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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(65) by Quinn Loftis
  • “I know Jen. I don’t like this any more than you do.”

    “What if we don’t do what he says?” Jen asked.

    “I don’t have a clue. He might start killing the males while we have to helplessly watch.”

    “Damn this sucks.”


    Chapter 21

    “To be powerful and yet utterly helpless to save the one person in your life that you would do anything to protect is the worst kind of hell.” ~Fane

    “We have bad news and we have worse news,” Peri said as she and Alston appeared back in the Romanian pack mansion.

    “We only have thirty minutes left. At this point, the only bad news is no news,” Fane said.

    “Good point,” Peri conceded. “We know where he is keeping the girls.”

    “Where?” Decebel snapped as he stepped away from the wall where he had been silently brooding.

    Peri’s eyes cut to where Vasile stood. Her heart broke for the Alpha knowing that what she was about to tell him would not mean anything for at least a few seconds and then the memories would all come rushing back and so would the guilt. She especially was to blame and she dreaded seeing the accusations and betrayal that she knew would stare out at her from his piercing blue eyes.

    “The dark forest in the fae realm,” she blurted out not taking her eyes from Vasile’s.

    “Where?” Costin asked obviously as confused as the rest of them.

    Adam was the first to remember. “No,” he whispered in utter horror. “How does he even know if it? How did he remember it?” Adam realized then that Peri and Alston shouldn’t have remembered it either.

    “Archives,” Alston answered Adam’s unasked question. “We made sure it was documented before we set the spell for everyone to forget. We should always be able to remember our past. We must learn from it or be doomed to repeat it.”

    “Why on earth would you think it was your right to take away a memory from the rest of us?” Vasile asked as his own memories resurfaced along with anger. “Those memories, those painful times that happened to each of us are ours. You aren’t God to have the right to play with our free will.”

    “We didn’t want anyone to be able to return to the dark forest, Vasile. That land is tainted with so much evil; the power left over is enough to cause some serious danger.” Alston said as he tried to justify what they had done.

    “And how did that work out for you?"  Fane asked. “Did taking away the memory of that place make it cease to exist? Did it protect it from evil people using it?”

    “For centuries, yes, it did,” Peri snarled.

    “Stop!” Cypher yelled, “We don’t have time for your anger and explanations. We have twenty minutes to get to this dark forest and time is ticking. Peri can you flash us there?”


    “Now, who is with me?” Cypher glanced from person to person waiting.

    “I will stand with you,” Vasile said immediately.

    “I will also.” Decebel stepped forward.

    “You know I’m in.” Costin smiled wickedly.

    “It goes without saying, I will stand with you,” Fane said.

    “I will stand with you,” Ainsel squeaked. He looked at their surprised faces. “I’ve been stupid in the past, choosing the wrong side, I won’t make that mistake again.”

    “I will go,” Thead said next.

    “I will stand with you and be honored to fight alongside you,” Thalion spoke up and Cyn stood next to him.

    “I will always stand on the side of good,” Sorin spoke up.

    “I go where my Alpha and pack mates go,” Skender said.

    “The council will always stand with the wolves,” Alston looked at Cypher. “And now also with the warlocks.”

    “You know I’m going because you fools wouldn’t last a minute without me,” Peri told them.

    Cypher faced the group willing to stand up to his corrupt brother and felt pride and loyalty swell in his chest. “No matter how many enemies we fight, no matter how many times we prevail, evil will always exist in this world and our own worlds, because there will always be some who choose to put themselves before everyone and anyone. But just like evil, there will always be good, as well. There will always be some who will seek justice and desire to see all beings free to live in a world not corrupted by malice. We will always be a part of those who stand on the side of righteousness. We must because we hold too much power to ever let it be used to harm others. When darkness falls as it has today, we must stand. We must stand for those who cannot and for those who would stand with us if they knew the battle before us. Not too long ago we fought for the packs. We fought for unity and for healing. We fought to protect the world from an ancient evil. Today we fight to bring back the ones who bring light to our dark lives. Today we will prevail. There is no other acceptable outcome. Stand with me and together we will bring back the females who have given us life when we were all so close to death.”

    Vasile reached forward and clasped forearms with Cypher. “We will prevail.”

    “I completely appreciate the Braveheart moment, and utterly hate that we do not have blue war paint to put on our faces, but we must go, NOW.” Peri reached out both of her arms. “All those who can, hold onto my arms, the rest of you grab Alston, Adam, or Cyn.”

    One by one, the fae left with members of their party attached to their arms. Now that the dark forest was once again clear in their minds, the fae would have no problems flashing there. Whether they flashed anywhere close to where Reyaz wanted them was a different story.

    “Do you sense them anywhere?” Reyaz asked Lorelle as the stood in the forest waiting for Cypher and the wolves to show up. They had less than five minutes before the hunt was to begin and he was anxious for them to get started.

    Lorelle turned her head to the right and tilted it as if listening for something. “Gotchya,” she murmured. Without another word, she grabbed Reyazs’ arm, though she loathed touching him, and flashed to where she had felt her sister just arrive.

    They appeared directly in the center of the group. Reyaz smiled as he looked around at the grim faces. “So glad you were able to make it on time.”

    Decebel’s head snapped up at the sound of the voice and he lunged forward with a growl that promised death.

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