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  • Blood Solstice(The Tale of Lunarmorte #3)(39) by Samantha Young
  • “Where’s Eliza?” she asked in panic.

    Marion waved away the question soothingly. “She’s at the Center.”

    “But she’s a Midnight.” Oh goddess what if the Council had her locked up?

    However, Marion was shaking her head. “Eliza’s fine. She’s being well taken care of. Penelope has taken her under her protection. She was surprised to see me alive though.”

    Caia grunted but relaxed marginally at the news Penelope was the one watching over Eliza. Of all the Council, she seemed the most ready to believe that Midnight’s might just be alright after all.

    “Caia, what happened?” Jaeden asked abruptly. “Marion took Saffron and Vil to that inn and when they got there, there was nothing left of it. Just rubble and debris, and the ash from Marita and her magiks’ bodies.”

    Marita and her magiks’ bodies! Relief flooded through her entire being. “I did it?” she breathed. “I killed her?”

    Reuben was grinning. “Looks like.”

    She frowned, remembering the disgusting mess she had made of Ethan when she had used that same strange energy burst on him. “Why was there ash?” she whispered and looked directly at Marion, seeking answers. “Last time with Ethan… there was… you know, gore and stuff…”

    The witch matched her expression. “Interesting. Did you feel any differently this time around, when you did whatever the Hades it is you do?”

    As she forced herself to relive the moment pinned beneath Marita and the other magiks’ power, she realized her fear for Marita and her evil had been even greater than that of her uncle. Perhaps because now she fully comprehended the impact a person that powerful and ruthless would have on their world.

    “I felt more,” she whispered.

    “Then perhaps the energy this time was more powerful. Not to mention you’ve come along a little further in your magik since then.”

    Nodding, Caia decided not to let it worry her. Knowing Marita was out of the picture should relieve her, take the pressure off. Not add to it. She leaned into Lucien and he pulled her into his side, placing a kiss on the top of her head. “I did it.”

    “You did it,” he murmured.

    “So what happened to you?” Jaeden persisted.

    “I was taken to hospital by humans.” She threw a worried look at Marion. “We need to get back any blood tests, and mess with the memories of all the people who dealt with me and the scene of the ‘incident’.”

    Marion nodded militantly. “Of course. Which hospital?”

    “Edinburgh.” Caia shook her head trying to remember the name the nurse had given her, but in all the chaos she couldn’t. “I dunno which one.”

    Reuben shrugged. “That’s easy. You obviously used your magik there.”


    “I can sense each magiks’ different energy.” He tapped his nose. “I’ll just follow this. I’ll need Marion and Saffron’s help.”

    “Of course.” Marion nodded, and then she smiled sadly at Caia.

    I killed her sister.

    “I’m sorry, Marion,” she whispered.

    The witch shook her head, her lips pinched. She came forward, drawing Caia into a delicate hug. “Don’t be. You did what I couldn’t.”

    Pulling back, Marion glanced at Reuben and Saffron over her shoulder. “Let’s make this quick.” She held a hand out to Reuben and he clutched it tightly as if offering her comfort.

    Caia sighed. Sometimes he could be pretty sweet when he wanted to be.

    With a little buzz in the air all three of them vanished.

    A tense silence fell among the pack, a heightened sense of expectation leaping from member to member. They wanted to know where they went from here. But as Caia’s eyes drifted over them and came to a stop on Rose, who stood a little off to the side from the rest of them, they would have to wait and see until after her showdown. The lykan flinched under Caia’s regard and she immediately saw the guilt there.

    A snarl ripped up from deep within her, and she shot her hand out, sending Rose flying back into the wall with a crack of her head. She raised her up with her magik and pinned her there.

    “Caia, what the hell!” Lucien gripped her arm tightly and tried to pull her back. The pack broke apart as if unsure what to do; the children crying out, frightened by the unexpected attack. The only one who appeared calm was Jaeden who took a step towards Caia.

    “What did she do?” she asked with a growl.

    Through her anger she felt a deep connection of friendship to Jae, and her gratitude for it was undying. “She called Marita. She told her about the Septum. She betrayed us.”

    “No.” Lucien growled. “Caia, you’re mistaken.” He tugged once more at her hand trying to break her hold.

    She threw him an angry, hurt look. “You believe her over me?” she whispered hoarsely, not letting go.

    He glared at her. “I think you’ve been through a lot of strain. Caia, for goddess sakes.” He wrapped a hand around her waist and tried to pull her away from Rose.

