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  • Blood Solstice ( The Tale of Lunarmorte, book 3 ) read free online by Samantha Young
    Enter a world of fierce wolves, stunning magic and romance...

    In the final installment of The Tale of Lunarmorte, Caia is caught between the most powerful beings in her world, and they are all desperate to use her for their own means. While Caia struggles to find her purpose, tragedy strikes close to home, and time runs out.
    Now she must decide if she will join the extremists she was trying to destroy... or bring them all down on her own terms...

    REVIEWS for Blood Solstice

    "Samantha Young has created a well crafted series with characters you just can't help but love." YA Indie Princess Reviews

    "Blood Solstice is one heck of a series ending! Full of action, twists, and an emotional engaging roller coaster of a ride, Blood Solstice is a must read." Mundie Moms Reviews

    "I highly recommend this series to all who love vampires, werewolves, witches and Greek Mythology. Believe me, you will NOT be disappointed." Once Upon a Twilight Reviews

    "Samantha does a terrific job keeping readers engaged... each story is exciting and suspenseful, there is not a single dull moment. This book wrapped everything up beautifully... " Remarkable Reads Reviews
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