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  • Moon Spell(The Tale of Lunarmorte #1)(8) by Samantha Young
  • At least, she thought somewhat happily, she had a two lykans who were on her side.

    As she climbed into Jaeden’s Buick, Caia felt like she could breathe again. Her first day of school had gone as expected, except for the overwhelming sense of ‘pack’ that was being thrust upon her. It was strange but even when one of them hadn’t been in a class with her she had felt their energy throughout the school.

    She threw a tired smile at Jaeden. “That was interesting.”

    For once Jaeden didn’t laugh. “Cy, I’m sorry about Mal.”

    “Don’t be. I mean, he’s harmless, right?”

    “Oh yeah,” she agreed quickly. “But, well, it can’t be easy for you coming back to all this. You don’t need a jerk like Malek sniffing after to you. It’ll only cause you more grief.”

    Caia smiled at her. “Thanks.”

    “For what?”

    Caia shrugged embarrassed. She had never had a friend so she wasn’t quite sure how you were supposed to talk to one. “I don’t know. For being cool I guess. You and Sebastian.”

    “Cool? About what?”

    “Um... I don’t know. You’ve just been really nice to me.”

    “Oh.” She smiled, seeming to understand. “You mean because every other bitch at that table thinks you’re a threat?”

    Caia snorted at her bluntness. “Yeah, maybe.”

    “As long as you leave Ryder alone, we’ll be cool my friend.”


    Jaeden turned to look at her quickly with a quizzical tilt to her brow. “You know, the big guy who was with Lucien last night. He’s Lucien’s best friend, and a Rogue Hunter.”

    She honestly hadn’t noticed any big guy next to Lucien last night. She’d kind of been occupied with that big guy all by himself. “Nope. Sorry.”

    Jaeden laughed. “Well, you’ll meet him soon enough. But things look good for us if you didn’t even notice him last night. He’s pretty hard to miss.”

    Jaeden grumbled away about French class and projects and, for what had to be the hundredth time that day, made Caia feel like she had been her friend forever. So lost in Jaeden’s warm chatter, she was surprised to realize the car had come to a stop, not at the house, but in town.

    “Why?” she asked, indicating their unfamiliar surroundings with a sweep of her hand. Jaeden nodded to the store they were pulled up outside of. It was called Luar Furniture. Moonlight Furniture. Caia snorted. “That’s subtle.”

    Giggling, Jaeden reached into the back seat for Caia’s backpack. “Yup, well Lucien’s not exactly a subtle kind of Alpha.”

    “This is Lucien’s place?”

    “Yup. He asked me to drop you off after school.”


    Jaeden shrugged. “I have no idea, sorry.”

    “OK.” Caia tried not to bite her lip anxiously. “Well, thanks for the ride.”

    “I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

    “Thanks.” She reached for the door handle to get out, and then slowly turned back to Jaeden. “And thanks again for … well … you made today a lot easier for me.”

    The young lykan’s smile lit up the whole car. “I’m really glad you’re back, Cy.”

    Smiling despite herself, she climbed out of the Buick, and waving Jaeden goodbye made her way into the store. All was quiet with no one manning the front. Taking in a set of doors at the back of the room she guessed Lucien was in there somewhere. It was quite a large space; the showroom was filled with all kinds of pieces of furniture. She looked over some of it, awed at how beautifully crafted they were. His work came in all styles and woods. Stunning, she shook her head amazed, and then thoughtlessly turned over a tag on one of his rocking chairs. Her eyes widened. That’s how Lucien was able to contribute so thoroughly to the already substantial pack inheritance. Entranced by the rustic whimsy of the chair, Caia didn’t hear Lucien come up behind her.

    “So how was school?” The dark voice rumbled in her ear.

    “Wha...” She jumped, turning to face him, her hand floating to her heart in reflex. Dammit, she breathed closing her eyes. She did not want him to know how much he unnerved her. She opened her eyes at his gentle, mocking laughter.

    “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “Yeah, well, if your intention is not to scare people don’t sneak up on them.”

    “I thought you would have at least smelled me. I picked up your scent, that’s how I knew you were out here.”

    She shook her head gently, turning to look back at the rocking chair. She didn’t want to analyze the rush of hot shivers that ran down her spine when he mentioned he’d followed her scent. She was acting like an idiot.

    “I was too busy looking at this chair. It’s really beautiful.”