    A noise of distress drifted out of Jaeden and Lucien was being shoved away from Caia with an invisible force. Jae was using her telekinesis against the Alpha. He was glaring at Caia, though, so he thought it was her, and she wasn’t about to give Jae away.

    “I’m telling you the truth. Marita told me Rose told her where to get Eliza. How else would she have found out? And she has motive. She’s in love with you and wants me gone!”

    “Lucien, no!” Rose shrieked from her place up on the wall. “She’s lying. I didn’t do that!”

    Fury shot through Caia and she gripped a magikal hand around the lykan’s throat, choking her. “People died because of you!”

    “Caia, stop it, that’s an order!” Lucien yelled.

    Seemingly out of nowhere, little Laila strolled slowly out in front of the trio and came to a stop before Rose. Tentatively, she reached upwards and placed a gentle hand on Rose’s. The lykan watched her warily and then stopped struggling. Laila took her hand away, her shoulders wilting, and turned back towards Caia and Lucien. “I think she betrayed us to Marita, Lucien.”

    He shook his head in disbelief and Rose’s eyes widened. “No! It’s not true.”

    Caia choked her harder and she began to make horrible gagging sounds.

    “Caia-” Magnus implored quietly.

    “Caia, don’t.” Laila shook her head, and some of the anger dissipated a little, enough to bring her back under control.

    She relaxed her grip but kept Rose suspended. “Tell him the truth.”

    No answer.

    She envisioned a little water filling up Rose’s airways and the lykan must have felt it because she began to struggle.

    “Tell him the truth!”

    She nodded frantically so Caia made the water disappear. “OK!” She cried, frightened tears streaming down her cheeks. “I did it! I went to Marita, but only to protect you and your pack from her!” She gestured hatefully to Caia. “She’s a monster, Lucien!”

    An almighty howl exploded around the room followed by a harsh row of snarls. When he spoke his lykan was evident in his words, “Caia, let me go.”

    Caia nodded subtly at Jae and Lucien slumped free. He straightened immediately and clamped a hand down on Caia’s shoulder. “Let her go.”

    Gazing up into his eyes, she saw pain and betrayal and sorrow. She wished she could take it all away from him. With a sympathetic nod Caia retracted her magik and Rose crumpled to the floor with a thud.

    The pack all turned on her, and their Alpha approached her like a hunter going in for the kill. She scrambled against the floor until her back pressed against the wall, her lips trembling, pathetic tears spilling down her pretty cheeks.

    “Please…” she whimpered.

    Lucien’s hands curled into fists. Caia knew how difficult this was for him. “As pack Alpha it is my prerogative to kill you for your act of betrayal against the pack and it’s Alpha’s mate.”

    A terrified sob ripped out of Rose.

    “But I’m not going to. You don’t deserve a quick death and I’m afraid that’s all I’d be capable of. No.” He glanced back at Caia and his eyes begged for forgiveness. For a moment he didn’t seem to be able to look anywhere else and Caia wanted to run to him and tell him it was OK… it was all over. She nodded to encourage him and his gaze moved to Vil. “I’m going to leave your judgment, Rose, to the Council.”

    The magik instantly understood and moved towards the female. She cried and shook but didn’t give him a struggle as he pulled her to her feet, clamping a hand on her upper arm.

    “Ryder, the Council know you. Go with Vil and explain, please.”

    His friend nodded and strode forward to take Rose’s other arm. The three of them disappeared.

    Unable to resist any longer, Caia crossed the room to Lucien and placed a comforting hand on his back. He turned into her. “I am so sorry, Caia.”

    “You couldn’t have known.”

    Jae snorted, “I always disliked the bitch.”

    Caia winced. “Not the time.”


    She let Lucien hold her, ignoring the pack as they mumbled to one another about everything that had happened. So much had happened. So much was still to come. Wanting nothing more than to go back to Lucien’s room and lose herself in him, Caia drew back from him instead. She wouldn’t be allowed that luxury for now… perhaps ever. Her mate wanted no part in the war but she… she was a piece of it.

    She traced the annulet on her palm she had been trying to keep hidden from the pack and gestured for them to sit around the dining table.

    “I have to tell you what’s been going on,” she said wearily as she perched on the chair at the head of the table, trying to ignore Lucien’s burning gaze. She held up the palm with the annulet and they all frowned, mumbling queries.

    “What is that?” Lucien demanded.

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