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  • Echoes of Scotland Street(On Dublin Street #5)(40) by Samantha Young
  • To make up for my lack of trust, I assisted him, stroking him and squeezing him until he was groaning against my mouth. “Now take me inside you.”

    I felt a resurgence of energy at the blaze in his expression. I lifted myself up onto my knees and guided him inside me. I slowly lowered myself back down.

    “Oh God,” I panted, feeling overwhelmingly full.

    I clutched Cole’s shoulders, watching the way his teeth gritted and his eyes darkened as his dick slid snugly inside me. His fingers bit into my hip as I lowered as far as I could and lifted myself back up. He pushed me back down and then back up, taking control of the rhythm. I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing us flush so my hard, swollen nipples rubbed against his chest as I rode him.

    We gasped against each other’s lips, our grip on each other tightening as we soared toward climax.

    “Come for me, Shannon,” Cole grunted. “Come.”

    I nodded on a whimper as I neared the heights. Cole slid his hand between my legs, and his thumb pressed circles around my clit. The sensation blew the top off my head and I screamed.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Cole yelled hoarsely, his fingers digging into my hips as he jerked up in one last hard thrust. I felt him swell even thicker inside me before he throbbed and his hot, wet release filled me. “Oh, fuck.” His chest heaved against mine as I collapsed on him, my head burrowing against the crook of his neck. He held me tightly.

    His penis continued to pulse inside me as my inner muscles quivered around it.

    When our breathing finally calmed, Cole said, “We’re not even close to done.”

    “I don’t know if I can take much more,” I replied. And I meant it. I was sated and languorous and all I wanted was to fall asleep while still wrapped around him.

    Cole eased me back from him and I pouted playfully. He smiled and kissed the pout right off my lips. With ease, he lifted me off his cock and gently lowered me onto the bed. I watched his delicious, firm arse walk across the room and into the en suite. He returned, after obviously disposing of the condom, and when he reached me he pulled me up onto my feet. “Now you can sit on my face so I can taste you like I’ve been fantasizing about tasting you since you stepped foot into the studio.”

    I’d thought I was done.

    But my sex clenched at his hot visual and unbelievably I knew I wasn’t done.

    A few seconds later Cole was lying sprawled out on the bed, the sexiest offering known to womankind, and I was crawling up his body. I’d never done this before. Of course I’d had boyfriends put their mouths on me, but I’d never done it this way.

    My legs shaking—from this or my last two climaxes, I had no idea—I faltered above him.

    Cole sensed my uncertainty and took control, guiding me over him.

    I felt his tongue thrust into me, and that was all it took. I was lost again, shyness evaporating.

    When I came again, this time was sharper and shorter but no less sweet, and by the time I was done, Cole was hard again. He wrapped me around him and lifted me up off the bed. I noted he grabbed another condom out of his drawer before carrying me as he walked out of the bedroom. “You weigh absolutely nothing.” He squeezed my bottom, smiling as he entered the kitchen.

    I felt the cold wooden table on my cheeks as he lowered me onto it. I stroked his sleek back as he spread my legs. My arms fell as he stepped back and I gripped the table edge, focused on my own thoughts as Cole’s burning gaze roamed over my entire body. “Rae said your first big crush was on Nate’s wife, Olivia.”

    Confused at the random turn in conversation, Cole frowned at me. “What?”

    “Olivia,” I repeated. “And I’ve seen pictures of past girlfriends and I’ve heard all about them. You have a type. And it’s tall and leggy and curvy and often brunette. You have an attraction to tall.”

    Getting my point, Cole grinned and stepped back into my space, guiding my legs around his waist. “I have a new appreciation for tiny.” His eyes smoldered as his hands glided along my outer thighs. “Delicate, beautiful, fragile. I want to protect you while at the same time I want to shatter you,” he murmured against my lips, “but only in the best way possible.” The glint in his eyes reassured me. “Tiny but curvy.” His hands moved up along my waist to cup my breasts, his thumbs stroking my pebbled nipples. “Sexiest woman I’ve ever been with.” His right hand disappeared between my legs as he held my gaze and slid two fingers into my slick heat. “Beautiful here too.” His breathing started to escalate. “You feel fucking amazing.” He groaned the last word and his fingers disappeared for a few seconds as he put on protection. A few more seconds after that he thrust inside me.

    I cried out, my hands sliding back on the tabletop as Cole pumped into me. Our gasps and groans and the wet drive of his cock in and out of me echoed off the kitchen tiles, the sounds of sex turning me on just as much as the feel of Cole inside me.

    I came for the fourth time that night, taking Cole right along with me.

    Suddenly I was being lifted in the air again and sleepily I clung to Cole as he carried me back to his bedroom, too tired to ask him why he’d relocated us in the first place. There he laid me in his bed, my front to his front, and he pulled my leg over his hip so our bodies were as close as they could be.

    I snuggled deeper into him, my nose pressed to his throat, and Cole’s arms tightened around me.

    CHAPTER 14

    T he chill seeped into me, raising goose bumps on my skin and pulling me out of sleep. I lingered on the edges of unconsciousness, too tired to come fully out of it.

    “Shortcake, it’s time to get up¸” a low voice said.

    I groaned and buried my head deeper into the softness of the pillow.

    I heard laughter. “Shannon, we have to get up for work.”

    “Mmm, no,” I muttered, and followed up with a shiver. It occurred to me that the covers and warm body that had been keeping me nice and cozy all night had abandoned me. I patted down the length of my body, searching for the duvet, but before I could find it Cole grabbed my hand.

    I supposed that would do instead.

    I tugged on his hand with all my strength until his chest was against my back and his arm was over my waist. Warmer already, I tucked his hand beneath mine against my cleavage.

    The vibrations of his chuckle from his chest to my back made me smile sleepily. A smile that left me quite abruptly when Cole lifted me right out of the bed.

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