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  • Blood Will Tell(Warriors of Ankh #1)(7) by Samantha Young
  • “Romany.” He managed a smile just before she kissed him, long, slow and deep. When she finally allowed him up for air, he squeezed her a little closer. “What are you doing here?”

    “Can’t a girl visit her boyfriend every now and then?”

    Noah pulled back, throwing her a look as he dumped his keys on the sideboard and headed for the mini fridge for a Coke. “Not when he’s on assignment.”

    Romany pouted at him, her hands sliding onto her hips. She wore a sleeveless tank with tight fitting jeans. Comfortable clothes that outlined her toned and strong physique. Under those jeans would be a dagger or two. Just in case. “It’s been a while, Noah. I wanted to see you. I’ve missed you.”

    He smiled at her but didn’t say it back. Romany was a Warrior of Neith and one of many mortal warrior girls Noah had fooled around with over the years. Sure, he and Romany had been together a few years, since she was eighteen years old in fact, but he’d never bored of the relationship because she wasn’t clingy. Or so he’d thought.

    She seemed to read his mind and snorted. “Oh get your head out of your ass, Noah. I’m here because Cyrus sent me to warn you.”

    Instantly his body hardened and he froze with the can inches from his mouth. His eyes said, ‘well?’

    Suddenly Romany grew serious and cool. “Word is out on you and Cyrus’ little half-blood. Despite our best efforts, there’s a faction out there who believe she’s an abomination.”

    Noah’s heart began to pound. Abomination was never a good word to throw around. “They’re coming for her?”

    Romany nodded. “They don’t know where she is yet… but you better watch your back, Noah. I happen to like it.”

    Chapter Five

    The Monster Within

    “What are you doing, Stellan?” Eden asked quietly, her eyes flitting between him and the pretty girl on his bed.

    After she’d fled from Noah, Eden had wandered around for a while, trying to gain control over herself, trying not to cry in public. She couldn’t believe she’d almost hurt Noah. Noah. She’d taken her frustrations out on a guy who’d pulled out on her as she was trying to leave the parking lot. Her horn nearly broke under extreme use and the poor guy was bright red with embarrassment from the blasting she gave him. She told herself she didn’t feel guilty for being a bitch.

    She thought about driving around for a while, despite the check engine light, and then she’d gotten a text message from Noah.

    Things will work out. Promise. N.

    Eden had just been about to smile in relief when her phone buzzed again.

    Haul ur ass back to the house, Paradise. It’s show and tell time.

    At Stellan’s text, her stomach had roiled with nerves, but she knew she wouldn’t ignore him. When she’d gotten home, Celine had been on her way out for one of her own ‘dates’ and had told Eden to stand by for Stellan who had something important to share with her.

    “I think it’s a good idea, so would Ryan. While I’m out, listen to your brother.” The elegant blonde had nodded briskly at her as she passed, reeking of Chanel and evil. Eden watched the door close softly behind her, smirking. That could almost have passed for a normal conversation. I’m going out for a while, darling. Be a good girl and listen to your big brother while I’m gone.

    The young girl on Stellan’s bed, probably a college freshman by the worshipping eyes she cast Stellan’s way, looked up in confusion at Eden standing in the doorway to his bedroom.

    “Good, you’re here.” Stellan grinned up at her and then patted the freshman girl’s hand. “This is Lana.”

    Lana frowned at him. “Why is your little sister here?”

    Yeah, Stellan, why is your little sister here?

    Eden had a feeling she already knew the answer to that. Great, it was like he had a sixth sense or something, cornering her when she was at her weakest.

    In reply, Stellan gripped Lana’s chin lightly and held her gaze. Her body slackened immediately, entranced by him. “Eden’s going to hang out with us for a while, and you’re not going to talk.”

    “Eden’s going to hang out with us for a while, and I’m not going to talk,” Lana repeated.

    The sight of the girl completely defenseless made Eden slightly uncomfortable. This was the side of her brother she liked to pretend did not exist. “Stellan,” she said hesitantly, trembling against the doorframe as the hunger grinned from within.

    He clucked at her wary tone and stood up from the bed. “Eden.” He gave her a patient smile. “You promised you’d let me try and convince you.”

    She nodded numbly, glancing at the girl again, who sat frozen. She almost didn’t look real. Weirdly it made Eden feel a little better.

    “I’m not asking you to feed.” Stellan shook his head reassuringly, and a little of her unease dissipated. “You know I can’t. But watching might change your mind… plus, you should know what to do for your Awakening Ceremony. I promise you’ll want this, Paradise. When I’m done, you’ll need this.” He sounded so reasonable. So loving.

