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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(8) by Samantha Young
  • Aidan chuckled. “I have heard that self-building is the smart thing to do.”

    “As long as you choose good-quality materials, you can’t go wrong.”

    “Am I the good-quality material in this analogy?”

    I just grinned, because he knew he was.

    I thought on Annie and wished I could go to her and tell her how much better her life would be if she took a chance on Callum and made him her family instead.

    There would be relief.

    Nothing but sweet relief.

    It was around two in the afternoon before I eventually climbed the stairs to my flat, carrying my small bag of shopping. I was already editing in my head and was thus jerked out of my own little world at the sound of laughter as Logan’s door opened.

    I paused in surprise at the sight of the tiny, gorgeous redhead stepping out of his door in front of him. She was not at all his type. She was wearing too many clothes, for a start.

    The laughing redhead stopped at the sight of me. She smiled. “Hello.”

    I was too polite not to return her smile. “Hello.” I moved toward my door, but she stopped me again.

    “I’m Shannon. Logan’s little sister.” Her violet eyes gleamed at me in friendly amusement. She stuck out her hand to me.

    I shook it. “Grace. It’s nice to meet you.”

    “You’re Logan’s next-door neighbor, right?”

    “Aye,” Logan grunted beside her.

    I glanced up at his suddenly surly expression and felt a frisson of satisfaction. It was wonderful I annoyed him as much as he irritated me. It really was the only thing that made his inconsiderate noise levels bearable.

    “You’re not at all how he described you.” Shannon grinned up at her brother before turning back to me.

    I inwardly questioned the mischief in her stunning eyes and wondered what exactly Logan had said about me. “Probably not,” I concurred.

    “So what do you do, Grace? Logan’s the manager at Fire, the nightclub on Victoria Street.”

    I knew where Fire was. I’d been dragged there to dance several times by Chloe. Why on earth did Shannon feel the need to tell me what Logan’s occupation was? The job made sense, considering the late hours he kept. “I’m a freelance book editor.” I looked up into Logan’s eyes and added pointedly, “I work from home.”

    “Oh, that’s great,” Shannon said enthusiastically.

    Why, oh why, hadn’t this friendly sweetheart moved in next door instead of her grumpy older brother?

    “It can be.” I took a deep breath, suddenly finding courage in Shannon’s presence – or her possible role as buffer. “I work late hours. I couldn’t last night, however.” I tried not to falter under Logan’s imperious expression. “Your party was very loud. I’m not a fan of U2 at three in the morning, I’m afraid.”

    Shannon pinched her lips together and looked up at her brother. He stared back down at her, not saying a word in response to my “accusation.” Shannon shook her head in admonishment. “Try to be a bit more considerate, eh?”

    He crossed his arms over his chest. “Take it with a pinch of salt, Shannon. Miss Farquhar here is a professional complainer.”

    “Logan!” Shannon looked affronted.

    I took even more courage from her reaction. “I complained about your one-night stand’s thong drying on my landing and about your other one-night stand getting sick on my doorstep. I haven’t complained about the numerous nights I couldn’t work because of the very loud sex coming from your flat.”

    His sister stared up at him with round eyes filled with horror. “Logan?”

    He glowered down at her but remained quiet. He didn’t need to speak. The words “I answer to no one” were written all over his face.

    The sound of footsteps interrupted the tense moment, and we all turned as Janice walked down the stairs onto our landing. I braced myself.

    The attractive brunette nodded at me. “Grace.” She then turned her chin up in such a haughty manner it was almost comical. She sailed past Logan and Shannon without acknowledging them.

    As the sounds of her heels faded upon her descent, Shannon whispered, “What was that?”

    I shifted uncomfortably, hating to be the bearer of bad news. Even if it was to Logan. “I’m afraid Mr. Jenner made the mistake of mentioning Logan’s time in prison to Janice. Mr. Jenner is so nice, you see. He doesn’t realize that people like Janice… well… aren’t.”

    The news caused Logan’s whole body to tense. Even his facial features tightened.

    Shannon paled. “We thought everyone knew already. Are you saying now they know?”

    For some reason I could not fathom, I felt an unpleasant sensation in my stomach and suddenly realized I felt bad for Logan.

    Who would have thought?

    “It makes no difference,” I hurried to assure them both. “Janice… well, we all know how unfriendly she can be. I wouldn’t worry. Everyone else will be fine.” I shrugged, not knowing what else to say. “It was lovely to meet you, Shannon.” I turned toward my door and then stopped. I glanced over my shoulder at Logan, who was staring at me in a way that made my breath catch.

    He looked… disarmed.

    I shook off my reaction to his reaction and said in what I hoped was a diplomatic tone, “If you could try to be a little more quiet, I’d appreciate it.”

    Logan gave me a sharp nod. “Party noise I can lower. However, how loud women are in my bed is out of my control.”

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