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  • Before Jamaica Lane(On Dublin Street #3)(80) by Samantha Young
  • His eyes glittered at me. ‘Say you’re mine.’


    ‘Tell me you’re mine.’

    What the hell was he doing?

    ‘Nate, don’t stop, I’m so close.’

    He circled his hips against me, teasing me. ‘Tell me you’re mine.’

    ‘Of course I’m yours,’ I snapped. ‘Now bloody well f**k me!’

    Nate’s grin was quick, melting hurriedly beneath his own growing need as he began to pump into me again, his movements gaining speed as my breathing stuttered.

    ‘Oh God!’ I slapped my palms against the floor. ‘Oh God, oh God! Nate!’

    The pressure blew and the orgasm that tore through me was so epic my eyes actually rolled to the back of my head. My lower body shuddered against Nate’s thrusts, my inner muscles clamping hard around him. Nate came with a shout of release rather than his usual groan. His hips jerked in hard shudders against me as the orgasm rolled through him, setting off little aftershocks in my body.

    He braced over me, his eyes wide as we stared at each other in blissed-out shock.

    It was safe to say … best sex ever. Ever!

    Gently releasing his hold on my legs, Nate fell to the floor beside me, and we lay with our heads together, panting hard, slick with sweat, staring up at his white ceiling.

    ‘So,’ Nate said once he had his breathing under control, ‘this is my place.’

    Smiling, I said, ‘I like the wall. And that’s a good ceiling.’

    We turned our heads to look at each other and instantly burst out laughing.

    I was still giggling as Nate rolled into me, his hands shifting through my hair as I wrapped my hands lightly around his back. ‘Want to see the rest of it?’

    I pretended to contemplate this for a moment and then asked, ‘Do you have a slatted headboard?’

    His answering grin was slow and wicked. ‘Are you asking me to tie you down?’

    I nodded my affirmative. ‘In every way you possibly can.’

    Nate’s expression softened to absolute tenderness and he leaned down to press a soft kiss to my mouth. ‘That,’ he whispered, ‘I can definitely do.’


    It was a warm spring evening, a slight breeze whispering over my bared arms as I stalked toward Club 39 in my stilettos. Two guys passed me and I felt their eyes drift over me. Glancing up at them out of the corner of my own, I found them staring appreciatively at my legs.

    A few months ago I would have somehow managed to convince myself that they weren’t staring appreciatively – that they were staring in bemusement at the fat girl who had dared to wear a dress. I knew that wasn’t true anymore. I had good legs. I was showing them off.

    But not for these guys.

    No, my pins were out on display for Nate Sawyer and Nate Sawyer only.

    I’m happy for you, Soda Pop.

    I smiled to myself. Yeah. I think my mom would be really happy for me.

    My heels had just hit the end of the line to get into Club 39 when my cell rang. Pulling it out of the black clutch with the ruby clasp that matched the scarlet red dress I was wearing, I saw my dad’s name and instantly answered.

    ‘Hey, baby girl. Dee and I were wondering if you and Nate wanted to pop by the flat for a beer?’

    ‘I’d love that, Dad, but how about tomorrow night instead? I’m meeting Nate and the gang for drinks.’

    ‘Not a problem. Sounds good. Is Nate there? I wanted to ask him if he’d talked to his journalist friend yet about doing a piece about the business.’

    I grinned, looking at my stilettos. They were suede and they were dark red. They were awesome. I’d chosen my outfit carefully for Nate. Nate, whom I’d officially been seeing for only the past week. Already my dad was trying to extract favors out of him. ‘I’m meeting him inside. You can ask him tomorrow.’

    ‘Okay, sweetheart.’ He was silent a moment and I moved along the line, now descending the stairs to the basement bar. ‘So things are good?’

    ‘Things are great.’

    ‘I’m happy for you. Your mum would have been so happy for you.’

    Tears burned behind my eyes. ‘You know I was just thinking that exact same thing.’

    ‘Well –’ My dad’s voice was suddenly gruff so I knew he’d gotten all emotional on me. ‘I’ll let you go. Have fun.’

    ‘ ’Bye, Dad.’

    I slipped my phone back into my clutch and pondered the fact that I felt physically brilliant. For the first time in the longest time, I felt like I was breathing free. Although I’d once admitted my fear to Nate that I was somehow, maybe, deep down, harboring some kind of resentment toward my mother, I knew now that it wasn’t true. I think what I really feared was somehow disappointing her, and I knew that the only way I could ever disappoint my mom was by not being happy.

    It was amazing the kind of relief being happy brought a person.

    The pieces of my life were falling together nicely. I had a job I loved, friends I adored, a makeshift family I couldn’t be without, I finally liked myself all the way through, and I was in love with a beautiful man who loved me back just as much.

    Something Nate had set about proving all week long.

    Much of that proof of love had been physical, and I swear to God I’d lost five pounds from all the activity. Not that I was complaining.

    The bouncer at the doors to Club 39 smiled wolfishly at me, giving me a chin lift as I passed him with a secret smile. My secret smile wasn’t for him, though. It was for Nate. After Angus had asked me to work a little later that night, I’d called Nate to tell him to meet me at the bar rather than picking me up. This meant I got to make an entrance for him, but it also ensured that we actually went out, rather than becoming distracted by each other in the bedroom. It was important that we went out tonight, since it was the first night we’d be spending as a couple with our group. Despite not being able to drink, even Joss would be there.

    ‘You’re coming?’ I’d asked, surprised when she’d called me to confirm the time.

    ‘Hell, yeah. Nate Sawyer brought to heel. Yeah, that’s definitely something I want to see for myself.’

    ‘I haven’t brought him to heel,’ I’d argued.

    ‘Olivia, he’s been screwing anything that moves for as long as I’ve known him. I’ve wanted a woman to throw him off course since the first night I met him. Nothing on this earth will stop me from witnessing him drooling over you.’

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