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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(48) by Quinn Loftis
  • “Now all I have to do is face a room full of raging wolves, piece of freaking cake,” she muttered as she flashed to the Romanian mansion.

    Chapter 16

    “At some point in the mess of the supernatural world you really think that you have learned all that there is to know. I’m here to tell you, that’s the dumbest thing you could ever possibly think when it pertains to this world. You should be prepared for anything, poised to take in even the most outlandish information, and smile even if you’re thinking this is some crazy, messed up shizzel. So that said, get ready people because the boat is about to be rocked and if you don’t hold on, your butt is going over and I’m not coming in after you.” ~Jen

    “Bloody hell, thank you for turning the lights on,” Jacque said when suddenly she could see everyone and everything around her. Though seeing it didn’t really give her much relief.

    “Um, does anyone else feel like we’ve just been dropped into the fire swamp from The Princess Bride?” Sally asked as she looked around at the dark, mangled forest around them. The air smelt of sulfurous fumes that burned her lungs and she fought the urge to gag.

    “Probably should be on the lookout for ROUS’s,” Jen added.

    “I’m just going to pretend I know what you’re talking about,” Crina said as she stood up and brushed off her backside. “But if whatever you’re talking about is creepy, then I agree.”

    “So seriously, where did that crazy fae leave us?” Jacque asked.

    Alina walked around the clearing where they found themselves. As soon as she reached out her hand to touch one of the gnarled trees, she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body knocking her back several feet.

    “Guess that answers the question of whether or not we can wander in this desolate place,” Jen muttered.

    Alina looked over to Elle as she attempted to shake off the effects of the jolt. She saw exactly what she expected: utter shock and fear in the fae’s eyes. “Elle,” Alina spoke her name softly, “please share with us what you know.”

    Elle continued to stare off into the black woods that seemed to be filled with dancing shadows and eerie eyes that watched their every move. She shook her head as her mouth dropped open and a very un-Elle like squeak emerged. She snapped her mouth closed and took several deep breaths as she attempted to gather herself. Finally she met the gaze of the Alpha. “I’m sorry but I’m trying to figure out how it is possible that we are here. How it is possible that Lorelle was able to bring us here?”

    “And where is here?” Cynthia asked.

    Elle’s eyes never left Alina’s as she answered, “The dark forest in the realm of the fae.”

    Alina stumbled back and nearly touched one of the trees again, but caught herself and pulled back. Her eyes grew wider and she shook her head, attempting to deny the words that penetrated her ears. “That can’t be,” she whispered, “It’s not possible.”

    “I know,” Elle agreed, “but our presence here suggests otherwise.”

    “I hate to break into this obviously shocking moment, but could you please share with us what you know so that we can properly freak out?” Jen asked matter-of-fact like.

    “It’s not something that is talked about, ever,” Elle told her.

    “Well circumstances have changed, so I think it’s time to start talking about the fae’s dirty little secret.”

    “I think we better all sit down for this,” Alina told the group.

    “Crap,” Jacque murmured, “it’s never a good sign when they tell us we need to sit down.”

    “Have to agree with you there wolf-princess. It usually means they’re about to drop a new supernatural creature in our laps and I swear if it’s a sparkling vampire then I’m going to push someone off the ledge of ridiculousness we are all perched on like morons,” Jen huffed as she sat on the ground, attempting at gracefulness, but failing miserably because of her swollen belly.

    “Is it a giant centipede that releases slimy secretions as it crushes everything around it?” Sally asked.

    The group collectively turned and looked at the healer with furrowed foreheads and raised eyebrows.

    “What?” she mumbled. “It could happen.”

    “Okay, I take it back. Sparkling vampires are a step up from Sally’s random slime infested centipede. Where did you come up with that, gypsy? I mean is that your one great fear like people who are terrified of spiders? What would fear of giant centipedes be called anyways? Pede-acrophobia?” All the eyes had now swung around to Jen who didn’t seem to notice the incredulous looks.

    “If you girls are quite done, I can enlighten you as to why Elle and I are so shocked at our appearance here,” Alina waited.

    “Ignore me,” Jen told her. “It’s the hormones. Being pregnant has somehow caused me to ramble about completely unimportant things and expect others to care. I’ll be crying in a minute.”

    Lilly patted Jen's leg sympathetically before turning back to Alina.

    “A very long time ago, before even I was born, and before the great purge of the witches, there was an evil that was unleashed in the realm of the fae,” Alina paused and looked at Elle. “Maybe you should tell it since you lived through it.”

    Elle nodded, but didn’t look pleased with the idea. She pulled her knees up to her chest and glanced down at the ground. Her face glazed over as she allowed herself to be pulled back into the past, a past better left forgotten. “The fae have always been the most powerful of the supernatural beings. I have often questioned the Fates’ wisdom of giving one race such supremacy. Power can be very heady. It beguiles the wielder and seduces with the promise of greatness, all the while hiding the truth behind the shiny exterior. Sacrifice is the most important part of being the strongest. Those who refuse to make sacrifices, but instead use the power for selfish gain, begin to rot on the inside. With every act of self-indulgence or with every choice of turning a blind eye to those in need, a piece of that person dies. They become blind to their own egocentricities and so drunk on the authority that all they desire is more and they will do anything to acquire it. We have seen that first hand with Desdemona, but she was not the first."

    “One of our own, the most powerful of our people, abused his power, and he sacrificed many using their blood and spirits to fuel his need for more. There was so much malice in him and so much desire to conquer and rule that his very presence began to kill our land. Not only was his evil killing everything around him, but he also was creating offspring from human children, and they were given the title of witch or wizard.”

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