    “Thank you,” he acknowledged and took a step back from her. Her body appreciated it and was almost functioning normally again. “So how was school?” he repeated.

    “Fine. I met Dana and Daniel, Sebastian, Alexa and Finlay, and their brother, Malek.”

    “How was that?” Lucien smirked, as if he knew how uncomfortable it must have been for her.

    “Again, fine.” No way was she going to let him think this was hard for her. From what she knew of Pack Leaders he’d treat her like a baby otherwise.

    “Just fine?”

    “They’re nice.”

    Lucien laughed outright. “Nice. No. Uh, I’ve met Dana, Alexa, and Malek and they’re not nice.”

    Caia rolled her eyes. “OK, well … the others were nice.”

    “And …?”

    “And nothing.”

    He quirked an eyebrow in a very disarming way, something inside her stomach actually tugged in reaction to it.

    “I’m trying to fit in with everyone here. If I have the Pack Leader running to them every time I’ve got a problem, they’re going to hate me.”

    “So there is a problem?”

    Caia felt a growl purring at the back of her throat. She never growled. “No,” she said between clenched teeth.

    He seemed to take the hint. Kind of. “Your classes OK?”

    “Yes. Thank you. They’re fine.”

    A moment of silence descended upon them. His silver eyes never left hers and she began to squirm, stepping from one foot to the other. She hated that he affected her so much. When she couldn’t take it any longer she blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Why did you ask Jaeden to drop me off here?”

    She thought he wasn’t going to answer. He stood staring intently at her for what seemed like hours, before he suddenly stood up from the desk he was leaning on. “I wanted to see how your first day at school had gone.”

    “Couldn’t you have just asked me when you got home?” she asked a little mulishly, and then seemed to remember who she was talking to and blanched.

    His eyebrows rose in amusement. “You’re not used to people and the whole art of conversation thing yet, huh?”

    “You talk about me like I’ve been locked in a dungeon for the last ten years.” Caia sighed. “I have spoken to people you know. I’ve been known to converse with teachers, delivery men, the mail guy … all manner of folks.”

    He chuckled. “Were you rude to those people, too?”

    She blushed. “I didn’t mean to be rude. I was just surprised at being dropped off here, that’s all.”

    He stared at her again, and Caia felt her blush deepen. Goddess, was the guy trying to make her appear like a bumbling backwoods person?

    “I’m finished for the day. I’ll drive you home.”

    What? Caia sighed in confusion as he strolled across the store and disappeared into his back room. “Couldn’t Jaeden ha...” her voice trailed off as she glanced around, perplexed. “Never mind.”

    5 - Watering Hole

    That night Caia experienced her first family dinner in Lucien’s home.

    The drive to his house had been interesting to say the least. Like her, he didn’t seem to be much of a talker but it was obvious he was trying to make an effort. He had started by asking her questions about her old school, what were her teachers like, what subjects she enjoyed...

    There was a lull of silence and he cleared his throat as if he was thinking of something else to say. Finally, a noise of what she assumed was satisfaction rumbled from under his breath as he apparently thought of a question to ask. “You like music?”

    Caia nodded, trying not to smirk in amusement. The guy was pretty adorable, she decided, when he was attempting to be normal.

    At that thought he glanced at her frowning, un-amused by her less than helpful response. “I’m trying here,” he growled.

    “I know.” She nodded with laughter in her voice. “You don’t have to.”

    The look he threw her was almost admonishing and she found herself frowning at the complexity of it. He was so serious, so worried. “Yes I do,” he replied gruffly.

    She was caught in his gaze, perhaps would have stayed trapped there if her brain hadn’t suddenly realized that his eyes were on her and not on the road. “The road,” she said pointedly, although her voice was a less controlled, husky version of itself.

    Lucien smirked, flashing her a wicked look. Caia sighed inwardly, unsure whether he was mocking her for distrusting his driving or for her girlish response to him. Men, she groaned. How was she to cope with them after a decade without them?

    “You OK?” Lucien chuckled.


    “Fine,” she heard him mutter, shaking his head. “Always fine.”

    At last, she breathed inwardly as they pulled up to the house. Just as she was about to release that sigh of relief, her eyes fell on the sight of two other cars in the driveway. She looked up at Lucien as they got out of his car.

    He shrugged. “It’s just Magnus and Ryder.”

    “They’re here for dinner?” Or are they checking up on me?

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