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  • Before Jamaica Lane(On Dublin Street #3)(41) by Samantha Young
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    Monday might as well have been devoured by fog. I was walking, talking, doing my job, and yet it was covered in this euphoric mist that didn’t allow any of it to really sink in. Instead I was consumed by thoughts of the night before, of what Nate had done to me and what I had done to him.

    I was consumed with anticipation for the evening to come.

    When Nate called around my apartment that night I didn’t bother with clothes. I put on another set of nice lingerie – emerald green this time – and wore a robe over it.

    I opened the door after buzzing him up, and his eyes sharpened as they drifted over my ensemble. He shut the door behind him and immediately shrugged out of his jacket.

    ‘I like undressing you,’ he said without even a hello, dumping his jacket over my kitchen stool. ‘Your Benjamin boy might not care, but since it’s me you’re about to f**k for the foreseeable future … I like to undress you.’

    Not knowing quite what to make of that except that I liked it, I replied, ‘Okay, I won’t undress next time.’

    Nate bit his lower lip, studying me. ‘Tonight’s lesson is all about discovering what turns you on. Do you like being in the driving seat, do you like him in the driving seat, do you like absolute control, absolute submission, or give-and-take?’

    I hoped I understood what he meant and he wasn’t about to reveal to me that he had a thing for St. Andrew’s crosses and floggers. Better we found out now so I could run a million miles in the opposite direction. ‘Uh … what do you prefer?’

    ‘Both.’ He shrugged. ‘Depends where the mood takes us.’ He began to prowl toward me, and with my mind still on kink I backed up until I hit the wall. Nate pressed in on me, his hands reaching for the ties on my robe.

    ‘When you say control … we’re not talking whips and chains, are we?’

    He burst out laughing, shaking his head. ‘No, babe. Just good old-fashioned f**king.’ The belt came loose and my robe fell open, revealing my lingerie. ‘Did I tell you you have shit-hot taste in underwear?’

    ‘It is nice to finally have it appreciated.’

    Pushing the robe off my shoulders, Nate’s fingers lingered across the tops of them as the fabric pooled at my feet. Watching his hands the whole time, he caressed the skin along my collarbone while I stood shivering with eagerness.

    His fingers trailed down my breastbone and over the swells of my br**sts. Goose bumps prickled in the wake of his touch and my ni**les tightened in expectation. Instead of giving in to their clear cry for attention, Nate let his fingertips drift back up over my chest and gently along my neck, touching a spot just under my ear that made me shudder with need.

    The reaction made him smile and he immediately bent his head to graze his lips across the spot. I felt the wet touch of his tongue and the shiver rippled through me again.

    ‘Sweet spot,’ he whispered in my ear, brushing his lips over it and scattering barely-there kisses along my jaw. When he stopped, hovering above my mouth, he looked deep into my eyes. ‘Tell me what you want tonight.’

    I blinked, wondering exactly what he meant.

    ‘Don’t think about it,’ he urged. ‘Just tell me what you want.’

    My eyes dropped to his mouth, so close and yet not quite close enough. Hoarse with arousal, I said the first thing that came into my head: ‘You inside me.’

    My words affected him. I knew because he braced his hands on the wall at either side of my head and pressed his erection against my stomach. ‘You want my cock, baby?’ he murmured, letting his top lip catch my bottom lip before moving infinitesimally away as I nodded. His lashes lowered over his eyes. ‘I want to hear you say it.’

    All evidence was pointing to the fact that Nate liked dirty talk. He’d mentioned it in our earlier lessons, but I hadn’t really processed it. Clearly, however, talking about what we wanted to do to each other got him off.

    I was learning. And not just about him, but about me.

    Because talking about what we wanted to do to each other turned me on too.

    I tilted my mouth closer to his, kissing him lightly as I answered thickly, ‘I want your c**k inside me.’

    ‘This is the point’ – he kissed me softly, his tongue just touching the tip of mine – ‘where I’d ask’ – he kissed me again – ‘if you want it slow or fast, gentle or hard’ – another kiss – ‘but tonight we’ll take it slow.’

    ‘It has been a while,’ I agreed, sighing happily as he began to dust kisses down my neck again.

    His lips moved over my br**sts, down my stomach, and his hands followed, squeezing my br**sts gently before skimming down to my waist. He rested on his knees and I gazed down at him, breathless with anticipation as he sweetly kissed my belly before kissing his way to the edge of my panties. His lips pressed against the silk fabric and I whimpered, flattening my palms to the wall as my body took over, my legs parting. Nate continued to kiss me over the fabric of my lingerie, his hands curled around my thighs. It was a torment, a tease, my body vibrating with need.

    My breath stuttered as I felt his tongue push the fabric against my clit. ‘Nate,’ I whimpered, my right hand moving to curl in his soft hair. ‘Please …’

    He relented, leaning back to remove the panties. I tried to help, but my legs were shaking. After he peeled them off, Nate slid his hands around both my calves and glided his fingers upward. ‘You’ve got fantastic legs,’ he told me quietly. ‘I remember one night while we were watching a movie and you were wearing leggings. It was the first time I’d seen you in anything that showed the shape of them.’ He kissed the inside of my knee and looked back up at me with a fierceness that made me throb. ‘You stretched them out, feet up on the coffee table, and I couldn’t stop staring. I couldn’t believe you’d been hiding those long, gorgeous legs. I dreamt of your legs that night, Liv. I dreamt they were wrapped around my back while I f**ked your brains out.’

    Need flipped in my belly at his admission. ‘God … Nate …’

    ‘That’s right, babe,’ he murmured as he lifted my right leg over his shoulder and parted me. ‘I’m taking you straight to heaven.’

    ‘Heaven. Hell,’ I panted, my fingers raking the wall. ‘Who cares as long as I ride there on an orgasm.’

    It was a strange but not unpleasant sensation to feel the huff of his laughter on my sex.

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