much, much, more painful.”

    Crina chuckled. “I am so glad I’ve been a werewolf all this time.”

    Sally finally hit the key to answer the phone and put it to her ear.

    “Hello,” she said tentatively.

    “Sally!” her mother’s voice came shrieking through and Sally had to pull the phone away from her ear.

    “Yes, it’s me,” she answered. “How are you?”

    “How am I? I’m wondering how long my child has been back without coming to see me? And did you bring that young man of yours? How is school going? Do you like Romania?  How are Jacque and Jen?”

    “Mom, mom,” Sally’s voice rose as she tried to get her mom to slow down. “Hold on, okay. I can’t answer all your questions at once.”

    “Oh, sorry, I’ve just missed you.”

    “I know. I’ve missed you too.” Sally was surprised to feel her eyes begin to water but she quickly wiped them before any tears could escape. “Can you and Dad come to Lilly’s book store?”

    “Oh, honey,” her mom cooed, “your dad is out of town. He won’t be back for a week or more.”

    Sally felt her chest tighten at the guilt of not contacting her parents sooner. If she had, she would have gotten to see her dad, but she had waited and now he was gone. Maybe he would be back before she left. But that thought was a double-edged sword because though she wanted to see her dad, she was so very ready to get back to Costin.

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