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  • Blood Past(Warriors of Ankh #2)(28) by Samantha Young
  • Eden frowned. “The what?”

    “You know… it's such a high after your first kill but you've not had a hunt since. It can sometimes feel like your crashing after a buzz. If so… we could patrol tonight?” They'd been sending out patrols in twos and fours every night just to make sure they'd definitely cleared Edinburgh of soul eaters. So far… so good.

    But Eden shook her head at him. “No, it's not that. But you go on patrol if you want.” OK, now he knew something was up. Eden turning down some action? “Just tell me what's wrong?” He tried to keep the chick-like anxiety out of his voice.

    “It's stupid.” She shrugged, trying to blow him off. “I feel like a chick just thinking about it.” He smiled. They were so alike in so many ways. “Uh… hate to tell you this, baby, but you are a chick.”

    She blinked. “Baby?”


    “You called me baby. You've never done that before.”

    Unsure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, Noah shifted uncomfortably. “Do you not want me to?” He was completely confused. This whole relationship thing was new to him anyway but to be in one with Eden, the most unpredictable female on the planet…

    “No, it's not that,” she reassured sliding away from him to lean back against Tobe's headboard.

    “It's just… it's stupid but… um… I saw you with Natalie today and she was putting what I can only imagine was her phone number into the ass pocket of your jeans.” Realisation dawned, and watching Eden look anywhere but at him filled Noah with a massive sense of relief. Yeah, OK, Natalie had been trying to get him in the sack since she'd met him. And that afternoon hadn't actually been her boldest move. Noah had almost jammed a fork in her hand at the restaurant last week when her other hand descended under the table and began wandering in inappropriate places. Come to think of it, Noah had kind of hoped Eden's attitude that night had meant she was jealous. Now that he was proved right… well… he knew he shouldn't enjoy it, but it was nice knowing she felt just as off-balance by what was going on between them as he did. He grinned, shrugging. “Look it was just her number and I crumpled it up and put it in the trash as soon as I could.”

    Eden glared at him for grinning so he tried to force his lips to stop and was amused even more by how difficult he found it.

    “But she's not the first one, right? There are others? There have been others.” It suddenly wasn't so funny anymore. Noah sighed heavily. He should have known his past would come back to bite him on the ass. “Look, I'm not gonna lie, I have a rep with the Neith for not exactly being a one woman guy. But that's over now.”

    He was astonished when her blue-green eyes flashed at him with anger and anxiety. “Is it?” That earlier panic returned tenfold and Noah slid up next to her, terrified that this was actually going to be a problem. He cupped her face between his hands, trembling like a teenage boy on his first date. “You came into my life and changed everything. You changed me, Eden. You've brought me down to earth and I needed that. I love being Ankh, I do, it's a massive part of who I am, but before you… that's all  there was. Everything else stretched out before me, a yawning eternal chasm of boredom… and I played around as a way to try to stem the boredom. I've watched my parents for years and envied them but I never thought I'd ever be lucky enough to have what they have. To have someone in my life that makes me feel so alive; someone who challenges me, who makes me feel things I didn't know I was capable of feeling. You've changed my world, Eden,” he whispered, his heart pounding as he pressed a kiss to her soft, warm lips. He pulled back to lean his forehead against hers, glad to see the fear and anxiety melt out of her eyes. “Plus, immortality just isn't cool without you.”

    She laughed and leaned into him, her hands unconsciously reaching up to grab the front of his t-shirt. And then she sobered, dropping her gaze. “I'm scared of how you make me feel.” Relief swept through him and he sighed, glad to know they were on the same page. “I know. I feel that way too. But I can promise you that I am not going anywhere.” He took a minute, heart thumping so hard now he felt a little sick as he pulled back to meet her gaze. Here goes… “I love you.” His heart accelerated as her eyes widened in disbelief. It felt as if she kept him suspended in that excruciating moment forever. But then she was kissing him, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. He kissed her back, somehow unable to refuse her lips despite the turmoil. What did this mean?

    Did she-

    Eden pulled back. “I love you too, dude.”

    Undiluted joy burst over him and he laughed, yanking her back against him. He kissed her hard and deep, his hand clasping the back of her head, tangled in the thick mass of her silky hair. He'd fantasised about her hair spread across his pillow for far longer than he cared to admit. When she moaned against his lips, his muscles tensed, his blood flow changing direction and heading for one area. He tried to take it slow. He did. But she smelled amazing, like chocolate orange, and she felt amazing, so soft and warm…

    Oh man.