    She shivered, eyes locked on Lana who gazed up at Stellan like he was the second coming. Eden’s hunger scratched at her, like a dog at the door begging to be let in.

    Stellan followed her gaze and smiled. “Watch and learn.” Slowly, he lowered himself back to the bed. “Come closer, Eden.” He threw out at her without taking his eyes off Lana.

    The sickening, cowardly urge to turn and run back to her room fought with the need to please Stellan. To please the hunger. Shuffling forward, Eden obeyed them both.

    Smiling softly, Stellan leaned forward to press what, in any other circumstances, would have been an incredibly romantic kiss on Lana’s lips. The girl sighed into him and reached up to clasp his head to kiss him harder. Eden felt her cheeks heat and lowered her gaze. A husky chuckle rumbled up from the back of Stellan’s throat. “Easy, Lana.” He pulled back. “Eden.”

    Her gaze flew back up to meet his eyes. “I’m still here.”

    “Keep watching,” he insisted. “You grab their head,” he instructed, clasping Lana’s head between his two hands. The girl buckled into him. “Now when I’m done, Eden, I’m going to have to compel her. To compel someone, you merely lock your eyes on theirs and command them. Easy as-”

    “I know how to compel someone,” Eden interrupted.

    He grinned at her in surprise. “Oh really?”

    “French teacher,” she mumbled.

    His eyebrow quirked and he threw her a dopey, knowing smile.

    Eden shrugged. “OK, math teacher too.”

    Laughing, Stellan nodded. “So you know how to compel. Good.” He turned back to the freshman. “Lana,” Stellan whispered like a lover. Eden felt a frisson of excitement rush through her as he tipped her chin and leaned over, his lips inches above the girl’s. At the hitch in his breath his grip tightened and his grey eyes bled of their color to a terrifying white. Only the disturbing black of his pupil remained. The temperature in the room dropped as Eden’s heartbeat increased; need, thrill and revulsion pulsing through her veins like cowardly confused worms. Her brother’s face grew taut, hardening over like marble, and as he began to suck Eden thought she would die with shame. Lana’s eyes flashed wide in terror and pain, her mouth falling open in silent screams as pieces of her soul were drawn out of her and into Stellan in tendrils of a blue smoke-like property. Veins popped up all over Lana’s face, her skin as transparent as tracing paper.

    Slowly the grey returned to Stellan’s eyes and his skin began to soften to normal. Abruptly he stopped, throwing Lana away from him, and the girl lay back on the bed, eyes still slammed open, mouth still shrieking no sound as her skin gradually returned to normal. It was a horrifying sight. Eden began to fight the hunger, the lust for the soul feeding trumped by her disgust now that it was over and this girl…

    “Stop her,” Eden demanded hoarsely, reaching forward and then drawing back. Stellan heaved again, his hands trembling as he tried to compose himself. “Stop her,” she said a little louder, dying to scream. He made no move. “Stop her!” she cried, fighting back tears. Finally processing how upset Eden was, Stellan cursed and leaned over Lana, pulling her to him. As soon as he focused on her eyes, Lana fell limp.

    “You’re OK, Lana. You didn’t feel a thing.”

    “I’m OK. I didn’t feel a thing.”

    “You’re going to get into your car and go home. You were never with me today. You’ve been at the library, studying for the American Literature final.”

    “I’m going to get into my car and go home. I was never with you today. I’ve been at the library, studying for the American Literature final.”

    Eden stared at her as she stood up, smoothing down her dress as if nothing had happened. She strode towards Eden, and just before she brushed past her, Lana turned her head a little to look up at her blankly. Eden stifled a gasp, her fingers curling into fists. A darkness flickered in the depths of Lana’s eyes like a black flame, cruel and useless in light places. As the girl left them, the sound of her heels clacking against the polished stairwell and foyer, followed by the click of the door shutting softly behind her, Eden began to shake, thinking on how confused Lana’s family and friends would grow over the coming days when they realized the girl they knew had changed irrevocably.

    “Paradise.” She felt Stellan’s hand on her shoulder and flinched away from him, glaring. His eyes widened in hurt. “Eden, don’t. This is what we are.”

    Demons. Evil. Soul sucking bastards who took a piece of someone from them forever and left a little monster behind in them. They were cowards. Eden shook, a hot anger flushing across her skin. She was a coward. A coward who stood by and watched her family do it. Her brother, whom she loved. How could she love someone who could do this?

    “I’d die, Eden,” Stellan choked hoarsely, as if he’d read her mind. “First, I’d go insane, and then I’d die. Would you want that?”

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