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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(103) by Samantha Young
  • Logan grunted. “I was nice.”

    “You barely said two words to him during the taxi ride here.”

    “What do you want me to say to him?” He frowned. “The only things I can think to say to him involve threats.”

    “He was a perfect gentleman with her at the wedding the other day. He’s always a perfect gentleman.”

    As if he knew we were talking about him, Charlie threw us a look over his shoulder and blanched. Tall and lanky, he was cute in a very boyish kind of way. He was smart, funny, and stylish. He was wearing a pair of thick-framed black glasses that really suited his angular face, and he was dressed in a white shirt, a black waistcoat, and black tapered suit trousers with a chain dangling from one side of his waistband to the other.

    “You could ask him about his band. Maia said the boys booked a gig.”

    “A band.” Logan shook his head. “He went from Mr. Good Guy to Guy in a Band.”

    “I thought you’d be over this by now.”

    “I’m not over it because the longer they’re together and the more she falls for the little bugger, the more chance he has of violating my baby girl.”

    I squeezed his hand. “You have to let her grow up and trust her to act responsibly.”

    His face snapped toward me. “What do you know? Has it happened already?”

    “Oh dear God, fatherhood has made you crazy.” I sighed. “Let’s just talk about something else.”

    “Like what?”

    “I don’t know… maybe —”

    “Hurry up, slow coaches!” Chloe yelled back at us, grinning.

    I rolled my eyes at her, but Logan and I picked up speed and followed them down the stands. Juno waited in first-row seating for us.

    “Hey, you.” I hugged her close. “How are you?”

    “Fine.” She grinned at us. “Excited for the game.”

    “Who are you supporting, Grace?” Ed teased me.

    It was a Scotland versus England game.

    I made a face. “Funny.”

    “No, seriously?”

    “I’m supporting Aidan,” I huffed, and sat down with Juno on one side and Logan on the other. “Aka Scotland.”

    “Just checking.”

    “Chloe, please punch your husband for me.”


    I looked down the chairs to her and grinned. “Thank you.”

    She winked at me and ignored Ed’s grumbling.

    “So is Aidan ready?” Logan said to Juno.

    “As he’ll ever be.”

    “The place is packed,” Charlie noted from beside Maia. Maia was seated next to her dad, placing Charlie on her other side. Smart girl.

    “It is that,” Logan said, surprising me even more when he asked, “You a big rugby fan, Charlie?”

    Charlie and Maia looked just as stunned as I felt. Charlie collected himself. “Not really, sir.”

    “Me neither. But it’s different when you have someone to support.”

    “Oh, definitely,” he hurried to agree. “Aidan’s a cool guy.”

    Logan stared at him. “I’m a cool guy, Charlie.”

    Maia’s boyfriend swallowed hard. “Of course, sir.”

    I groaned. “You almost had it. Then you ruined it.”

    Logan grinned unrepentantly.

    “Did anyone bring any food?” Chloe yelled.




    Chloe threw us a disgusted look. “You did well, guys.”

    “Go and get us our usual drinks,” Juno called down the row to her. “We’ve still got time.”

    My friend pulled out her purse.

    Logan nudged me with his shoulder. “Want anything to drink?”

    I bit my lip and stared up at him. “Maybe just water.”

    “You don’t want a beer or wine?”

    I shook my head.

    Juno scowled. “We always get a beer to salute Aidan as he comes out.”

    “I know. I just don’t feel like having one today.”

    She grunted. “What? Are you pregnant?”

    I blushed so hard my face felt like it was on fire.

    “Oh my God, you’re pregnant!”

    “WHAT?” Maia yelled.

    Logan was silent as he stared at me in shock.

    “What? What did I miss?” I heard Chloe ask.

    “Grace is pregnant!” Maia cried out, and she at least sounded happy.

    “Logan?” I reached for his hand. “Are you okay?”

    “You’re pregnant?” he said, his voice low. “Pregnant, pregnant?”

    I giggled inappropriately. “Is there any other kind of pregnant?”

    “There’s a pregnant pause,” Juno supplied helpfully.

    “Are you a little bit pregnant or pregnant, pregnant?” Logan said, absolutely ignoring everyone but me.

    “A whole lot pregnant.”

    I jumped in surprise as he lunged at me, hauling me off my seat as he stood up. My feet left the ground and I clung to him as he held me tight, his face buried in my neck.

    Eventually he lowered me to the ground and pulled back to cup my face in his hands.

    “I take it you’re happy, then?” I smiled, tears shining in my eyes.

    “Understatement, babe,” he whispered.

    “I want a hug!” Maia pushed up against us, wrapping her arms around us both in the tight confines of the row.

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