    He pressed her down under him, his lips reluctantly leaving her mouth to trail butterfly kisses down her neck. His hand slid down her waist, her hip, to the back of her thigh, and he clasped it, tilting her tighter against him.

    “Noah,” she gasped, and the sound of his name on her lips, like that, snapped all of his control. He started murmuring nonsense love words, stuff he'd never imagined saying to anyone, about how he'd dreamed about this for so long, needed her. He'd always been the silent type, but not with her. After everything she'd gone through, he wanted her to know that there was someone who loved her more than life itself.

    He rocked against her and they gasped against each other's lips. “Eden,” he groaned, reaching for the hem of her shirt, his eyes asking if it was alright.

    In answer she began sliding the shirt up, revealing a gorgeous toned stomach that he couldn't resist pressing a kiss to.

    The sound of the door blasting open behind them jerked them away from each other and at the sight of Val's harried appearance Noah quickly slid a pillow over himself.

    Eden huffed in frustration. “We need to get a room with a lock.” Chapter Twenty Two

    Ripped from a Happy Place

    If she hadn't been so hot and bothered and frustrated, Eden might have laughed at Val's inopportune interruption. And then she finally saw the look on Val's face and any humour she might have found in the situation dissipated.

    Something was wrong.

    Really wrong.

    She scrambled upright, her eyes wide as she asked, “What's going on?” Val's jaw clenched in anger. “October and Cameron.”

    Those two words sent Eden's heart into spluttering palpitations, a sick fear churning in her stomach. “What about them? Where are they?”

    “They were out together,” Val growled. “We've just received a letter. A letter from Teagan.” Eden tumbled back, feeling as if the bed had been whipped out from under her. Her eyes teared as she gazed numbly around the room. She didn't need it spelled out for her. She knew exactly what was happening and she wanted to throw the news up all over Tobe's carpet.

    “Get yourselves together and come downstairs,” Val ordered. “McLeish and Cameron's mother are here.”

    Not saying a word to Noah, guilt eating at her, Eden followed Val out of the room, ignoring Noah as he called out to her as he hurried to play catch up.

    The tension downstairs was unbearable, the press of so many worried adults in one room like a stone slab on Eden's chest. Her whole body was thrumming with a quiet rage as she listened to Cyrus explain what was happening. Teagan had sent a note and photographic evidence that he had Tobe and Cameron captured in an old, disused nightclub near somewhere called Tollcross. It was only a fifteen minute walk from the house. Arrogant, cocksure. Teagan wanted to trade them for Eden and Eden was to come alone. She was more than ready to face her cousin.

    She felt her stomach clench. She'd kill him if he'd put his perverted disgusting hands anywhere near them!

    She should have known. She should have known he would come back for her. She had known.

    Deep down. And now she'd put the people she cared about in danger.

    I'm going to kill him.

    It was decided that Eden was strong enough to take on Teagan and that she should be allowed to do this. They would surround the nightclub and once Tobe and Cameron were safe they'd go in to help Eden take out Teagan.


    Noah was furious. Cyrus was refusing to let him come with them, ordering him to stay and babysit Mhairi, Alison and the McLeish boys!

    “Your feelings for Eden are too new and I believe they could put you in danger. Both of you. You would not be thinking clearly.”

    There was no way in hell he was letting Eden go into this without him. “I'm coming.” Cyrus' face hardened. “Do not, Noah.”

    “If you think for one-”

    “Noah, please.” Eden was suddenly beside him, a placating hand on his arm. “I have to get Tobe and Cameron back and I can't do that if you and I are too busying worrying about each other. I'll be fine. I have Cyrus and Val. So please… stay and look after Mhairi and Alison. Someone has to protect them too.”

    He gulped, trying to swallow the overwhelming panic he felt. He had to remember what it had been like to watch her take out that soul eater. She had been awesome. He had to remember and trust in her capabilities. Easier said than done. Sighing, Noah reluctantly nodded. He had faith. “Go.” When she left, his lips were still tingling from the fleeting kiss she'd given him. He gazed at the door, forcing himself not to rush out after her.

    “Welcome to the wonderful world of being in love, Mr Valois.” Mhairi Douglas threw him a sad, worried smile. “It changes us in ways we could never imagine.” Not really in the mood for her twisted wisdom, Noah concentrated on the fear she was trying to keep hidden. “Eden's a great warrior, Mhairi. Tobe's coming home in one piece and very soon.” She nodded, features tight. “I have faith.”

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