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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(19) by Samantha Young
  • “I’m not saying they’re perfect,” Logan said, appeasement in his tone. “But they did raise us. I’m not ready for this, sweetheart. I’m just trying to get my life back together. I’m not set up to be a dad to a teenage girl.”

    “Then you need to get ready,” Shannon advised, her chin jutting out stubbornly.

    Logan scowled. “That’s easy for you to fucking say.”

    “Hey.” Cole’s voice held warning, as did his eyes.

    Logan wasn’t fazed. “Don’t ‘hey’ me. You both waltz in here and it’s obvious you’ve got grand plans for me as a dad, but I’m trying to tell you I can’t do it.”

    “Who are you?” Shannon jerked away from Cole to get in her brother’s face. “Because I don’t recognize this guy.”

    “Don’t come into my house and start,” Logan warned softly. “You’ve known about this five seconds and you’ve clearly not given it proper thought.”

    Shannon didn’t even flinch as her brother towered over her, all bristling and angry. I was so impressed by her. “I know what you told me on the phone. I know that there’s a ninety-nine-point-nine-percent chance that this girl is yours, that she looks like me, that she’s my niece, and that we’ve missed out on being there for her for fifteen years. I know she’s been stuck living with a junkie of a mother, and I know there’s a possibility that she’s been through hell.” She touched his arm, pleading. “She deserves a chance. You both do. And we deserve a chance to have a say in where she stays. She’s my family too.”

    Logan jerked away. “You’re not even listening to me.”

    “Logan —”

    Before I could stop myself, I stepped in, cutting her off. “There’s a greater issue here.”

    All three of them stared at me as if I had all the answers. I tried not to turn red with embarrassment under such expectation. “The greater issue for Maia is being with her father.” I locked eyes with a resistant Logan. “Maia chose you, Logan. If you abandon her when she needs you… Believe me” – I blinked back tears, remembering my own abandonment – “she’ll never get over the rejection.”

    The room was still as my words sank in, and while I was unsure of Shannon’s and Cole’s thoughts, I felt like I knew where Logan’s had gone. The questions in his eyes.

    He was wondering if I’d been abandoned.

    And it was almost like he cared.

    I was confused by the overwhelming sense of connection that passed between us. For a moment it was like we were the only two people in the room.

    Shannon cleared her throat, and I shrugged off Logan’s intense scrutiny as he turned to his sister. She nodded at him. Logan glanced over at Cole. He nodded too. “You know she’s right.”

    Logan took a deep breath. “Right. Well, looks like a lifestyle change is in order.” He looked around his sitting room. “I’ll need to do something with this place, turn the second room into an actual bedroom. And fuck… I’ll need to talk to Braden. I can’t work those hours anymore.”

    “You know he’ll do anything he can to help you out,” Cole assured him.

    “I know.” Logan looked at me. “I also know you offered to let Maia stay with you until I have the paternity and the legal stuff sorted out, but you don’t have to do that. I get that we were all caught up in the moment, but it’s too much to ask.”

    “She could stay with us,” Shannon piped up, looking excited by the prospect. Cole nodded his agreement, a small, tender smile curling the corner of his mouth.

    It occurred to me then that they were giving me an out. What did I know about looking after a teenage girl, anyway? And one who was connected to Logan MacLeod? Did I really want to get any more involved with my neighbor?

    No. I did not.

    I stared at the wall, thinking of the girl on the other side of it.

    “I really don’t mind.” The words just poured out of me before I could stop them. “It means Maia is right next door to you, so you can see her anytime you want while you get it worked out. And I think…” I offered him a confused shrug. “I don’t know. It sounds presumptuous, but…” I trailed off, not knowing how to explain what I was feeling.

    Logan did. “Maia’s attached herself to Grace.” His gaze was soft on me, and I found myself flushing. He’d never looked at me like that before. “She’s comfortable with her. I think she feels safe with her.”

    Although Shannon looked disappointed, she smiled through it. “Then Maia should stay with Grace for now. I’d still like to meet her though.”

    “Maybe tomorrow, sweetheart. Let’s give her some time to adjust.” Logan reached for his sister and pulled her in for a hug. “Thanks for being here.”

    Shannon hugged him back. “That… Knowing that’s the right thing for Maia right now… That’s how I know you can do this. You have been there for me more than Dad ever was, Logan. You can do this. It’s who you are.”

    His arms tightened around her and I felt tears prick my eyes. I brushed them away quickly, but Cole caught me. He grinned cheekily at me.

    “What?” I huffed, drawing Logan’s gaze as I wiped at the tears. “I’m really bloody tired, okay? It makes me emotional.”

    They all grinned at me now, and I rolled my eyes, turning away from them. I looked at them again only to say good-bye as they were leaving. Cole was almost out the door and Shannon had just passed me when she abruptly turned around and came at me.

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