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  • Sacrifice of Love(Grey Wolves #7)(82) by Quinn Loftis
  • Decebel pulled her closer and kissed the tip of her nose. “Don’t be angry with me, baby. I thought we were past this.”

    Jen fidgeted with the sheet, not wanting to meet his gaze. “I was….”

    “What happened?” He put a finger under her chin and gently lifted it so he could see her eyes.

    “I dreamt that I’d lost you and that I had to raise Thia alone.”

    Decebel saw the hurt and fear in them. “Baby I’m not going anywhere, and I promise if I decide I need to die for some worthy cause, I will discuss it with you first.”

    Jen couldn’t help but smile at him. She wasn’t mad, not really. She knew why he had done it. She couldn’t say that she wouldn’t have done the same thing and she was incredibly proud and honored to have a mate who would sacrifice so much for her and their child, but she still felt the need to remind him that he should have talked to her about it.

    “Hey,” he said softly.

    “Hey,” she smiled back. She squealed when he deftly flipped them so that he was on top of her.

    “Have I told you what an incredible mother you are?”

    She blushed at his compliment and nodded.

    Decebel stared down into her blue eyes and took in her beautiful face. She was his and she was precious to him. She brought him joy and life when he was sure he would never have those things, and now she had given him a miracle in their little Thia. He closed his eyes briefly just to take in her scent and enjoy the feel of her against him and reminded himself to never take her for granted. He had nearly lost her more than once, and it had taught him to drench himself in the joy of being her mate.

    “What are you thinking?” she asked him.

    “Our bond is wide open, love. You know what I’m thinking.”

    “I want you to tell me B. Tell me what you think.”

    She ran her hands through his hair and down his back, drawing a deep growl from him.

    He felt his canines lengthen and the urge to bite her and to mark her grew strong as his wolf perked up at the feel and smell of their mate.

    “I think you are the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. I treasure you. Every single piece of you inside and out is precious to me. I love you, Jennifer, with a love that is so desperate, deep, and unwavering. You bring me joy and peace, and light up my dark world.” He looked into her eyes and lowered his head to kiss her. She tasted like his, felt like his, and moved like his.

    “I am yours,” she told him, “and you, fur ball, are mine.”

    Fane paced restlessly in their bedroom as he waited for Jacque. His mind was a jumbled mess and his nerves were on edge.

    “Would you calm down,” she told him as she opened the bathroom door and came out.

    He stepped in front of her and cupped her face, searching her eyes for any emotion that would give him a tiny clue. “Well?”

    She nodded as a huge grin spread across her face and then squealed when he picked her up and swung her around as he laughed joyously. When he set her back down on the ground, he kissed her deep and long, enjoying her taste and savoring her touch.

    He paused and looked at her. “I told you we’d have a child one day.” He kissed her again and then pulled back to nip her bottom lip.

    “Are you happy?” she asked him. “I mean, you’re not…you don’t think it’s too soon?”

    Fanes brow rose as he looked at his mate in amusement. “I’m ecstatic, love.  To see you carrying my child, to see you glowing with life, and to know that we made this...” he pressed his hand to her flat stomach, “our love did this.”

    Jacque felt the tears starting and she fought against them, though they were happy tears. She felt she had cried quite enough in the past weeks for one lifetime. “I love you, Fane.”

    He pressed his forehead to hers and let out a slow breath. “Heaven help me, Jacquelyn, I love you more than you could possibly understand.”

    “When do you want to tell everyone?” she asked him.

    “That depends on you, love,”

    Jacque frowned. “Why?”

    “Because you need to be ready to endure Jen’s ribbing.”

    Jacque groaned. “Bloody hell, I’m going to have to listen to big butt jokes, comments about my boobs getting bigger and never bouncing back to where they belong, and snide remarks about me not being able to get off the couch. Crap you’re right. Let’s not tell them until I go into labor.”

    Fane laughed. “I think they will figure it out at some point.”

    “Okay, well then we’ll have to move to plan B.”

    “I’m afraid to ask, but like looking at a bad wreck, I have to know. What’s plan B?”

    “I’m going to kidnap the Alpha female of the Serbia pack.”

    “That’s makes no sense.”

    “Doesn’t have to, it is what it is, Fane. Get on board or jump ship.”

    Fane’s brow rose as he looked at his mate, his incredible mate, and he grinned.

    “Fine, we’ll kidnap her,” he agreed dryly, playing along.

    Jacque squealed. “I’ve always wanted to kidnap someone.”

    Fane shook his head at her. “Sometimes, love, you scare me.”

    Jacque eyes narrowed and she let her wolf out just enough for them to glow. “You should be afraid wolf-man, very afraid.”

    “Costin, I swear if you toss one more bottle in the air I’m going to go all Jen on you,” Sally warned. He was getting the bar ready for the night and had decided to show off for her with his fancy tricks. And she would be okay with that if he hadn’t dropped the last three bottles because he was checking her out. And she totally wasn’t distracting him on purpose.

    “Let me turn on the music so you’ll have a beat you can strip to,” he teased.

    Sally threw her hands in the air. “I didn’t mean her strip routine, you beast, and you know it.”

    “Maybe, but I did get a good blush out of you, so mission accomplished. Now come over here and let me teach you how to make sex on a beach,” Costin’s grin got even wider as Sally’s blush deepened. She shook her head at him. “Okay, how about a screwdriver or a hairy virgin?”

    She was laughing now but still shaking her head at him.

    Costin pretended to think about it and then snapped his fingers. “I’ve got it, you totally have to learn how to make this one, screaming org—,”

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