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  • Echoes of Scotland Street(On Dublin Street #5)(41) by Samantha Young
  • I yelped in surprise, my eyes flying open. I clung to him as he climbed off the bed and started toward the en suite bathroom. Too tired to speak coherently, I made a few noises of complaint.

    My brain started to wake up just as his gorgeous face came into focus. “I have a five-hour session today that I can’t be late for.” He stepped into the large shower and lowered me to my feet.

    Thankfully he still kept a grip on me, because my eyes instantly closed and I swayed. We’d fallen asleep late and I’d definitely not had my eight hours of sleep. I needed my eight hours, or as close to it as possible, in order to function normally.

    Cole snorted. “You really aren’t a morning person, are you?”

    I mumbled something about needing eight hours, but I’d have been surprised if it was intelligible.

    “I’m going to put the shower on now. I really need you to wake up.”

    I nodded. “Mmm-hmm.”

    Apparently he understood I was giving him the go-ahead to turn on the shower, because the water poured down on me, too cold, and I gasped, my eyes flying open. Cole was smirking while he fiddled with the temperature dial.

    “That was deliberate,” I huffed, shoving him.

    He grinned and grabbed my arm, pulling me into him. “It got your eyes open, didn’t it?”

    I frowned. “Meanie.”

    “You are really quite adorable when you’re tired.” He gently turned me around. “I’ll wash you. You wash me.”

    I turned back to him. “You first. I’ll just fall asleep again if we start with me.”

    Cole handed me the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. The washing him part of the morning was fun and soon I was fully conscious. I had unfettered access to Cole’s hard body, but unfortunately there was a time constraint, so it was a quick but wonderfully pleasant exploration. We ran into a bit of a problem when it came to washing his hair.

    I wrapped my hands around him and pressed my cheek to his back. “I’m too short to reach your hair.”

    I felt, more than heard, him chuckling before he took the shampoo and conditioner and did it himself. I stood back from the spray and drank him in for a moment. He really was the most fantastic-looking man I’d ever had the good fortune to bed.

    “Your turn.”

    Just as I’d thought I might, I almost drifted off again as Cole washed my hair. It was only when he started soaping the rest of me that my eyes flew open. I sucked in air as he slipped two fingers over my clit. I felt his erection dig into me. His warm breath puffed against my right ear as he bent down to whisper, “If you trusted me I could be inside you right about now.”

    Reluctantly I pulled away from Cole’s tormenting touch so I could face him. Uncertainty made me want to run screaming from the shower, and yet at the same time I felt panic flare to life as I forced out, “I told you I don’t want anyone to get hurt here, and as much as I want to trust you it’s probably not going to happen . . . Maybe we should just stop before this goes too far.”

    To my surprise this amused Cole. He shook his head with a smile. “We’re doing this. You will learn to trust me.”

    I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t hide my reaction from him.

    To my consternation Cole laughed and held me in a naked, wet cuddle.

    Unfortunately he gave good naked, wet cuddles and I found myself relaxing against him despite myself. “Has anyone ever told you you’re exceptionally arrogant?”

    He stroked my spine and murmured, “You say arrogant. I say optimistic.”

    I laughed.

    “I love that sound.” He caressed my bottom. “Now let’s get out of here before we make each other late for work.”

    *   *   *

    Holding my hand, Cole led me into INKarnate. The bell above the door chimed and Simon and Rae, who were chatting by the reception desk, turned to look at us. Their eyes immediately zoomed in on the handholding.

    Rae had just opened her mouth to speak when Cole beat her to it. “Before you say anything, I’d like to remind you I’m your boss.”

    She replied with a long, drawn-out snort. “I don’t think we’re the ones who need that reminder since we’re not the ones who just fucked an employee or our boss.”

    I glanced up at Cole. He looked comically affronted. “I did no such thing.” Something wicked glinted in his eyes. “If anyone did the fuc—”

    “Finish that sentence and die.” I let go of his hand and crossed my arms over my chest.

    He grinned and strolled over to Rae and Simon to give them the coffee we’d brought them.

    To my relief, the ribbing seemed to be over. Rae sighed. “Big day today. Cole, you’ve got a five-hour piece, I’ve got two second sessions for removals, and that means, Simon, you’ve got a fuck load of smaller appointments to contend with. Try to keep up.”

    Simon gave her a wry smile. “No pressure, then.”

    I grabbed a pad of paper off the desk. “Give me your lunch orders now and I’ll run out and grab some sandwiches. It’ll be too busy later on today for me to be able to nip out for them.”

    They gave me their orders and Rae and Simon went to their rooms to set up. Cole, however, stayed.

    I put the lunch money in my purse. “What is it?”

    “Nothing.” He shrugged. “Just trying to work out how I’m going to get through today—all I can think about is how good it feels to be inside you.”

    My blood instantly heated at the sudden turn of conversation. I pressed a hand to my hot cheek. “I’m so glad I’m not a typical redhead. I’d be wearing a constant beamer around you.”

    “Personally I think the blushing would be fun.”

    I rolled my eyes and gently nudged him aside. “Yeah, for you.”

    Cole’s hand wrapped around my wrist and he pulled me back to him. He swallowed my gasp as he lifted me clean off my feet and crushed his mouth down on mine. Arms around his neck, I kissed him back for a few seconds before he gently lowered me to the floor, kissed my nose, and strode off into the back of the shop.

    Feeling more than a little foggy, I had to physically shake myself out of the sexual stupor he’d put me in.

    I was beginning to feel less and less in control of this whole situation.

    *   *   *

    It was an understatement to say we were busy. The odd few times I did see Cole he was completely professional around the customers and I didn’t have to worry about him making any more heated comments that flustered me. I did, however, have to contend with an increasingly itchy tattoo.

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